Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge is the fourth season apart of the Japanese anime television series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The series originally had 26[1] episodes ordered, however, Nelvana recently announced that this series will be extended to 46[2] episodes total in length, with production by TMS Entertainment and Japan Vistec. The series premiered in Canada on February 13, 2011, United States on March 5, 2011 and Australia on March 8, 2011.

Episode ListEdit

# Title[3][4][5] Japanese air date English air date
01 "Interspace Showdown" February 13, 2011
It has almost been one year since the events in Gundalia, and Bakugan Interspace has grown greatly. Marucho has teamed up with a Bakugan from Gundalia, Tristar, while Shun's partner is Taylean, a Bakugan from Neathia. After winning a battle, Dan and Drago learn that there have been two teams of brawlers, Team Sellon and Team Anubias who have risen to high ranks not far behind Dan. Dan has a nightmare the following night in which a mysterious entity demands that Dan give him something. Drago, who also had a vision of a Bakugan during the earlier battle, speculates that the two events may be related. Unconcerned by this deadly and skilled competition, Dan challenges Ben, a member of Team Anubias to a brawl. Dan and Drago initially struggle due to the battle environment and being faced against two bakugan. They struggle and just before they are about to lose, the entity again appears to Dan (Drago sees the image of the bakugan) and tells him to release his hidden power and destroy Ben and his bakugan, also giving him all the power. They ultimately pull out a win after unleashing his power. However, Drago is unable to control that power nearly destroying the arena. This leaves Dan and Drago wondering about the dangers of this latest discovery and if they are a threat to the Earth.
02 "Mechtogan Mayhem" February 20, 2011
After Dan's battle with Ben, Marucho and Shun talk to Dan about having Drago sit out for a while. Dan, however, shrugs it off and says he'll get Drago's powers under control, but secretly, he's extremely nervous about the amount of power Drago unleashed, and the two of them decide to go train to get it under control. Meanwhile, Marucho decides to have a battle to make up for Dan having to sit out, so he fights against Jack of Team Anubias. He and Tristar struggle to win against Jack and his Guardian Bakugan, Aquos Krakenoid. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago locate an abandoned arena to use as a training ground, but shortly after, a mysterious Mechtogan that calls himself Zenthon appears and wreaks havoc on the arena. Dan and Drago try to defeat it, but it eventually flies away and reappears to interfere with Marucho and Jack's battle and devastating the arena. Anubias and Sellon team up to fight Zenthon but struggle to defeat it, not even managing to land a hit. Eventually, however, Zenthon flies off and Anubias and Sellon part ways. Marucho and Shun then speculate that, since Zenthon has the same destructive power as Drago, they may be connected. Meanwhile, the masked man, whose named is officially revealed to be Mag Mel, is trying to break free of his prison, but requires more energy from Dan and Drago to do so. One of his hooded servants (who looks a lot like Sellon) informs him of the Mechtogan attack. He is astounded that Drago has that sort of power and tries to absorb more energy from Dan and Drago and begins to break free.
03 "Disconnect" February 27, 2011
After Dan refuses to sign a few autographs and say hello to his fans, Anubias challenges the "big shot" to a brawl and Dan accepts the challenge. Both win one round because Drago tries too hard to control his powers and didn't focus on the battle. Dan is afraid of another power overload, so he tells Drago to run and not to fight. Anubias uses the opportunity to strike Drago and wins the brawl. Upset by the loss, Noah, one of Dan's biggest fans who had stood up for him earlier, becomes one of Anubias' fans. After the brawl Anubias tells Dan that he is disappointed that Dan brawled like an amateur, but still saying that he has respect for him.
04 "Fall From Grace" March 6, 2011
Shun and Marucho find Dan and Drago training secretly and they discover that the Mechtogan Zenthon originally came from Drago. The next day Sellon and Dan have a match, but Shun and Kris from Sellon's team battle alongside making it a tag-team battle. Drago has a lot of difficulties controlling his powers and almost releases Zenthon, but Shun prevents this from happening by syphoning off Drago's excess power. Dan and Shun manage to pull out a win, but Sellon throws the battle and wins over the audience. Shun confronts her as to why she let them win to which Sellon offers Shun to join her team which he declines.
