Arc II - CAGED BIRD: The Redemption of Lync VolanEdit

When tensions rise and fingers started pointing in the Grammaton, Father hires a private investigator from the Reformed Resistance to track down a certain member. On the other hand, that particular member went AWOL as he is being suspected the most.

(Note: The Second Arc is happening Simultaneously with the Third Arc)

Chapter 12: Beyond the Shadow of a DoubtEdit

//Setting: Bayview Park, Earth//

While out on his personal mission to Earth; Grammaton's Father is completely oblivious with the happenings in Mothership Winchester. He challenged the Resistance's returning Ventus brawler to a one-on-one brawl at the Bayview Park.

BATTLE SUMMARY Yuri D Izayavitch
Order of the Grammaton
Bakugan: Aethereal Kain
Attribute: Darkus
HP: 1800/1800 Shun Kazami
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance
Bakugan: Chanbara Taylean
Attribute: Ventus
HP: 1500/1500

Shun and Father: FIELD OPEN!

Shun: Bakugan Brawl!

Shun: Ventus Chanbara Taylean Stand!

Father: Bakugan Shoot~

Father: Pop Out, Darkus Aethereal Kain!

Shun: This should even things out.

Shun: Ability Activate ~ Green Tempest!

[ Chanbara Taylean + 300Gs = 1800 Gs // Aethereal Kain -300 Gs = 1500 Gs ]
[ Aethereal Kain - 300 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1500/1500 // Aethereal Kain: 1500 / 1800 HP ]

Father: Double Ability Install ~ Dreadnought...

[ Absorbed HP Damage as G Power! ]
[ Aethereal Kain + 300 Gs = 1800 Gs // Chanbara Taylean + 0 Gs = 1800 Gs ]

Father: ...and Windslayer.

[ Defensive Barrier activated.
Chanbara Taylean's G Power returned to base level.
All Ventus-attribute attacks will have halved Damage in the next 3 turns! ] [ Aethereal Kain + 0 Gs = 1800 Gs // Chanbara Taylean - 300 Gs = 1500 Gs ]

Shun: He's surprisingly good.

Shun: If that is the case, I won't be able to do anything but even things out for three turns.

Shun: Ability Activate! Kazami Style Strike Slash!

[ Chanbara Taylean + 150Gs = 1650 Gs // Aethereal Kain -150 Gs = 1650 Gs ]
[ Aethereal Kain - 0 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1500/1500 // Aethereal Kain: 1500 / 1800 HP ]

Father: Ability Install ~ Dark Matter

[ Aethereal Kain + 150 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1500/1500 // Aethereal Kain: 1650 / 1800 HP ]
[ Windslayer's Defensive Barrier is still active for 2 more turns ]

Shun: Ability Activate! Kazami Style Healing Wave!

[ Chanbara Taylean + 150 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1650/1650 HP // Aethereal Kain: 1650 / 1800 HP ]

Father: Ability Install ~ Dark Sabre

[ Aethereal Kain equips Dark Sabre "Malphas" ]
[ Windslayer's Defensive Barrier is still active for 1 more turn ]

{C}Shun: A dose of your own medicine!

Shun: Ability Activate! Binding Gust!

[ Aethereal Kain's attacks get halved for the next 3 turns! ]

Father: Let's see who gets a bitter pill to swallow.

Father: Ability Install ~ Shadow Buster

[ Aethereal Kain's Counterattack Activated ]
[ Windslayer's Defensive Barrier is no longer active! ]
[ Binding Gust is active for 2 more turns ]

{C}Shun: Let's get things over with!

Shun: Ability Activate ~ Blade Tempest!

[ Chanbara Taylean + 500Gs = 2150 Gs // Aethereal Kain -500 Gs = 1150 Gs ]
[ Aethereal Kain - 500 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1650/1650 // Aethereal Kain: 1150 / 1800 HP ]

Father: Counter.

[ Chanbara Taylean -250 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1400/1650 // Aethereal Kain: 1150 / 1800 HP ]

Shun: What?!

Father: I knew that you also have such ability that will also halve my damage.

Father: However, I will not let precious time go to waste.

Father: Double Ability Install ~ Dreadnought.

[ Absorbed HP Damage as G Power ]
[ Chanbara Taylean + 0Gs = 2150 Gs // Aethereal Kain +500 Gs = 1650 Gs ]

Father: ...and Reverse Dreadnought!

[ Chanbara Taylean -500Gs = 1650 Gs // Aethereal Kain + 0 Gs = 1650 Gs ]
[ Binding Gust is active for 1 more turn ]

Shun: I must wear down his life force faster.

Shun: Double Ability Activate ~ Wind Power Soaring Strike Shot plus Final Tempest!

[ Chanbara Taylean +1000Gs = 2650 Gs // Aethereal Kain - 1000 Gs = 650 Gs ]
[ Aethereal Kain - 2000 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1400/1650 // Aethereal Kain: -850 / 1800 HP ]

Shun: What...he's not yet dead?!

Father: Yield, sword of darkness.


