1. The New Battle Brawlers: After all the hybrid bakugan come out of the portal, a Darkus bakugan called Valtrax comes out of the portal who looks like a hybrid of Robotallion an Warius. He spots the Jr Brawlers sensing brawling energy inside them. He tries to destroy them until a Pyrus Bakugan called Nova Wolf saves all of them just in time then the rest of the team watch as Ken battles Valtrax with Nova Wolf. Luckily, Nova Wolf manages to win with the correlation of Pyrus and Darkus. Then Valtrax disappears and Nova Wolf teams up with Ken and becomes his guardian bakugan.

2. Journey to the Center of Vestroia: After defeating Valtrax, the team discovers that Vestroia has merged with part of Earth and if it continues, both Vestroia and Earth would be destroyed. Then a Pyrus bakugan called Helix appears out of nowhere believed to be “a buddy of Valtrax” by the Jr Brawlers. Nova Wolf tries to defend the group but his power is not enough. Then the group gets on Nova Wolf and tries to run away but Helix chases them. They luckily lose him but are met by a Subterra Magmore. Nova Wolf cannot battle him either and just when things cant get worse, Helix finds them but then, from the sky, a Ventus and a Haos bakugan appear (who are revealed to be Ventus Skyroid and Haos Sabertooth) and help Nova Wolf to battle Helix and Magmore. Nova Wolf has a bad time and almost loses to Magmore until Ken pulls out the correlation of Pyrus and Ventus and also the Nova Ring ability. Then the group comes up with a plan. Skyroid lures Helix and Magmore to the same gate card which Nova Lion and Sabertooth are on. Then they swap power levels. Nova Lion takes Helix out while Sabertooth’s spring boar attack manages to defeat Magmore. Then the Jr Brawlers decide to investigate by going to the center of Vestroia.

3. An Old Enemy: In the center of Vestroia, the gang sees many bakugan imprisoned. Then Skyroid and Sabertooth explain that the Bakugan being imprisoned and the merging of Vestroia with Earth was as a result of Reaper’s treachery. Reaper escaped from the doom dimension and stole an orb known to no bakugan except Naga. When Naga died, part of his knowledge went into Reaper’s head. Then he used Naga’s knowledge to evolve into Darkus Doom Reaper. Tyler looks at a bakugan trapped in ice. He slips because of his untied shoe and unintentionally breaks the ice. Then the Bakugan called Aquos Pisces came out of the icy prison and pledged his allegiance to Tyler. Just then, Reaper appeared and challenged the Jr Brawlers to battle. Nova Wolf, Skyroid and Sabertooth all want to battle him but Tyler insists that he and Pisces battle Reaper. The battle starts with everything going well for Pisces in the first and second round but Reaper is motivated by Tyler’s comment “Not so tough for Doom Reaper” with a draw in the third round, a win in the fourth round and finally winning the battle. After Pisces is shot with an energy blast from Reaper’s scythe, Reaper laughs and disappears. Then the episode ends with everyone looking at Tyler and Pisces.

4. Revival: After comforting and encouraging Tyler to keep on brawling, the Jr Brawlers decide to check what was going on in

Earth. On their way to the portal,the group is met by another set of bakugan who call themselves Haos Clawgor and Ventus

Baltrix. They told the gang that they would not pass until Clawgor and Baltrix were defeated. So a battle between Clawgor, Baltrix, Nova Wolf, Sabertooth and Pisces ensued. Clawgor and Baltrix started with the combination of Haos and Ventus but it was shut down with the Haos Shade Ability. Then Tyler and Mark use the combination of Aquos and Haos. Ken uses the combination of Pyrus and Ventus and finally, The Triple Node Ability winning them the battle. Then they go through the portal and meet a boy

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