Chapter 1: The Contract Edit


While Shun and Dan having a practice match in Interspace Eric record it and upload the video in Internet. Marucho when get to know about this, he tried to hack the video to delete it but its to late as this video was seen by Kenta who is the younger brother of Zeke, an business man and trade weapons. When he saw the video he wonder if he can use them to rule the world. He hacked the Interspace computers and meet Marucho. While Dan and Shun get to know Eric want to upload it in Interspace Video Library but an virus entered the program and by mistake he upload it in Internet. Marucho called them in base and tell them about the contract. As a creator of bakugan game they have to decide about wheather to reveal bakugan to adults or not. While they are in meeting, another business man force them to reveal it by making it more safer. The business man reveal to be Arc from Bakugan Security of Zenthinal Dimension. He tell brawlers that my few agents will also participate in this tournament and he will be their Coach. While Dan and Shun Thinking about how to make game more safer.

Characters Edit

Battle Brawlers





Eric (not Purposely)



Marucho (leave battle brawlers)


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