[ Last Chance Activated. Malphas is removed from the game.
Aethereal Kain absorbs G Power damage and recovers half of the damage! ]
[ Chanbara Taylean: 1400 / 1650 // Aethereal Kain: 150 / 1800 HP ]

{C}Father: Enough playing wind games with you.

Father: Double Ability Install ~ Dreadnought

[ Aethereal Kain absorbs HP damage as G Power ]
[ Chanbara Taylean + 0Gs = 2650 Gs // Aethereal Kain + 2000 Gs = 2650 Gs ]

{C}Father: Plus Fusion Ability Demon Purge!

[ Aethereal Kain is gathering all HP damage received from Chanbara Taylean! ]
[ 2800 HP Damage minus Damage Dealt to Chanbara Taylean ]
[ Chanbara Taylean -2550 HP ]
[ Chanbara Taylean 0 / 1650 HP // Aethereal Kain 150 / 1800 HP ]
[ Winner: Aethereal Kain ]

{C}Shun: What is going on?!

Shun: Is that thing...a real devil?

Father: Angels deprived by heaven of their pearly gates.

Shun: Just what kind of ability did you just used?

Father: A rather risky Fusion ability exclusive to Aethereal Kain.

Father: Demon Purge can only be activated if Kain's life force becomes negative and if the Dark Sabre Malphas is sacrificed.

Shun: I've been...defeated.

Shun: But I do not feel disappointed.

Father: An impressive Brawler you are.

Father: You actually made me sacrifice one of my Malphas ability cards.

Father: I would wish to leave as soon as possible...

Father: However, there are more matters that I would like to discuss with you.

Shun: What matters are they?

Father: Regarding the Grammaton.

Shun: The Grammaton?!

Father: Kain.

Kain: Most certainly.

Shun felt that the ground is breaking apart and the scenes vanishing around him.

Shun: What on Earth is going on...

Shun: What are you doing?!


Shun felt that he was knocked out of consciousness. When he woke up, he sees himself in a place that is completely black and devoid of everything else but himself and Father.

Shun: Where...

Shun: Where did you take me?!

Father: Welcome to what I would call, Aetherspace.

Shun: What place is this?!

Father: A place where there is only the two of us.

Shun: That didn't answered my question.

Shun: Just who are you anyway?

Shun: What do you know about the Grammaton?

Father: I am from the Grammaton.

Shun: I knew it.

Shun: What do you plan to do with me?

Father: I would like to ask you a few simple favor.

Shun: If you are going to persuade me to join the Grammaton, forget it.

Father: First, I would like you to have the heart to listen.

Shun: Then go ahead.

Shun: But I will not change my mind.

Father: The Order of the Grammaton is misunderstood.

Father: We are not an evil organization.

Shun: If you guys claim that you are not evil then what do you really aim to do?

Father: We aim to gather BakuEnergy.

Shun: BakuEnergy?

Father: A renewable energy source for the benefit of all beings in the universe.

Shun: If that's the case then, you guys must truly be good.

Father: No. We are rather leaning towards the Neutral Side.

Father: The Battle Brawlers are the good guys, the heroes of the universe.

Father: ...and then there is a third party which are the real bad guys.

Shun: Still, I will not join you.

Father: Secondly, I would like to hire your services as a spy.

Shun: I said, I will not join the Grammaton!

Father: Surely, you know Lync Volan.

Shun: Lync...Volan...of the Vexos?

Father: Yes, who else would it be.

Father: My second-in-command came to me once and told me something truly suspicious.

Shun: By that you mean...

// Setting: Meeting Room : Grammaton Mothership Winchester //

Genesis: Still not going to dreamland, Father?

Father: Yes, dear Genesis.

Father: I am just pondering on the missing information from the Grammaton.

Genesis: Some missing information?

Father: Yes.

Father: It appears that someone is stealing information from our organization.

Genesis: If that is so, then would you like me to run a background check on all of our members?

Father: I would appreciate that.

Genesis: Rather, there is no need to do so.

Father: Pardon?

Genesis: One of Grammaton's dear Brawling Operatives was executed for theft of information...besides high treason.

Genesis: He is formerly known as Lync Volan of the Vexos Organization.

Father: So, are you suggesting that he is the one stealing information from the Grammaton?

Genesis: Not directly, Father.

Genesis: However, he is the most suspicious as he does have the record of information theft in the past.

Father: Thank you for your insight.

Father: I would then have the matter investigated.

// Setting: Entrance of the Chamber of Vita : Grammaton Mothership Winchester //

Father: Kain.

Kain: Yes, Father?

Father: Call for Jules Liger and Chryslar Zeit.

Father: I want Rengoku Houran arrested.

Kain: Father...why?

Father: That is an order.

Kain: .......understood.

Kain: I would take my leave.

Father: Good riddance.

// Setting: V Shelf; Chamber of Vita : Grammaton Mothership Winchester //

Father: Lync Volan.

Father: By how I had known you, you would dare not do such thing.

Father: Your life had been a mess since you had joined the Vexos.

Father: Maybe it's time that you receive a complete rebirth.

Father: Leave the Grammaton and fix all the mess that you had caused.

Father: Return to the family that you had left and redeem yourself.

