"May my wish ride on the wind and ring daybreak's bell. Like a bird - My wishes over their airspace."

- Song: Daybreak's Bell

Lysie Krelle (pronounced as Lucy) is a half-Human/Vestal Subterra Brawler for the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance in both seasons of Mission Grammaton. Prior to joining the Resistance, she taught Brawlers alongside Gerald Battler and Omega Leonidas.

Lysie Krelle

Lysie Knight

Lysie Krelle
ルシ クレル
Rushi Kureru
16 (Mission Grammaton season 1) 17 (Mission Grammaton season 2)
Human (half-Vestal lineage)
Freelance Brawling Tutor; Subterra Brawler for the Resistance
Guardian Bakugan
Nymph Eris

Background StoryEdit

Lysie Krelle is born from an uncommon union between a Human scientist in Planet Vestal named Kyrie Krelle and an as-of-yet unidentified Vestal Father. Back in the time of Lysie's birth, humans and Vestals are not allowed to inter-breed. As a result, Kyrie and Lysie were sent back to Earth. Kyrie raised her daughter all by herself but she died of a mysterious illness when Lysie was nine years old.


Although sad about her mother's death, Lysie tried to make the most of what her mother had left her. She sold their mansion in order to fund her studies and daily life. She bought a small apartment unit in Wardington where she resided prior to being recruited into the Resistance.

A few months after her mother's death; Lysie met her Guardian Bakugan, Fleur d' Eris, during the strange rain of cards and morphing marbles that happened in Wardington. Eris kept Lysie company and treated the latter as a sister. Their bond was tested by the mysterious Brawler named Marduk who nearly killed Eris. Lysie bore a grudge on Marduk since then but she couldn't remember him when they met again seven years later. She met Gerald Battler, Marduk's rival, sometime after facing Marduk.

Mission GrammatonEdit

Grammaton Lysie

Lysie in Mission Grammaton

Lysie and the now Dr. Marduk Kreig met again after seven years. Marduk develops a huge crush on her because she had indeed grown into a fine young woman. However, she just dismissed Marduk as a sick little pervert and watched as Gerald Battler to fight his old rival. When not called by Dan and the others to help out; she works as a Freelance Brawling Tutor in Bayview that teaches little girls and ladies how to Brawl. Peaking the interest of her fellow females in the game dominated by men is extremely important to her.

She is strongly attracted to Grammaton's Protheus Michaels who, on the other hand, regards her as his female bestfriend. Also, like him, she is a fellow Subterra Brawler and Freelance Brawling Tutor.

During the second arc, however, Lysie and Protheus broke up. This had Lysie feel bouts of depression to which she attempted suicide in the Bayview river. She was found by Gus Grav who helped her return home. The two would go on and become lovers in the third arc.

Bakugan: Dimensional TroubleEdit

Lysie was mentioned by Dallas to be the girl that he secretly admires.

Bakugan: Dimensional DefendersEdit

Lysie is set to appear in Dimensional Defenders as a member of Team Lilium. Her Guardian Bakugan is the second evolution of Fleur D' Eris called Alraune Eris.

DD Lysie

Lysie in Dimensional Defenders

After hearing about the death of Protheus Michaels, Lysie became depressed and tried to either kill herself or enter the convent. Seeing that the former would be more rational; Lysie attempted suicide but she was stopped by her half-brother, Hydron. It was Hydron who then helped Lysie overcome her grief over the loss of Protheus. Hydron also trained Lysie to become a much better Brawler.

The two soon parted ways as Hydron was later recruited by the Order of Grammaton to be the replacement of Protheus Michaels. Lysie, on the other hand, became a member of Team Lilium but she and Hydron still have close contact with each other. She found a new love in Dallas ex Machina, the leader of Team Lilium.

Though the death of Protheus is still painful to her, Lysie had since been more accepting of Protheus' loss ever since she met Dallas. She also cuts her long hair short and offered the cherry blossom-colored locks to the grave of Protheus.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Lysie is a half-Vestal Human girl with light blue eyes and long bubblegum pink hair. Her hair is often tied to a large orange bow, a gift from Protheus. Her most noticeable feature are her huge breasts and revealing choice of outfits; the latter being her way of expressing her feelings of anti-feminism.

She is a kind and compassionate Brawler but does not tolerate men with misplaced gazes like Marduk or those who kept on imposing their own rules such as Ace.

Lysie is the youngest brawler in the current batch of Bakugan Battle Brawlers (she's just as young as Baron Leltoy). However, her brawling skills and fierceness in battle belies her age. She was also taught a thing or two by Protheus about Grammaton's way of Brawling such as possibly predicting the next ability that the opponent will use. She usually prefers female opponents for fairness sake.

Slumbook EntryEdit

Full name: Lysie Krelle

Gender: Female

Race: Human / Vestal

Birthdate: February 9th

Birthplace: Omega City, Vestal

Hobbies: Horticulture, Jogging in the park

Likes: Protheus ("Protheeroth"), Gus, Marucho (plush toy), Hydron (older brother), JJ Dolls (wanted to be part of them)

Dislikes: Tentacles, Spectra Phantom (Lech Strife), Marduk, Misplaced Gazes of men

Favorite Food: Soyamilk

Favorite Flower: Pink Roses

Favorite Music Instrument: Flute

Brawling RecordEdit

Mission Grammaton season 1

Opponent Outcome
vs Dan Kuso (Fusion Dragonoid) Lose
vs Protheus Michaels (Magna Brontes) Win


- Lysie is the English Al Bhed transliteration for Camui (as in Camui Gackt). Lysie's family name is supposed to be Kylgd which is Al Bhed for Gackt but Kylgd would be hard to pronounced so her family name became Krelle instead.

- Lysie's name (from Camui Gackt in Al Bhed) was sort of inspired from Maria Ozawa whose nickname is Miyabi. Miyabi sounds like the name of a member of Malice Mizer (Miyavi).

- Lysie is supposed to have a different name in Japanese, that which is Atsumi ("Kamui" in Japanese Al Bhed transliteration) but it wouldn't suit Lysie because she isn't Japanese in nationality.

- Lysie's characterization was based on Lucy Westernra from the vampire parody movie Dracula Dead and Loving it; partcularly the part wherein Lucy was flirting with Jonathan Harker.

- If Lysie was a real person, her nationality would be French (Note: Got the idea from Eiichiro Oda).

- Lysie used to have a flat chest. When she was 9-years-old, people called her surfboard-chan so she was insulted to the point of bringing a huge sewing pin to the park so that she can threaten to pop off those busty ladies that approach her. Eventually, her body started developing when she was ten and she no longer carries a pin to threaten busty ladies. She carries a pin to spike off perverts.

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