"He is to Father as Professor Clay is to King Zenoheld."

- Genesis

Dr. Marduk Kreig is the head scientist and private physician of the Order of Grammaton. He is also Grammaton's Darkus Brawling Operative.

Marduk Kreig


Marduk Kreig
No information
Marudaku Kureigu
16 (Battle Brawlers)

23 (Mission Grammaton season 1)

24 (Mission Grammaton season 2)
Head Scientist, Order of Grammaton

Private Physician, Order of Grammaton

Darkus Brawling Operative, Order of Grammaton
Guardian Bakugan
Magna Brontes (Temporary, confiscated from Protheus)

Battle Ax Vladitor (deceased)

Currently have none

Background InformationEdit

Marduk was the second to join the Order of Grammaton. Seven years ago, he was found by Father and was offered to change his life. Through Father's financial assistance, Marduk was able to finish his studies. He then became Grammaton's head scientist whose credited with his extensive contributions to Project REVIVAL. He would later on develop the Synchrosuits which will be utilized by the Battle Brawlers in their fight against the Mephisto Brotherhood.

Genesis Wright is highly jealous of the fact that Father deems Marduk as the Substitute Father rather than him, the second-in-command. However, Marduk is not really interested in becoming the would-be Father in case the need arises. He moreover works on the development of Project REVIVAL so that one day he can bring back his old Brawling Partner and to face that unnamed Brawler that defeated him before.

Brawling RecordEdit

Prior to Mission Grammaton

Opponent Outcome
vs Dan Kuso (Dragonoid) Win
vs Gerald Battler (Leonidas) Lose
vs Gerald Battler (Leonidas) Lose
vs Gerald Battler (Omega Leonidas) Lose (Battle Axe Vladitor = KIA)

Mission Grammaton season 1

Opponent Outcome
vs Gerald Battler (Omega Leonidas); (using Subterra Magna Brontes) Lose (x7)


- Marduk doesn't really have a family name in the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Video Game. Kreig was used in Mission Grammaton to compliment his name; Marduk meaning the Egyptian God of Thunder and Kreig being Thunder in German. Also, in Mission Grammaton, his nationality is German.

- He had been thought to be a Doom Being because of his similarlity in looks with Masquerade but he is very much Human.

The Order of Grammaton

Yuri D Izayavitch (Darkus)

Leader's Guardian Bakugan
Aethereal Kain 

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