Father: Before I lay my judgment on you.

// Setting: Aetherspace //

Shun: You mean to say that you are the leader of the Order of Grammaton?!

Father: Ah, cover's blown.

Father: Indeed. I am the Father of the Grammaton.

Shun: Okay, weird.

Father: you mean weird?

Shun: I was expecting someone a lot older.

Father: Sorry but geezers are not fit to lead an Organization such as the Grammaton.

Shun: What a joke that is.

Shun: So what should I do about Lync?

Father: If he is still a little crybaby weasel, we could take care of him ourselves.

Father: However, he is now a skilled ninja.

Shun: So you want me to go after him?

Father: Yes. Only a ninja can defeat another ninja.

Shun: Fine then. I supposed this to truly see where the Grammaton stands.

Father: In return for your service, I will provide you with information about our organization.

Father: ...and also, information about the so-called real bad guys.

Shun: The third party?

Father: Yes. The guys in the far left side of the morality scale.

Shun: Then I'd best be going now.

Shun: Return me to Bayview.

Father: Before I do, I would want you to wear the official Grammaton spy uniform.

Shun: The same as your Ventus brawler?

Father: Yes, the same as dear Ran.

Shun: Fine with me.

Father gives Shun a special watch.

Father: But don't wear it all the time.

Father: Ladies have...naughty eyes.

Shun: Ngh..!!

Father: Just kidding!

Father turns his back and vanishes into the darkness. Shun was blinded by a dark light and when he opened his eyes, he is back in Bayview Park.

Shun: That's strange...

Shun: Moreover, it's already late.

Shun: I should go back to the Marukura manor.

Shun returns to his friends while Father goes back to his Father's birthplace.

// Setting: Dr. Mikhail Gehabich's Laboratory / Moscow, Russia //

Father: Miss Alice Gehabich.

Father: Thank you for receiving me into your humble abode.

Alice: It is my pleasure, sir Yuri.

Alice: Why had you come for a visit?

Father: Without further ado, my dear Alice.

Father: I would like you to don the disguise of the man that you had so despised.

Alice: Masquerade...?

Father: Yes, my dear.

Father: As Masquerade, I would like you to accompany dear Rengoku Houran into his little immersion trip.

Alice: I get to spend time with him...but not as myself?

Alice: I supposed...that would be okay.

Alice: I accept.

Father: Thank you dear Alice.

Father: You truly are reliable.

Father: I must take my leave now.

Alice: Good-bye, sir Yuri.

Alice: Until next time.


Father takes his leave while Alice returns to her room and dons an old identity as her sign of acceptance to her mission.

Her voice floats in the darkness of the night, becoming more masculine as each word is said.

"I shall help you find light... With the power of darkness."

End of Chapter 12

Chapter 13: Shortcut to the afterlifeEdit

Chapter 13: Shortcut to the afterlife
// Setting: Dr. Marduk's Office / Mothership Winchester //

Genesis: The doctor's phone reveals that he was talking to a man named Gerald Battler.

Genesis: ...and his computer reveals that a person named Gerald Battler lives in a small apartment at Leo street in Wardington.

Genesis: Gerald was the boy who defeated Marduk and Vladitor seven years ago.

Genesis: With Leonidas gone from his side, I'm sure that Gerald would be nothing more than a small fry.

Genesis: This would be just as easy to eliminate as his former rival.

The second-in-command takes his leave from the Mothership just in time when Father and Aethereal Kain returned from their trip.

// Setting: Rengoku Houran's Cabin / Mothership Winchester //

Jules: Hey, weasel.

Ran: What?

Jules: Just where had you been before that slide thing?

Ran: To Wardington.

Jules: ...and what did you do there?

Ran: I had a talk with an old friend of Dr. Marduk.

Chryslar approached the scene with a serious look on his face.

Chryslar: Jules, move it.

Jules: Fine, you talk to him.

Chryslar: Ran, I know this would be harsh but...

Chryslar: Aethereal Kain had ordered for your arrest.

Ran: Huh?! What did I do?

Jules: Information theft.

Ran: I did what?!

Chryslar: You've been stealing a great deal of insider information from the Grammaton.

Ran: Is that some sort of a belated April Fool's Day joke?

Ran: I only took as much as a slide from the Doctor's office.

That infuriated Jules. The Neathian grabbed the Vestal by his spandex; the former with his other hand balled up tightly.

Jules: Shut the hell up, weasel!

Jules: If you think you can steal information from the Grammaton like you did back there with the Vexos, you...

Jules: You better go back to HELL!

Ran: .......put me down.

Jules: NO!

Ran retaliated, kicking Jules by the groin VERY HARD.

Jules: GUAAAHHH...aagh...

Ran reached for his old Vexos Gauntlet and activated the laser sword. He pointed it at Chryslar.

Ran: Don't...even say another word.

Chryslar: Fine.

Chryslar moved aside and said nothing. Jules can be heard writhing in pain in the background.

Ran: I know you guys will not believe me but I am not stealing information from the Grammaton.

Ran walks slowly to the exit of his room and is ready to run away.


He then ran way too fast that Chryslar was unable to chase after him.

