"To live for the sake of someone, this moment may count for everything.

Gently cast aside your fake self and just be who you are."

- Song: Disillusion

Mizuhiro Mikado (birth name Hydron [ハイドロン (haidoron)], made known in the Grammaton as either Mizuhiro Mikado or Hydron Celeste [ハイドロン セレスタ (haidoron seresuta)]) is the alias of Grammaton's Xth Member. He is currently suffering from amnesia and satisfies his lack of memories by killing anyone that calls him an effete or insults his mannerisms.

Mizuhiro Mikado


Mizuhiro Mikado (Hydron Celeste)
帝 水尋 (ハイドロン セレスタ)
Mikado Mizuhiro (Haidoron Seresuta)
16 (New Vestroia)

20 (Mission Grammaton season 1) 21 (Mission Grammaton season 2)

23 (Dimensional Defenders)
Private Investigator and Executioner of the Grammaton (Mission Grammaton)
Guardian Bakugan

Background InformationEdit

Prince Hydron was the First Prince of the Old Vestal Monarchy.

Unable to take his father's selfishness and tyranny, he commits a suicide attack with his former Guardian Bakugan to ensure that the Vestal King goes down with his ship.

The Order of Grammaton was able to retrieve his remains ahead of the Mephisto Brotherhood. Hydron was the first subject of Project REVIVE and was known as "the REVIVE prototype." in the classified documents under the care of Dr. Marduk Kreig.

Hydron's subconsciousness was able to request that his memories be sealed so that he can start a life anew. Thus, Mizuhiro Mikado came to be. However, some recent events in his lfe is threatening to break this seal placed on his memories...

...and only time will tell if he will once again side with his Father or he will be dragging the old King back to hell once again.

Mission GrammatonEdit

Mizuhiro is only called whenever there are high profile cases to investigate such as betrayals within the Grammaton. He is Father's second most trusted individual after Aethereal Kain, his Guardian Bakugan since 20 years ago.

Mizuhiro's affiliation within the Grammaton is strictly kept a secret by both Father and Aethereal Kain. Thus, Mizuhiro is not with the Grammaton's Mothership. He lives in a small Japanese-style residence in Bayview where he keeps a Japanese-style garden.

The only other person that knows of Mizuhiro's Grammaton membership is the former Subterra Vita Cleric named Shizuo. Since Shizuo already knew of Mizuhiro's existence, he was paired up with the "poor little executioner."

Trailing on Zack and Ethel, Mizuhiro arrives to the underground chambers of Bayview. After dodging several dozens of SERVBOTs, Mizuhiro was able to reach the room where Zenoheld's remains are being kept. Near the entrance of the room, Mizuhiro found a journal detailing Mephisto's desire to revive the malevolent half of the Vexos Organization. With this, Mizuhiro realized that Lync Volan and Volt Luster may have been revived by the Grammaton already.

Mizuhiro takes the journal, smiles and proceeded forward only to catch a horrendous sight of Zenoheld's severed head staring back at him with mouth wide open in anguish. The sheer sight of it caused him to snap until Shizuo knocked some sense into him.

Shizuo's rought handling of Mizuhiro's unconscious body had caused the latter to bleed enough for his blood to trigger the Capsule holding Zenoheld's remains. Shizuo remarked on its creepiness before dragging Mizuhiro back home. Back in Mizuhiro's house, Shizuo reviews the contents of the journal that Mizuhiro stole in the Mephisto Base. Mephisto's desire to recruit Prince Hydron was evident throughout the last pages of the journal with the Vestal Prince's blood serving as the catalyst for starting the ressurection of King Zenoheld. Shizuo looks at Mizuhiro before throwing the journal out of the window in sheer anger.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Hydron Celeste was promoted as the Subterra Brawling Operative of the Order of Grammaton during the continuum of Dimensional Defenders. He plays Bakugan Interspace as an independent player nicknamed Mizuhiro Mikado.

After meeting his half-sister, his Yandere personality vanished and he became genuinely caring ever since.

Basic Information Edit

Name: Mizuhiro Mikado [ 帝 水尋 (Mikado Mizuhiro lit. Emperor of Unfathomable Waters)]

Nicknames: He has a variety of nicknames which is a play on his alias or his real name. His most common nickname is Mizu.

Mizu [ みず lit. Water (from Mizuhiro Mikado)]

Kado [ かど lit. Card or Gate (from Mizuhiro Mikado)]

Jin [ 尋 (from the Kanji character for "Hiro." Denotes that his psychotic behavior is comparable to Jin.) ]

Trump Card [きりふだ Kirifuda, lit. Trump Card. (Nickname from Father) ]

Executioner [ けいり Keiri lit. Executioner (his job description) ]

Gender: Male

Personality: Has effeminate traits and mannerisms

Motto: "I hate violence too...but when I do it, I make sure to do it with style."

Hobbies: Japanese Horticulture

Likes: Father and Shizu-chan

Dislikes: Zenoheld (hearing the name triggers his murderous thoughts)

Atrribute: Subterra

Guardian: Subterra Shizuo

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mizuhiro is an androgynous sea green-haired and amethyst-eyed Vestal with a tall and slender body build. Unlike all the known members of the Grammaton that wear white pants; Mizuhiro wears black leather to secretly denote his job as the Executioner of the Grammaton.

Mizuhiro is someone who could be described as a Yandere. He is fiercely loyal to the Grammaton either for saving his life or he is in love with Father. Though he has no memories of his past, hearing the name "Zenoheld" could cause him to go in destructive fits to a murderous rage. Things made worse by Mizuhiro's superhuman strength which is similar to his Guardian Bakugan, Shizuo. Mizuhiro, however, is not easily provoked unlike Shizuo.

He is often seen doing his distinct hair-twirling mannerism. This, more often than not, causes Mizuhiro and Shizuo's petty arguments; the latter unable to take the sheerly effeminate sight of it.


- Mizuhiro Mikado means Water and Emperor in Japanese. Mikado was especially inspired from Ryuugamine Mikado of Durarara!!

- Hydron has no family name just like British Monarchs. His family name "Celeste" was given to him by Father and it was inspired from Gabriel Celeste whose methods and cruelty is comparable with Hydron's resolve.

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