05 "Tri-Twister Take Down" March 13, 2011
Tension between the Brawlers rises when Shun suggests that Dan take a break from battling as to avoid another of Drago's power overloads. However, Dan interprets this as Shun not trusting him and they have a fight. Shun is later confronted by Sellon, who still wants him on her team, and suggests that he give Dan some tough love. Later, the Brawlers are challenged by two boys calling themselves the Tri-Twisters. Shun and Marucho decide to take it themselves without telling Dan but have trouble against the opponents. Dan discovers this and wants to help, but begins to realize that Shun may have had a point earlier. They then discover that there is a third Bakugan, previously attacking invisibly, present. Sellon and Anubias suddenly interrupt the battle, wanting to teach the boys a lesson in honor and easily defeat them.
06 "Agony of Defeat" March 20, 2011
Dan still refuses to listen to Shun and Marucho when they tell him to take a break from battling. Even though he is still plagued by nightmares about Mag Mel and Razenoid, Dan doesn't mind battling Anubias with the winner being crowned the official number one brawler of Bakugan Interspace. Shun and Marucho tell Dan that they still think he should not fight, but will support him anyway. Dan thanks them and promises to reveal everything after the battle. During the fight, a vision of Mag Mel and Razenoid appear and Dan and Drago think they are fighting them instead of Anubias, causing them to lay waste to the field and endanger the crowd. To make matters worse, Zenthon reappears and everyone learns that Drago created him. Once Zenthon leaves, Dan and Drago's vision are returned to normal. The battle is declared over and Dan is disqualified for illegally using Zenthon (even though it was unintentional) and Anubias is crowned number one of Bakugan Interspace. Unable to face his fans who have turned against him, let alone his friends, Dan packs up his things and leaves.
07 "BakuNano Explosion" March 27, 2011
Dan and Drago have disappeared and all sorts of negative rumors are spreading throughout interspace. Team Anubias is dominating the battle field now that Anubias is number one in the rankings. Shun and Marucho arrive in Interspace and discover that brawlers are now using BakuNano, equipment much like Battle Gear that greatly strengthens and amplifies a Bakugan's abilities to innumerable uncontrollable power levels. When they question Dylan, they discover that the upgrade for the BakuNano just appeared out of nowhere. Sellon has another talk with Shun and suggests that he take the position of leader of the Brawlers and put an end to BakuNano use since Dan and Drago are gone. Their conversation is interrupted when Marucho is brutally defeated in battle by the Bash Brothers, two boys using BakuNanos. Shun arrives on the scene and battles the two brothers. He managed to defeat them despite not using any BakuNano himself. He speaks out to the crowd that as the new leader of the Brawlers, he will abolish the harsh and dangerous style of brawling accidentally set off by Dan and Drago. Sellon is then seen stating that Shun has fallen right into her trap. The episode ends with Dan and Drago suddenly arriving at New Vestroia.
08 "Return to New Vestroia" April 3, 2011
Dan and Drago arrive in New Vestroia to train in an attempt to control his new powers. In Drago's secret training area, Dan and Drago find Aquos Amazon, Preyas' student, and Preyas himself. Amazon, having heard all about Drago from Preyas, wishes to battle with Drago. However, Dan and Drago are unsure as they may lose control again. Dan determines that each time Drago has lost control it has been in Bakugan Interspace, a virtual world, and the result may be different in the real world. While Drago and Amazon begin battling, Mag Mel and Razenoid begin feeling Drago's immense power, deducing that he is battling in the real world. During the battle, Dan and Drago suddenly have another vision of Mag Mel and Razenoid and they pass out. Preyas and Amazon leave while Dan and Drago rest. Back in Bakugan Interspace, Shun is dominating the battle field and defeating opponent after opponent. Marucho is impressed but thinks that Shun should take it easy. Shun, however, brushes him off and declares that as the new leader of the Brawlers, its up to him to get the Brawlers back on top but Marucho wonders whether as a member of the Brawlers, he should have a say. Back on New Vestroia, Dan and Drago are worried that their visions have carried into the real world, while Mag Mel and Razenoid have found them in New Vestroia.