Chryslar: Way

Jules: The nerve with that guy...gaaaah!!

Chryslar: What do you want me to do to you?

Jules: Get me a first aid kit!

Chryslar: Right away.

Meanwhile, Father and Aethereal Kain returned to the Chamber of Vita. As soon as they returned, Lync Volan's Vita Record fell from the bookshelf. The sigil of the Order of Grammaton vanished from it's cover.

Vita Record

Father: it happened.

Father: He had deserted us.

Kain: Father, please try to look at the situation in another angle.

Kain: I knew that he would not be the one to steal information from the Grammaton for malicious purposes.

Father: Lync himself had mentioned before.

Father: "I am loyal only to me, myself and I."

Kain: He did said that but I don't think he said it while he was in the Grammaton.

Father: It's not easy for a man to change his ways.

Father: Until this crisis has not been averted, I can only rely on our hired agents to do the dirty work.

Kain: Fine with me.

Kain: But it would be best for me to take my leave.

Kain: I would like to see Jules and Chryslar.

Father: Very well then.

Kain left Father's side while Father sat down in his couch and pondered.

Father: I am still doubtful about Lync's involvement in the information theft.

Father: The Vestal Monarchy had fallen.

Father: Therefore, Lync would no longer work for anyone else but for the Grammaton.

Father: Fates...cruel fates that had been torturing me.

Father: Afford me a simple relief...

Father: A small hit...a tiny sign of the true culprit.

Father's murmurs caused the slinky to fall down from his table. Father stood from the couch and walked towards the slinky. He picked the thing up and examined it.

Father: The slinky...

Father: can't be you...

He placed the slinky back on top of his table and laid down on the couch. He closed his eyes and remarked before sleeping.

Father: I'm...tired.

He was unable to rest, however, as Aethereal Kain bursted back into the door and yelled out a bad news.

Kain: Father!

Father: What is it, Kain?

Kain: Dr. Marduk Kreig...he's...

Kain: He's in the infirmary on a comatose status!

Father: WHAT?!

Father: How?!

Father and Kain left the Vita Chamber and rushed to the infirmary.

Just as soon as they left, the Vita Records of the Twelve Orders namely Barodius, Kazarina, Airzel, Stoica, Sid Arcale and Gill floated out of their respective bookshelves and glowed in a black light.

Chryslar, who was ordered by Jules to get a first aid kit, noticed something abnormal in the Chamber of Vita. Since it was opened, he silently checked into it.

However, what greeted him was abnormally long and demonic hands that grabbed him and forced him to return to his true form. He writhes in pain and screams but no one could hear him. In the next blink of an eye, Chryslar is gone and the first aid kit was left where he was abducted.

Jules, still in pain, tried to get up and followed Chryslar. He passed by the Chamber of Vita where he took a peek and saw the first aid kit.

Jules: Some brutes the Vexos were.

Jules: Kicking balls as if they don't have their own balls to spare.

Jules: Geez, just where had he been?

He was about to grab the first aid kit when a Vita Record from the J Shelf floated and glowed in a white light. Jules read the cover and a blinding flash of light greeted him.

Jules: Jin Liger.

Jules: My brother...?

Jules: GAAAAAAAH, this light...what is it?! ...and Jules also vanished.

Meanwhile, Grammaton's renegade Ventus Brawler went straight to Moscow to try and seek refuge with the Gehabich family.

Ran: I know that Alice is the only one remaining that trusts me.

Ran: Alice would never doubt my actions.

Ran: She would believe me with whatsoever I will say!

As he ran frantically out of the forest and towards the Gehabich Laboratory, he was stopped by a blond man with a visor.

Masquerade: Stop right there.

Ran: Huh?

Masquerade: Rengoku Houran, right?

Ran: Yeah, who are you?

Masquerade: I am...well...

Masquerade: A helper of Dr. Gehabich.

Masquerade: You can call me Masquerade.

Ran: Great!

Ran: I need you to help me.

Masquerade: Help you with what?

Ran: I need you to help me find shelter...and I need you to help me tell Alice...

Masquerade: I'm sorry.

Ran: What do you mean?

Masquerade: Miss Alice ran away yesterday.

Ran: She...did?

Ran: Why?

Masquerade: She was heartbroken over the fact that you betrayed the Order of Grammaton.

Masquerade: She even left me this cool black glove made of Vestal sheep wool or something.

Ran: ...................!!

Ran felt that the entire universe fell into his shoulders. The weight of hearing about Alice no longer trusting him had just been as heavy as the entire universe itself. He fell to his knees with his head looking straight down to the snow...or Masquerade's shoes.

Ran: Alice...the last person...I expect to trust me...

Ran: also gone.

Ran: Gone from me again.

Ran took out his gauntlet and activated the blade. He then pointed the blade into his neck. His drastic action caused Masquerade to panic.

Masquerade: Wait, what are you going to do?!

Ran: A shortcut to meet my maker.

Ran: If not that, then, a shortcut back to the Hell where I stayed for the past four years.

Masquerade: Put that thing down.

Ran: What for?!

Masquerade: Just put it down.

