&nbsp Mungallchops is Jasper's Guardian Bakugan he somehow obtained, however Jasper avoids confrontation as much as possible so he don't often use Mungallchops. When forced into a brawl, Jasper and Mungallchops have a very strong relationship with Mungallchops foten laughing at Jasper's random comments. When Jasper lets him off his neck, the two are always seen making some sort of mischift or laughing at something.


Mungallchops when allowed doesn't shut up and constanly laughing. He gives off a hyper insane persona but really is a very aggresive cunnging predator. He refers to his opponents as prey and almost has a predator point of view while brawling.


Jasper wears Manugallchop in ball form around his neck as a necklace and for most of the time Mungallchops is silent. Mungallchops has the appearance of a dark heyna with smokey streaming off of his fur. HHis spots are dark then is over all fur and his eyes are yellow.


Shadow Claw: subtracs 300 HP from opponent

Night Shade: subtracts 250 HP from opponent.

Dark Shadows: Adds 250 HP to Mungallchops

Night Eye: Everything on the field become revealed to him and Jasper's team, but Mungallchops losses 250 Gs.

Sombra: Adds 250 Gs to Mungallchops or team-mate


  • When hanging around Jasper's neck, Mungallchops is in a dorment state.


Jasper JaXX

Bakugan: dimentional trouble

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