09 "Chaos Control" April 10, 2011
Mag Mel sends Anubias to New Vestroia to battle Dan and Drago and harness their power. Drago, however, wishes to train on his own and away from Dan. Just as Anubias arrives, he attacks Preyas and Drago with Dan and Amazon making their way to Drago. Preyas steps in to defend Drago, but Anubias summons his own Mechtogan. Preyas proves to be no match for the Mechtogan, putting Drago into a rage and causing him to summon Zenthon. Drago loses control of his powers and lays waste to the battlefield, but Dan manages to snap him out of it. Zenthon attacks Drago and Drago determines that they will have to tame Zenthon in order to control it, which they manage. However, Anubias continues to attack Drago, but Zenthon stops them and Dan and Drago defeat Anubias, causing him to flee. Preyas and Amazon vow to help Drago control his new powers.
10 "A Royale Pain" April 17, 2011
Shun has been battling far more frequently since taking the position of leader of the Brawlers, and it's starting to take it's toll on him. However, he shows no signs of backing down when he enters a battle royale. Things get tough when up against Robin from Team Anubias and Soon from Team Sellon when Taylean suddenly spawns a Mechtogan, Silent Strike. Shun tries his best to defeat it and is rescued by Rafe and Paige. After Silent Strike flees, Rafe and Paige reveal that they are a Neathian and Gundalian, respectively. They have learned that the Mechtogans are the offspring of chaos when there is a lack of sync between a brawler and their Bakugan and Princess Fabia has sent them to help the Brawlers. Shun, however, refuses the help and leaves while Marucho's father asks him to quit the Brawlers.
11 "Back in Sync" May 1, 2011
Drago continues to struggle gaining control of Zenthon and worries that it is because he and Dan are out of sync so they continue training on New Vestroia. Paige and Rafe worry that the Brawlers are slipping and Marucho thinks about his father's offer to quit the Brawlers and fix Bakugan Interspace properly. Wavern suddenly reappears and speaks to Dan and Drago and tells them that they must reconnect with everyone, namely their fractured relationship with the Brawlers. Marucho takes his father's advice and quits battling and work in his family's company with his father, but Tristar convinces him otherwise. Marucho fights Jack of Team Anubias and wins, thanking Tristar for reminding him that friends stick together no matter how far apart they are. Marucho's father and Kato witness the battle and express their pride in Marucho. Dan and Drago finally get back in sync and Wavern encourages them to find out the truth behind their visions.
12 "Mind Search" May 8, 2011
Wavern assists Drago and Dan in ridding them of their nightmarish visions while Bakugan Interspace holds a Capture the Flag style battle. Marucho attempts to dissuade Rafe and Paige in joining, but they declare that they have no reason to avoid battle. As expected, Shun joins the fight to try and control the chaos. Rafe and Paige struggle against Team Anubias, but Marucho arrives to assist them and Team Anubias is eventually defeated. Meanwhile, a weary Shun and Taylean encounter Team Sellon. Marucho and Trister arrive at the flag but Sellon intercepts them and defeats Marucho. Paige and Rafe arrive just as Sellon summons her Mechtogan, Braxion. Rafe and Wolfurio distract the Mechtogan allowing Paige and Boulderon to take the flag and win, all according Marucho's plan. Shun arrives and sees the success of Marucho's plan and believes that his solution may have been wrong. Dan and Drago see Mag Mel and Razenoid again, following which Dan realizes Code Eve is involved.
13 "Re-Connection" May 15, 2011
Shun refuses to listen to Marucho's reasoning so Marucho enters a tournament to battle Shun. Meanwhile Wavern suggests to Dan and Drago to go back to the memories to when they first met Code Eve and how Dan and Drago received their powers. After doing this Dan and Drago realize an important clue they missed when Code Eve gave them their powers. Back in Interspace, it's a fierce battle between Marucho and Shun but Shun wins. However, Shun has taken Marucho's words to heart and realized the error of his ways. He and Marucho patch things up and promise to work together now. At the end of the epsiode Mag Mel tells Anubias and Sellon on why Dan and Drago can't control their powers and assigns Sellon to travel to New Vestroia and capture Dan and Drago by any means necessary.