Ran: No matter what I do, the eternal distrust of the universe is already carved upon my soul.

Ran: The curse of the Vexos engraved upon my chest as a scar...

Caged Bird2

Ran: An insidious reminder that no one in this damn hell hole of a cosmos is even willing to offer me the benefit of the doubt!

Masquerade: If this makes you feel any better...

Masquerade: I will help you find Alice.

Masquerade: But in return, put the damn sword down.

Ran: You're just pitying me.

Ran: That is so pathetic.

Ran: I'd rather die with some pride intact!


Masquerade: I am offering you the benefit of the doubt.

Masquerade: That and I don't feel any bit of pity for any scum of the universe for that matter!

Ran: Heh, fine with me.

Ran: You're one hell of a dude aren't you?

Ran retracts his blade and Masquerade approaches him.

Masquerade: I will never understand the whole Samurai code thing.

Ran: It's not your thing?

Masquerade: It goes against my beliefs.

Ran: What beliefs?

Masquerade: As long as there is breath of life to spare, there's always a tiny bit of chance.

Masquerade: A chance that is free for anyone to take.

Masquerade: A chance to change your ways...a chance to seek the path of redemption.

Masquerade: Or a chance for whatever heck it is.

Ran: Thanks, man.

Masquerade: Trust in me as much as how I am willing to offer you the benefit of the doubt.

Ran: Alright, I would.

With their issue resolved, the two men walk towards the Gehabich Laboratories Complex where they spent the rest of the day discussing things amongst themselves.

// Setting: Living Room, Dr. Mikhail Gehabich's House; Earth //

Ran: Dr. Marduk Kreig, our head scientist, was almost slain by an unknown assailant.

Ran: As soon as Dr. Marduk's condition stabilized, I went to his friend's house in Wardington to ask any details which can lead me to concluding who the culprit might be.

Ran: The friend told me about a slide which contains a vital clue to the murderer of the Haos Vita Cleric whose possibly the same assailant that had attempted to slay Dr. Marduk.

Masquerade: Where is this slide you are talking about?

Ran: I have it with me.

Ran: I quarelled with Jules a while ago just because of this damn thing.

Masquerade: Give it to me and we will examine it.

Ran: Here.

Ran gives the slide to Masquerade. The latter operates the microscope which was left by the doctor in the center table.

Masquerade: Would you care to examine it as well?

Ran: Sure.

Ran: Let's see...

Under the microscope, Ran saw bits of a Haos Bakugan's shattered remains as well as red blood cells.

Ran: Red blood cells belonging to a Human.

Ran: If this is the case then the murderer of Haos Dallas...and possibly Dr. Marduk's assailant is...!!

Masquerade: Yes, who might the culprit be?

Ran: Genesis.

Masquerade: Who?

Ran: Genesis Wright, Order of Grammaton's second-in-command.

Ran: That's right...

Ran: While Jules and I were running around the hallways like childish little brats; I caught a sight of Genesis.

Ran: He had just finished taking a shower and changing his clothes.

Ran: Taking a shower late in the afternoon.

Ran: Weird. Seriously.

Ran: He was not sent to any mission that may cause him to accumulate so much sweat that his nose would curse him for.

Ran: He was just in the Mothership in the past 24 hours.

Masquerade: He took a shower because he had blood in his clothes and all over his body.

Ran: Exactly.

Masquerade: And about Dr. Marduk's friend that you were talking about earlier.

Ran: Yes, about him?

Masquerade: Wouldn't that put him into jeopardy as well?

Masquerade: Genesis would simply pick up the last person where Dr. Marduk had talked to and then go to that person's place and...

Ran: Gerald Battler!

Masquerade: Yes, yes. Gerald.

Masquerade: I happen to know him as well.

Ran: We better help him.

Masquerade: Hey, how about Alice?

Ran: Alice can wait, can't she?

Ran: We can't involve more people into this!

Masquerade: How...selfless of you.

Masquerade: I think Alice will like that.

Masquerade: As for me, I guess it would be nice to pound that traitor of a second-in-command to dust.

Ran: Let's go to Wardington!

Masquerade: Here's the transporter card.

Ran: HEY!

Ran: Is this a transporter card or...

Masquerade: I already destroyed all of my doom cards.

Masquerade: Let's just go already.

Ran: Alright, here goes!

Ran and Masquerade proceed to Wardington to check into Gerald Battler.

// Setting: Wardington, Earth //

Genesis had reached the apartment of Gerald Battler and is now challenging the latter into a Brawl.

Genesis summoned his Guardian Bakugan, Crusader Abel, into the field but the white dragon refused to cooperate.

Genesis: You worthless piece of trash.

Gerald: HEY!

Genesis: What are you waiting for?!

Abel: I will not condone your actions any further.

Gerald: That's not how you talk to your Bakugan!

Genesis: Naive brat.

Genesis: Then I would have no choice but to dispose of you, dreaded dragon.

Genesis took out another Bakugan from his pocket.


Abel: That thing...

Abel: The emblem on it's chest is unmistakably...

Abel: The Mephisto Brotherhood!

Gerald: The what?!

Abel: You, you better use me for this brawl.

