Mary Twang Is A Character Featured In: Bakugan: Gate Protectors, Bakugan: Sky Warriors, And Bakugan: Chaotic Prime she is a aquos brawler in indigos team.

First Appearence: New Members


Mary Twang Is A Human From interspace, she decided to be a brawler and yin gave her exostriker, she then showed alot of effort as a team player.


Aquos Lizarak: Marys Bakugan, Lizaraks Kinda Similar To "Taylean" but it is a lizard with sharp claws to deflect its opponents attacks. and has some stealthy armour.

Tech Gear: Trideblade

BakuAerial: Whirlmarine

Bakugan's AbilitysEdit

  • Sharp Claws
  • X Slasher
  • Hydronic Impact
  • Blade Strike
  • Continius Swipe
  • Tail Smash


  • Mary's Original name was Maria.

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