Michael (Fight Series)
First appearance Bakugan: Fight for All episode 1
Age 13
Gender Male
Occupation New Battle Brawlers
Main attribute (Main attribute used by this battler) Pyrus Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Meta Dragonoid

Michael is the Pyrus brawler in Bakugan: Fight for All.



Bakugan: Fight for AllEdit

He is the Pyrus Brawler and leader of the New Battle Brawlers.


  • Pyrus Iron Dragonoid (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Pyrus Meta Dragonoid (Evolved Guardian Bakugan-Evolved in episode 27)
  • Silver Swipeon (BakuNano)
  • Pyrus Scorpion (BakuSteel Trap)
  • Pyrus Axellor (Mobile Assault)


  • He, along with Jorge, Matthew, Nathan and Taylor, is based off of a real person.
  • He might have a crush on Fabia.
  • Both Michael and Dan own a Drago. This is because Drago's DNA was cloned.

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