Gerald: Okay but you tell Leonidas.

Leonidas: Go ahead.

Leonidas: I want to see what you can do.

Abel: Thank you.

Gerald: Alright then, Crusader Abel.

Gerald: Let's punish your ungrateful partner!

Genesis: Goody-two-shoes, you are making me sick!


Genesis: Annihilation Spore!

Abel: Gerald?!

Gerald: Double Ability Activate ~ Shield of Light plus Piercing Rays!

Genesis: Ability Activate ~ Light Piercer!

Abel: Ability Activate, Luminous Barrier!

Masquerade and Ran arrived at the end of Leo street where they can see the fierce battle between Genesis and Gerald.

Ran: That's...!!

Ran: Crusader Abel.

Ran: Abel is being commanded by another Brawler while Genesis is using another Bakugan.

Masquerade: Look closely at the Monarus.

Ran: What now?

Masquerade: An insignia.

Ran: That's...!!

Ran: The insignia of the Mephisto Brotherhood!

Ran: Bad does it!

Ran: So Genesis is also the one responsible for the information theft.

Ran: Haos Dallas must have found this out and so Genesis murdered him.

Ran: Then Dr. Marduk found out that Genesis murdered Haos Dallas so Genesis tried to slay Dr. Marduk to cover things up.

Ran: Now Genesis is attempting to slay Gerald Battler as well because Gerald knew about Dr. Marduk's intel.

Masquerade: All fell into one conclusion eh?

Ran: That traitor, I need to teach him a lesson then tell the Grammaton about this!

Masquerade: You can't.

Ran: Why not?

Masquerade: They don't trust you. Remember?

Ran: I guess so but still, I am holding vital evidence that will prove the culprit!

A voice of a woman floats in the air, catching the attention of both Masquerade and Ran.

???: Hah, you truly are a former Vexos.

???: That sharp wit is incomparable.

Ran: Come out!

???: Why hello there. A young woman with silver hair and red eyes perfectly complimenting her sickly pale skin approached Ran and Masquerade.

???: Genesis dearest is busy.

???: You two would need to wait.

Ran: You know Genesis?

Ran: That means you are from Mephisto!

Ran: You upstart wench, tell me who you are!

???: Who am I?

???: My name is Ethel. Etheldreda Michaels.

Ran: Michaels...

Ran: Protheus'...

Ethel: I am simply Ethel.

Ethel: If you are a brawler then you know how we settle things out.

Ran: Bring it on!

Masquerade: Right with you here.

Ran: Heh, thanks buddy.

With Masquerade intervening, another person shows up and demanded ~

???: I demand fairness!

???: Two men taking on a girl ain't fair!

Ran: That's...!!

This man was immediately recognized by Ran.

Ran: Professor Zack Clay...!

Ran: It can't be...

Zack: Hah, if it wasn't you of all the people.

Ran: But how...

Ran: You are still alive...and...

Ran: You look younger!

Zack: It's all thanks to Grammaton's grub!

Masquerade: That confirms the hypothesis on the real information thief.

Zack: Yeah but even if you two do know about it, this would be your graves.

Zack: The Deathball wasn't enough to kill you, huh, weasel?

Ran: Enough talk about the past, Professor Clay.

Ran: How the hell did you get back?

Zack: Well, Mephisto is reviving dead Vestals to aid them in their ultimate goal.

Ran: Reviving...Vestals?

Zack: Mephisto recovered my remains from the Ground Zero of the Alternative.

Zack: Mine and King Zenoheld's remains were found.

Ran: That didn't answered my question.

Zack: Ah, well.

Zack: With Grammaton's grub and the blood of my son, the now Prime Minister Keith...

Zack: I'm back, alive and kicking Grammaton ass!

Ran: Tch, and Zenoheld?

Zack: Still asleep in his thingnamabob, whatever it's called.

Zack: We need Hydron's blood to revive him.

Ran: Hydron...

Ran: Isn't Hydron with the Mephisto also?!

Zack: Unfortunately, Hydron's remains were not found in the Ground Zero.

Zack: Apparently some other organization had picked him up already.

Zack: I'm guessing it's the Grammaton.

Ran: with the Grammaton?

Zack: Of course that's just a guess so...

Zack: Enough chit-chat!

Masquerade: I'll take this guy on.

Ran: Okay fine.

Ethel: Finally.

Ethel: You're boring me out.

Ethel / Zack / Ran / Masquerade: FIELD OPEN!!

End of Chapter 13.

Chapter 14: Transient RebirthEdit

// Setting: Leo Street, Wardington; Earth //

A two-way battle had shaken the once quiet Leo Street of Wardington. One battle is between the Haos Brawlers Gerald Battler and Genesis Wright while the other is a tag team battle between Grammaton's renegades and Mephisto's emissaries.

Ethel / Zack / Ran / Masquerade: FIELD OPEN!!

Ethel: Bakugan Brawl!

Ethel: Ventus Sasuke Stand!

Zack: Bakugan Shoot!


Ran: Bakugan Brawl!

Ran: Fly high, Ventus Gale Fuujin!

Masquerade: Let's show them true fear.

