Maximus Dragonoid is a variation of Dragonoid

Maximus Dragonoid


Attribute [2]


Power 1300 G
Variations Dragonoid

Delta Dragonoid

Ultimate Dragonoid

Infinity Dragonoid


Knight Apollonir

Mock Dragonoid

Neo Dragonoid

Cross Dragonoid

Vexos Dragonoid

Hyper Dragonoid

Pyro Dragonoid

Ultra Dragonoid

Spin Dragonoid

Neo Dragonoid Vortex

Ultra Dragonoid Typhoon Turbine Dragonoid

Cyclone Dragonoid

Neo Dragonoid (7in1 Maxus) Maxus Dragonoid

Maxus Cross Dragonoid

Helix Dragonoid

Lumino Dragonoid

Blitz Dragonoid

Sky & Gaia Dragonoid


Chance Dragonoid

Quake Dragonoid

Battalix Dragonoid

Dragonoid Colossus

Titanium Dragonoid Fusion Dragonoid Meta Dragonoid

Iron Dragonoid

Mercury Dragonoid


Commandix Dragonoid Dragonoid Destroyer

Maximus Dragonoid

Dragonoid DestroyerEdit

First appearance The Neo Brawlers Came!
Voiced by Jason Deline


He's a powerfull opponent, he also is a BakuFlip, that's why he has five forms to can change, the primary form, the warrior form, the speed form, the fusion form to combine with Knight Apollonir to be MagnaDragon and the fly form to open just like a BakuSky Raider and combine with Dragonoid Destroyer when they free Drago from his dimensional-jail.

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