Barodius,Kazarina,Stoica and Airzel are mysterously ressurcted,along with their Bakugan.Now their Bakugan are evolved and stronger,so The Brawlers need to defeat them again for once more.


Dan Kuso:The leader of the Brawlers.

Bakugan:Pyrus Blitz Dragonoid,Pyrus Dragonoid Colossus

Battle Gear:Jetkor 2.0

Mobile Assault:Pyrus Raytheus and Pyrus Jakalier

Shun Kazami:The ninja of the group.

Bakugan:Ventus Hawktor

Battle Gear:Swayther.

Marucho Marakura:The brains of the group.

Bakugan:Aquos Akwimos

Battle Gear:Gigarth

Jake Vallory:The rookie of the Brawlers.

Bakugan:Subterra Coredem

Battle Gear:Rock Hammer

Fabia Sheen:The new Brawler from Neathia.

Bakugan:Haos Aranaut

Battle Gear:Battle Crusher

Ren Krawler:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Darkus Linehalt.

Battle Gear:Boomixx

Nurzak:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Subterra Sabator

Battle Gear:Chompixx

Mason:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Subterra Avior

Battle Gear:Lashor

Gill:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Pyrus Krakix

Battle Gear:Vicer

Sid:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Pyrus Rubanoid.

Battle Gear:Destrakon Gear

Lena:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Aquos Phosphos

Battle Gear:Terrorcrest

Zenet:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Haos Contestir

Battle Gear:Spartablaster

Jesse:The Gundalian betray Brawler.

Bakugan:Ventus Plitheon

Battle Gear:Villantor Gear

Floria:The Gundalian betray Brawler and Nurzak’s daughter.

Bakugan:______ Breezak

Battle Gear/Bakunano:?????


Barodius:The leader of the Four Orders.

Bakugan:Darkus Forbidden Dharak

Battle Gear:Airkor 2

Kazarina:The member of the Four Orders.

Bakugan:Haos Thunder Lumagrowl

Battle Gear:Barinos Gear

Stoica:The member of the Four Orders.

Bakugan:Aquos Acid Lythirius

Battle Gear.Acid Razoid

Airzel:The member of the Four Orders.

Bakugan:Ventus Mutated Strikeflier

Battle Gear:Mutated Battle Turbine

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