14 "Triple Threat" May 22, 2011
The Brawlers, now back together, are dominating as a group and face Team Anubias in the next round. Sellon arrives on New Vestroia and fights Dan and Drago. Although they put up a good fight, Drago is forced to summon Zenthon, who now fully obeys Drago without question. Things take a turn for the worse when Sellon suddenly summons three Mechtogan at once! Dan, Drago and Zenthon combine their power and end up summoning a Mechtogan Titan, which easily wipes out Sellon's Mechtogan. Sellon tells them they can keep their gate and key and that the end of the world is still coming before she leaves. Back in Interspace, Chaos Bakugan are suddenly released and start destroying Interspace, interrupting the battle between the Brawlers and Anubias.
15 "Interspace Under Siege" May 29, 2011
With Bakugan Interspace under heavy attack from Chaos Bakugan, the Brawlers quickly jump into action. Anubias gives his team all his Bakugan before meeting up with Sellon to observe. The Brawlers make a plan to lure all the Chaos Bakugan into a single area and then delete it, despite the massive damage it could cause to the system. The plan is successful, but Marucho is halted by a lingering Team Anubias. All of a sudden, a mystery figure enters and when the dust parts, it is none other than Spectra! Spectra easily wipes out all the Chaos Bakugan with Darkus Infinity Helios when all of a sudden Team Anubias and Team Sellon's Bakugan attack them, followed by another wave of Chaos Bakugan. Having felt the distress in New Vestroia, Dan arrives at Interspace with Drago to help the fight.
16 "A Hero Returns" June 5, 2011
Dan arrives back in Interspace much to everyone's shock and attempts to use Zenthon to shows the others that he and Drago are finally in control of their powers. While at first Drago and Zenthon are battling well, the latter is suddenly no longer under Dan's control and Mag Mel receives a massive flux of power. Anubias and Sellon retreat as the Brawlers leave the section of the Interspace which is then deleted by Marucho. Before departing, Spectra informs Dan that he has changed greatly and that the Brawlers aren't the team they used to be. The rest of the Brawlers mercilessly pile on Dan for leaving them to fend for themselves. Suddenly, Mag Mel and Razenoid break free and assembles a massive force of Bakugan. Later that night after being frustrated by his friends' hurtful words, Dan sees a vision of Gundalia being attacked by Chaos Bakugan! Marucho, Shun, Rafe and Paige prepare to head out to help Gundalia with the intention of leaving Dan behind due to the danger he represents. However, Dan insists on coming stating that he is the original Battle Brawler and will not be cut out off this fight.
17 "Gundalia Under Fire" June 12, 2011
The Brawlers arrive on Gundalia and hook up with their old friend Ren, who has now risen through the ranks of the Gundalian Army. Fabia, now the Queen of Neathia, is preparing to send reinforcements. Dan has a vision of Mag Mel's troop movements and the Brawlers set up a trap. The Chaos Bakugan arrive and Rafe gives Dan Bakunano as the Brawlers begin to attack. Mag Mel and Razenoid arrive and Mag Mel reveals that while Dan has had vision of Mag Mel, Mag Mel has in turn been having visions about Dan. Dan and Drago summon Zenthon while Mag Mel counters with summoning his own. The power is too great and Dan loses. Mag Mel and the Chaos Bakugan retreat as the Castle Knights arrive and the Brawlers begin to observe Dan's link to Mag Mel as a liability to their security.
18 "Battle Lines" June 19, 2011
As the Brawlers mount another attack on the Chaos Bakugan, Dan is forced to sit the battle out due to the compromise of his psychic link with Mag Mel. Dan receives another vision and realizes that Mag Mel are only after him and Drago, so they set out to confront him. On the way, they are intercepted by Shun and Taylean, who try to stop Dan and Drago from proceeding. Suddenly, Anubias and Sellon arrive and attack with their Mechtogan. Shun is taken out and Dan fights back with the help of Zenthon and Zenthon Titan and Marucho suddenly appears to help. Though they win, Marucho berates Dan for disobeying his orders. Ren reports that Paige and Rafe are missing and have likely gone after Mag Mel. Dan, Shun and Marucho go after them but fall into a chasm.