Masquerade: Rise, ALPHA HYDRANOID!

Ethel: Sasuke, destroy them!

Ethel: Ability activate, Chidori!

Sasuke: CHEW ON THIS!!!

Ran: You're just a kid!

Ran: Ability Activate ~ Splinter Slash!

Zack: Ability Initiate --


Masquerade: Ability Activate, Chaos Leap Sting!

Zack: Oh no you don't!

Zack: Ability initiate, Stardust Reflector!

Masquerade: Fool!

Masquerade: Ability Activate Death Turrent!

Ethel: Fusion Ability Activate, Chidori plus Kazekiri!

Ethel: Obey the absolute commandments, Sasuke!

Ran: Pitiful child. Really.

Sasuke: The laws of the universe had never changed.


Ran: I'm afraid I'm not the one whose gonna die today.


The winds became turbulent.

Ethel: WHAT?!

Zack: Ohhh sand in my eyelids! Who did that?!

Masquerade: This power...


Sasuke: That is not how to deal with the power of the wind.

Ethel: Indeed!

Ethel: Ability activate, Geki no Shiden!


Ran: You talk big.

Ran: Well, you are so much like me when I was around your age.

Zack: Yeah, no kidding.

Zack: You damn crybaby.

Ran: But I'm a changed man.

Ran: Which is why I can only laugh at such puny little kids.

Zack: How so?

Zack: You're not the type to change easily.

Ran: You don't know me, Professor Clay.

Ran: So don't judge!

BakuSynchro 50% complete.

Zack: I don't care! We're just gonna pwn you!

Zack: Double Ability Activate!

Zack: Sand Storm plus Boulder slide!

Masquerade: How pitiful.

Masquerade: A dead man should stay dead.

Masquerade: Double Ability Activate ~ Indigo Nightmare plus DESTROY VANISH!


Zack: What the Fudge, Vandarus?

Masquerade: One down.

Masquerade: Geez, what wind this is...

Zack: I got pwned but it won't change the fact that you can never be another person.

Zack: No matter how you try.

Zack: No matter how much you seek light in the darkness!

Ran: I will not falter.

Zack: You are a petty little wuss, Lync Volan!

Zack: The most pathetic of all the Vexos!

Masquerade: I knew it, it was you all along.

Ran: Shut it!

Ran: That is the name of a dead little boy.

Ran: Rather...

Ran: I buried the memories and identity of Lync Volan in the darkness of the Abyssal.


Ran: I emerged from that cold prison alive and full of hope that I can start my life anew.

Bakusynchro 90 percent complete


Bakusynchro 100 percent complete


Ethel: Fusion Ability Activate ~ ULTIMATE CHIDORI!

Ran: Too late.

Ethel: WHAT?!

Ethel: SASUKE?

Ran: Your little wind boy got blown away with Professor Clay and his Wilda clone!

Masquerade: Don't you even care to wear bloomers underneath that skirt.

Masquerade: Oh, as if I would care to look anyway.

Ethel: YOU...!!


Ethel and Zack take their retreat. WINNER: Masquerade and Rengoku Houran

Masquerade: You know, if no one gives a crybaby a chance...

Masquerade: He won't grow up into a man.

Ran: Yeah but some of them need to be taught the hard way.

Ran: Like me.

Masquerade: You said it.

Ran: I wonder if what Professor Clay said is true.

Ran: Prince Hydron is still alive somewhere.

Ran: Even if I hate him for what he did to me, I would definitely like to thank him for something.

Masquerade: What a content man you are.

Ran: Indeed but we have pressing matters to attend to.

Ran: Gerald Battler.

Masquerade: It seems their battle is also over.

Ran: But the trouble is just starting.

Masquerade: What are you going to do?

Ran: Leave this to me!

Masquerade: Okay. I'll be on the look out in case Team Sprocket comes back.

Ran: You're reliable, man!

Masquerade: Thanks.

Ran takes his leave to try and assess Gerald Battler's situation while Masquerade was left on that spot. His shadow reflected a different person, a long-haired young woman. He takes off his mask and lets her hair flow along with the wind.

Alice: It wasn't a mistake to accept this mission.

Alice: Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, sir Yuri.

Alice: Ran is so awesome ~

// Setting: Gerald Battler's residence, Wardington ; Earth //

Genesis' powerful Moonlit Monarus had just finished trashing Gerald's Omega Leonidas and the discarded Crusader Abel. The traitorous second-in-command now holds the freelance tutor at gunpoint.

Genesis: You annoying little insects.

Gerald: Ngh...I won't die yet.

Gerald: I will live for as long as Marduk is breathing.

Genesis: So, that pest of a doctor did survived.

Genesis: Tell me, how badly do you want to go to hell ahead of your friend?

Gerald: I'm not the one whose going there.

Gerald: You are!

Genesis: Insolence!

  • gunshot*

Gerald: GAAAAAH UGH...

Genesis: Damn...I only hit your shoulder!

Genesis: Stop squirming you bug.

Genesis: It makes me want to squish you even more!

Gerald: Even if you riddle me with bullets from that worthless little plaything, I won't give up just yet.

