Mira Grit (Maiden name: Mira Clay) is the Ambassador of the New Vestal Government. She is the wife of Captain Ace Grit and sister of the Vestal Prime Minister.

Mission GrammatonEdit

Mira first appeared in the Introductory Arc with Gus Grav to reform the Resistance to fight against the Order of Grammaton.
Mira Grit

Prior to Mission Grammaton, Mira and Ace secretly married with the help of the Leltoy Family. This secret marriage later resulted in the Prime Minister unable to accept his brother-in-law. This came to point of the Prime Minister allowing the Bloodedge to poison Ace's mind and forget about Mira. After that dangerous BakuSynchro experiment, Mira is forgotten about Ace. Ace's wedding ring was given to Baron Leltoy who kept it hidden from Mira so as not to hurt her feelings further.

However, prior to Ace's leave for the Resistance; Mira spent the night intimately with him. The following morning, Mira tests herself and her pregnancy is positive. While Mira is on Maternity Leave during the rest of season one, her position as Ambassador was taken over by Gus Grav.

At the beginning of the second season, Mira gave birth to her son whom she named Zack after her father. She resumes her duty as the Vestal Ambassador while Baron and Maron take care of Zack.

Mira is still patiently waiting for Ace to return to his senses.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Prime Minister Keith Clay appealed to the current Father of the Grammaton for help regarding his missing nephew, Zack, who went missing at the end of Mission Grammaton.

At this point, Ace already regained his memories and is angry with himself over the disappearance of his son. Mira, on the other hand, is having difficulty in dealing with her depression that she was forcibly abdicated from her position as the Vestal Ambassador. Knight Percival once again took over Ace's position as Captain of the Darkon Knights and Gus Grav as the new Ambassador.

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