19 "Unlocking the Gate" June 26, 2011
Dan heads off to fight Mag Mel, one on one and learn more about this Gate and Key he keeps talking about. When he reaches the inner chambers of Mag Mel's fortress, Mag Mel reveals that the Gate and Key is a mutated version of the Switch Code that Code Eve gave to Dan and Drago. Anubias and Sellon appear as Mag Mel summons several Mechtogan. The other Brawlers arrive but prove to be no match for the Mechtogan. So, Dan and Drago share their powers with the others, allowing them to summon their own Mechtogan. Spectra also arrives on the Vestal Destroyer and the Chaos Bakugan and Mag Mel are defeated. Dan realizes his mistakes with his friends and once again become the leader of the battle brawlers. Despite their victory Razenoid was able to collect the gate meaning that Mag Mel only needs the key from Dan to achieve his goal.
20 "True Colours" July 3, 2011
The Brawlers receive an urgent message from Bakugan Interspace and return there only to discover it in ruins and infested with Chaos Bakugan. They meet up with Team Anubias and learn that after they left for Gundalia, the Chaos Bakugan returned and destroyed most of Interspace, making it unable for people to log out. Chris and Soon arrive and Marucho discovers an old access point from which they can escape and Soon sends Sellon their coordinates. While they sneak off to the access point, Dylan reveals that he is just a package of data created by Interspace to grant the desire of Brawlers for more intense battles. Anubias and Sellon appear and reveal themselves, in their true forms as well as the fact that they were created by Mag Mel. This was a surprise of their teammates and the Brawlers. Rafe and Paige successfully take the other battlers to a safe spot and return to help Dan, Shun and Marucho. With Sellon and Anubias defeated, they return to the access point, only to discover that it has been damaged! Shun blames himself for causing it when all of a sudden, a rainfall not programmed into the system began to fall.
21 "Dangerous Beauty[4]" July 10, 2011
The Brawlers are trapped inside Bakugan Interspace and to make matters worse, Chris and Soon arrive with an injured Sellon, sure that she has changed her ways. They claim that Sellon was attacked by Mag Mel after failing in her previous battle at that she used that last of her strength to escape but was hunted down. Dan agrees to trust her, but Shun was suspicious thinking it was a trick. While Brawlers fend off an attack, Sellon asks Dan to see her and when he did she attacked him and stole his Key. Shun arrives and chased but was stopped by Chris and Soon, unaware that Sellon is still evil. The distraction allowed Sellon to escape. Sellon gives Mag Mel the Key, but he disintegrates and absorbed her declaring that her will to live would be better served as fuel for his Resurrection. The episode ends with Anubias jumping off a building preparing to battle Dan.
22 "Unfinished Business" July 17, 2011
Anubias kidnaps Noah in order to get Dan to fight him in one last showdown. After being informed of this Dan arrives for the battle and Noah (freed after serving his purpose) and Shun observe the battle. Anubias tries many ways to gain the upperhand including using three Bakugan at once and later combining two of his own through mutation. He briefly gains an advantage due to the mutations but Dan regains control after summoning Zenthon. As the battle reaches its climax, Mag Mel's eyes appear in the sky.Mag Mel takes Anubias' power, disintegrating him in the process. As Dan and Noah mourn Anubias' loss, Mag Mel is now much stronger and more powerful than ever.