Gerald: I am not the only one who knows your horrible secret.

Genesis: What do you mean?!

(Voice in the wind)




*drop kick*

Genesis: Guwaah!

*gun skitters in the ground to Gerald's direction*

Gerald: This is now mine!

Gerald takes the gun with one hand and aims it at Genesis, all while his other hand is supressing the flow of blood in his shoulder.

Ran: Hey, buddy.

Gerald: Hey, you're Rengoku Houran!

Genesis: Ran, you insolent fool!

Genesis: You dare defy me once again?

Ran: I do not follow the orders of a traitor.

Ran: I know everything about what you've been doing in the Grammaton!

Genesis: Even so, Father will not believe you!

Genesis: You are nothing but a poor little bastard just like how you had once been!

Ran: Still, I'll bust you soon enough!

Genesis, seeing that the odds are all against him, makes his hasty retreat.

Genesis: This isn't over yet.

Genesis: That and the Grammaton still believes in me more!

Genesis: You will soon be executed for my misdeeds, pitiful little...


Ran: Yada, yada.

Ran: He talks big but brawls small.

Ran: Are you okay?

Gerald: Good thing the bullet didn't went right through my shoulder blades.

Gerald: I'll be fine.


Gerald: Huh?

Gerald: My shoulder's glowing...

Ran: There.

Gerald: Hey, it's healed!

Gerald: How did you do that?

Ran: It's a reversal healing art.

Ran: It only works when the wound and the source is at close proximity.

Ran: In this case, your shoulder is close to Genesis' gun.

Gerald: You gotta teach me that!

Ran: Wait a minute...that reminds me.

Ran: If I retrieve the sword that Genesis used to wound Marduk...

Ran: I can heal my big brother!

Gerald: He's not just your big brother!

Gerald: He's my big brother too!

Gerald: Therefore, I'll come with you...if you don't mind.

Abel: My pledge is with the righteous.

Ran: Alright then, let's try and retrieve that weapon.

Gerald: I really really appreciate this chance that you are giving me.

Gerald: It's all for Marduk and for helping you out clear your name.

Ran: Wow, I never thought I've changed so much that I now own brigade.

Gerald: We're the Ran Brigade!

Ran: Heh, yeah right.

Ran: ...and Masquerade?

Masquerade: Right here.

Masquerade: Your healing ability is awesome.

Ran: Thanks.

Ran: I wish Alice saw that heroic deed of mine.

Masquerade: I'm sure she did.

Masquerade: ...and she's happy about it.

Ran: Hopefully.

Gerald: Alright, Ran Brigade.

Gerald: Let's have a rest in my apartment for a while.

Gerald: We leave tomorrow at dawn!

Ran: I hope you have Juice Boxes.

Masquerade: You Vestals LOVE Juice Boxes, huh?

Masquerade: Bottles own Boxes anytime!

Ran: No way! Boxes are better!

Masquerade: Bottles!

Gerald: Uhh, how about juice powder?

Masquerade: Juice...powder?

Ran: Woah, what's a juice powder?

The three men went into Gerald's apartment merrily like brothers that came home from a skiing trip.


// Setting: Meeting Room, Mothership Winchester //

Father: Protheus, is there something the matter?

Protheus: I caught this woman sneaking within our perimeter.

Father: That woman...

Protheus: Speak, Neathian.

Father: Protheus, please sit down. I got this.

Protheus: Yes, Father.

Father: What brings you here, former Queen Serena?

Protheus: Serena Sheen?!

Father: Yes.

Father: I apologize for Protheus' insolence.

Protheus: My apologies.

Serena: I am here to look for my sister.

Serena: Fabia vanished a few days ago.

Protheus: Just like our dear Gundalian and Neathian members.

Father: I wonder what's causing these strange vanishings.

Protheus: Anyways, we're in a crisis right now.

Serena: A crisis?

Serena: But what about my sister?

Father: More than half of the Grammaton is in the state of AWOL.

Father: The only ones remaining are me, Protheus and a comatosed doctor Marduk Kreig.

Serena: Please, sir.

Serena: My instincts cannot mislead me.

Serena: I felt her energy here and so she must be here.

Protheus: Some parts of the Winchester is off-limits to non-Grammaton members.

Protheus: Even if you are a former Queen, you are not allowed to enter such places.

Father: Let's not be hard on her.

Father: (Since I've been pissed off with Genesis for a while now, I might as well show him who's the real boss.)

Father: Very well then, dear Serena.

Father: In order to access Grammaton's secret places, you will need a promotion.

Protheus: Promotion to what, Father?

Father: Promotion to second-in-command.

Protheus: WHAT?!

Father: Second-in-commands had always been Haos Brawlers.

Father: Therefore, tell me why are you worthy.

Serena: I am the former Queen of Neathia.

Serena: Enough said.

Father: Alright then.

Father: HIRED.

Father: Please wear this uniform.

Serena: Thank you, Father.

Protheus: .........................

Father: Close your mouth.

Father: If you get lock-jawed, we'll have one less member.

Protheus: Yes Father...

End of Chapter 14

Chapter 15: TBAEdit

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