First Appearance
Bakugan: Planet Takedown! Chapter 1
Main Attribute
Guardian Bakugan
Aquos Atlas Akwimos
Maria is a Aquos Brawler and a Member of the resistance. She brawls with Aquos Atlas Akwimos.


In Chapter 1 when the brawlers come to Harrivan They see Maria brawling against a Trevor. After she loses the brawl,Mira ask Maria if she will help them stop the other Harrivans. Then she accepts.

In Chapter 2 Her and Runo brawl against Shadow and Miguel. Shadow Prove uses an ability that whipesout hades and Akwimos. Then Runo wins against Miguel.

In Chapter 4 Maria will brawl Frosch to prove she can divide the energy.And she does.

Somewhere between Chapter 7 and 9 she a Baron brawl against Hydron and win. Part of The Aquos energy is still taken though.

In chapter 13 she brawls Joe to boost his confidence and loses.


Akwimos (Guardian)

Atlas Akwimos (Evolved Guardian)

Balexion (Trap)


Maria is a awesome Brawler.

Person Outcome
Miguel Win
Shadow Prove Win
Trevor Lose
Miguel & Shadow Prove (With Runo) Win
Frosch Win
Hydron (With Baron) Win (Part of the Aquos Energy taken though)
Joe (Only to boost his confidence) Lose

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