23 "Behind the Mask[5]" July 24, 2011
Dan and Drago are fighting the Chaos Bakugan, when they see a vision of Mag Mel saying that his power is nearly fully restored. He tells the Brawlers this, then declares that he will use his psychic link to battle Mag Mel. Shun and Marucho think it is too dangerous, but Dan argues that it is their only chance to stop him. Then Soon and Chris are mourning the loss of Sellon, when a Flash Ingram attacks. They are then saved by Noah who is using his new Guardian Bakugan Subterra Ziperator. Then the whole of Team Anubias shows up, all with Ziperators as their Guardian Bakugan. Ben has a Pyrus, Jack has an Aquos and Robin has a Ventus. When Soon questions why they still fight when Anubias is gone, they reply that they fought under him, but not for him. Meanwhile, Dan links up with Mag Mel and Dan and Drago find themselves in a dark reverse version of Bakugan Interspace. Mag Mel reveals himself and they begin to fight. They quickly summon their Mechtogan and they all fight their counterparts. The battlers then summon energy blades corresponding to their attributes. Meanwhile Chris and Soon are sulking outside Brawler HQ. and are attacked by more Chaos Bakugan. They are saved by the Brawlers and Team Anubias, who are protecting Dan and Drago. Chris and Soon soon join in with their new Guardians Darkus Clawsaurus and Haos Spidaro. Marucho is trying to get a message out to the outside world, when Dylan offers to help. Meanwhile, Dan smashes off part of Mag Mel's mask revealing him to be Barodius. Razenoid then confesses to have been previously Dharak. They say that Code Eve imprisoned them in the reverse dimension. They then summon their Mechtogan Titans and continue the fight. After a huge display of power, they lose the link, in Brawler HQ. They tell all of their allies their findings. Dylan then helps Marucho talk to his father and Marucho tells his father his plan.
24 "Interspace Armageddon[5]" July 31, 2011
Marucho announces his plan to the Brawlers to completely delete Bakugan Interspace. He thinks that he can rid Mag Mel of his energy source from Bakugan battles and to get rid of his portal to Earth. The Brawlers realise that they would be deleted too, and Marucho explains that his father and Kato are getting them out. They think that they might be able to delete Mag Mel since he's in the reverse Interspace. The Brawlers then fight their way out of their HQ, but more Chaos Bakugan come. Dylan says that he doesn't understand humans, since they're now destroying Interspace after all of their work. He then watches the fight. The Brawlers make it to the last remaining battlers, who don't believe that they can get out. Kato acitvates the emergency activation point and then starts the deletion programme. Then Dylan leads the Chaos Bakugan to the Brawlers. Team Anubias and Team Sellons Bakugan show up to try and stop the Brawlers. The Brawlers start to fight off the Chaos Bakugan, when Braxion shows up. Chris and Clawsaurus try to fight him off, with help from Soon and Spidaro, but the Mechtogan shield is too strong. Shun protects the remaining Team Sellon, while Team Anubias try to take out their old Bakugan. Then Horridian turns the tables and takes out a couple of Ziperators. Then Krowl and Krakenoid combine to fight Drago. Dreadeon and a lot of clones attack Boulderon, Trister and Wolfurio. Shun and Taylean the summon Silent Strike. Then Miserak, Deezal and Smasheon are summoned. Suddenly Slynix comes down from the sky and he defeats the other Mechtogan. Helios then reveals it to be his Mechtogan. Slynix defeats the Dreadeons. Then Helios takes out a couple. Then Venexus Titan shows up as well as more Dreadeons who create a portal to bring Mag Mel to Interspace. Then Helios and Drago mutate and battle the Chaos forces. They then use their combined power to close the portal. All of the Brawlers except for Dan and Spectra go back. Then more Dreadeons appear and Spectra sends Dan back. Helios, Spectra and Slynix take out the Dreadeons and then Interspace comes apart. Then a Dark Portal opens in the air. Then Razenoid evolves.
25 "Dark Moon[5]" August 7, 2011
With Razenoid's Catharsis complete, Mag Mel decides to put all the humans into the dark reverse dimension of Earth to torture them. Meanwhile, the Dark Moon sends out energy waves which transfer all the non battlers to the reverse dimension. He also summons six different attributed Razen Titans to the six biggests cities on Earth to drill holes into the Earth's core which will result in the Earth blowing up. He then appears in the sky as a vision to all that he will do the same to all opposing forces including Gundalia, Neathia, Vestal, and New Vestroia. The Brawlers decide to split up and hunt down the Mechtogan Titans but this proves not to be simple as there are armies of Chaos Bakugan and Dreadeon Clones as protectors. The grand battle begins with the Brawlers summoning their Mechtogan, Dan with Rapilator and the addition of Drago, Zenthon, and Zenthon Titan defeating the first one, and Shun who summons Faser Titan and defeats another one. As the battle continues, Rafe with Wolfurio and Paige with Boulderon are having difficulty but then, the Vestal Destroyer arrives with Spectra Phantom, Infinity Helios and Gus Grav on the bridge. He then comes to assist them and they defeat another Razen Titan. After this, he with Dan and Shun then come together to face three more Razen Titans.

