Lord Kromos is an Antagonist in Bakugan: Sky Warriors he is the Major villain.

First Appearence: The Invaders


kromos use to live underground in the darkness, He managed to escape and built a army And discovered neathias sacred orb, he decided to take the power and code eves. He Has 2 Pawns Clair And Lucas, they are skilled brawlers. His Plan Is To Create the ultimate bakugan.


•Darkus Spatterix (Main Bakugan)

•Darkus Stronk (Secondary Bakugan)

•Darkus Scorptak (Fusion Combination Bakugan)

•Darkus Orbeum (Given To Lucas)

•Ventus Radizen (Given To Clair)

•Darkus Doomtronic (Battle Suit)


In ep 1 he is attacking neathia with his army and pawns.

In ep 2 he fights half of indigos team and summons the first seen Bakugan battle suit

in Ep 3 (Unaired) He Fights Indigo And the battle results in a tie.

In ep 4 his plan is revealed that he wants to create the ultimate bakugan and needs power for it.

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