Episode 1

The Neo Brawlers Arrival!

Fifteen years after the mechtanium surge events,,, The Brawlers live their lifes for three years, but a new force start to menace the Earth, called Dark Empire, then all the Battle Brawlers (from every seasons) unite to fight it, but his efforts were in vain and not just it but Drago disappears and Dan into a coma. Then the brawlers try to recuperate the planet, they builded many bases to combat the Dark Empire, meanwhile in a base called Neo Base is trying to save some bakugan who will be destroyed. A team of six bralwers, Claudia, Mike, Cole, Cam, Phoenix and D.K, is sent there with Shun, when they arrive there try to combat many Bakugan but are stopped for two of the principal Dark Empire Brawlers, Plasmius and Strorm, Shun had difficulty until D.K appears and play Knight Apollonir, but D.K faint because the power of the Gate and the Key inside him since he birthed and can't transfer the power to a bakugan, then he is transported to inside the base and is guide to some bakugans but when he sees a bakugan in a light-flash he gets him, during the guards are off base, and is transported back to out and sees the bakugan (Maximus Dragonoid) in his hand and with the Gate's symbol at him, then D.K check the bakugan data to accept him as his guardian and win using the BakuFlif abilities of Maximus Dragonoid , Shun see something different at him and realizes he is brawling like Dan. When they Return to base receive new partners and they are sents to be field agents of a new team called Neo Brawlers, Shun asks how he's so strength now, then D.K tells him the Key and Gate had some of Dan's memories and given him when the Gate exit from his body, but he says he doesn't know how it happened. Meanwhile the Ultimate Emperor punishes Plasmius and Stormer and sure revenge against the Neo Bralwers after locate and destroy Drago (Dan's partner)

Episode 2


In the conference room the Neo Brawlers meet their new Bakugan and expect for a mission, D.K found Dragon looking the sky, D.K asks why he is this way then say he has some information to the Neo Brawlers, when they are at the conference room he starts saying he is a clone of Drago in an attempt to create a Bakugan more powerful than Drago and dominate the universe, but Dragon has developed too fast before they made brainwashed after finishing the story of his creation he says Drago is alive but is trapped in a dimensional prison and the Dark Empire wants to find Drago and not just destroy him forever but also make Dan stay into a coma forever. After dicover it the Neo Brawlers decide to try to find Drago and exit from Neo Base to try it.

Episode 3

The Big Plan

In the Cyber City the Neo Brawlers try to capturate the Dimension Controller of the city because it's being used for locate Drago. During they are there they are discovered by Plasmius who says they are captured Professor Clay and forcing him to clone several bakugan and put in the prosthesis to turn them into BakuMecha (just like Cyborg Helios ), so he plays a BakuMecha called Strike Shine and battle against D.K, when sows itself very strengh the others find Professor Clay and he revels he is being controlled by Triton the aquos brawler and he play his BakuMecha Aqua Neptune and defeats the brawlers. D.K remember the Bakugan Trap given him by Shun, Flarix, combine it with Knight Apollonir and scapes with the others. Triton try to hunt them, but Plasmius says they gonna back to take the controller and free Professor Clay.

Episode 4

Broken Chain

Cam says he knows one ability what can destroy the Data Center, because it is that makes the controller work to the Empire and transfer the Data to the Dark Ship, the Empire's headquarter, they can't destroy now because it is protected by a barrier, he says when a brawler combine two bakugan relacted of someway it cans activate one chain ability, the only bakugan who cans activate this in the moment are Apollonir and Lars Lion, because the two have arrow abilities, so Claudia lend Lars Lion to D.K, when he tries to do this he fails beacause still is not sufficient strong to use this. They decide go to the laboratory and find the core, so Phoenix is sent to seek for Prof. Clay, but they are attacked by many bakugan enemies, D.K says them not to be concerned because he called a special reinforcement, D.K decides to take care of this by himself, he tries to activate again, but it fails, he tries to use Flarix again to scape with the others, before he can, Triton and Plasmius appear and face them, D.K still is decided to save the others and play Dragon, so he activates Dragon's new mode, super mode, but he discovers Dragon becomes with no energy when he use this for a long time, Dragon return to sphere form, but D.K still wants to save the others.

Cam asks him who is coming before he can say anything, a Magma Wilda and a Roxtor appear and distract most of the bakugan while one Infinity Helios defeat the rest, Mira and Keith appear and help the Brawlers, Keith says D.K to use the chain ability, D.K become surprised because it works alright and destroy the controller, Keith says he is stronger than before because he discovered his leadership's capacity, D.K say he called them because of their father.

Episode 5

Extra Trouble

Phoenix finds Prof. Clay and guides him to the others, Mira and Keith take him out of the lab, and make adjusts to the controllers work to the the brawlers now, but they discover the BakuMecha were taken from there, except for one, Prof. Clay says that is the strongest bakugan in the base, but they see a red light from the bakugan, and realize it was brainwashed.

D.K uses chain abilitty do defeat him but fails because Apollonir and Lars Lion don't have energy enough, he says Dragon also is too tired to do anything, he asks Keith to lead the brawlers while they rest, Keith accepts, but he can't stop the bakugan too.

D.K watches the brawlers being defeated, he uses his own power to restore Dragon and use the Super Mode again, but this time he is combining his powers with Dragon, so he doesn't stay with no energy.

Keith praises D.K for his good job and takes his father to a near base of the Resistance, Mira gives them a parting gift, she shows the old base of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance (New Vestroia), The Resistance Mobile Base, she gives them the Base and part after D.K thanks for the gift and drive to the next Controller in the Gaia City.

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