Spectra then suggests another mutation between Helios, Drago and Taylean. They accept this and form Mercury Dragonoid, Mutant Helios and Mutant Taylean. These mutants then defeat many Chaos Bakugan and they split apart. Then, Drago and Taylean merge again and deals some more damage to the Razen Titans. Mag Mel retaliates by not only summoning more Razen Titans but also arrives with the evolved Razenoid too. He then binds Dan and Drago in a knot and the Brawlers Mechtogan fight back. However, Razenoid proves to be too strong and manages to survive and defeat all of their Mechtogan. Specta tells to Gus that send the data for the Bakugan Battle Suits over; Doomtronic for Helios and Blasterate for Taylean. The two manage to break Razenoid's shield and knock him back but he manages to survive and attacks everyone, including the Brawlers themselves. Mag Mel begins to taunt Dan and Marucho forms a small plan. Taylean and Helios then attack Razenoid while Tristar reminds Dan and Drago about the gate and key which since they have, can possibly close the Dark Moon. Razenoid then blasts Tristar who gets up later as Dan and Drago fly up to the moon after breaking free with Mag Mel and Razenoid coming from behind. The destiny of the Earth it's on the hands of Dan and Drago just as Spectra said.

26 "The Final Takedown[5]" August 14, 2011
The final battle continues with Dan and Mag Mel, while the others are fighting the remaining Bakugan, Mechtogan, and Mechtogan Titans on Earth. Razenoid and Drago continue to fight and Drago is about to get hit, but Zenthon and Zenthon Titan come to protect Dan and Drago. Mag Mel and Razenoid then summon Dreadeon and Razen Titan (called Dreadeon Titan) and they continue to fight. Dan and Drago tell them that they should only be fighting them not the innocent but Mag Mel responds as it is an act of revenge and he doesn't care about nobility. On Earth, the drilling has gone to 70% and Spectra and Gus go attack. Shun summons Faser Titan to help while some fear there are too many. Marucho reassures them as Rafe and Paige continue to fight. Mag Mel begins to taunt Dan and he manages to get them to fall down. He tries to get Dreadeon and Razen Titan to kill them but Zenthon and Zenthon Titan defend them. However, the residual energy created from them caused an outburst of energy which not only destroys them but Razenoid absorbs it to become bigger and stronger.

With the drilling up to 85%, the battling continues with more Titans being destroyed. Dan and Drago, however, are not doing as well as Mag Mel tells them about the energy collected from Bakugan Interspace. Noah sees a vision of Anubias inspiring him to fight on and telling him how much he grown. Chris and Soon then hear Sellon's voice and run towards it. Dan and Drago then receive power from the gate and key while Razenoid blasts Drago. When the smoke clears, Titanium Dragonoid isn't there and is replaced by Fusion Dragonoid! Razenoid then tries to aim at Drago but he constantly misses. He fires at Razenoid which manages to destroy him and breaking the gate and key of them. Mag Mel is about to die but not before saying that Dan is still doomed. Mag Mel then disappears. On Earth, all the Chaos Bakugan, Mechtogan, and Mechtogan Titans disappear along with the Dark Moon. Everyone else returned confused as shimmering dust falls from the sky. They then believe that Dan and Drago sacrificed themselves but then in a glowing light, Dan and Drago appear. Everybody is happy and ask him what happened with Dylan walking away with his signature lollipop. They asked how was the battle and Dan responds with it being easy.

27 "Evil Arrival" September 10, 2011
28 "Wiseman Cometh" September 17, 2011
29 "Mysterious Bond" September 24, 2011
30 "The Prodigal Bakugan" October 1, 2011
31 Combination Impossble October 8, 2011
32 Enemy Ailles October 15, 2011

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