Yeah. So Ive shown chapters 1-9 on the first section now heres the next.

Book OneEdit

Chapter 10: Marucho Vs Evil


Chapter 11: Blast From The Past


Chapter 12: The A-Maze-ing Race


Chapter 13: Meteorites


Chapter 14: Elias And Nightzoid


Chapter 15: Strategys And Teamwork


Chapter 16: Home Is Where The Start Is

Plot: Alice Returns To the battle brawlers as a visit to help them defeat zaros.

Chapter 17: Ready Set Go!

Plot: Elias battles a zero brawler

Chapter 18: The Facility

Summary: a strange zero brawler pretends to be a scientist to make people battle to start to feel out of sync.

Chapter 19: Sudden Death

Plot: A One Try only competiton is held in bakugan interspace so shun joins in and battles another zero brawler

Chapter 20: Final Level

Plot: The last chapter is finally here. dan battles a mysterious new zero brawler but turns out he is a zero brawler x!

Other ChaptersEdit

Special Chapter 1: Interspace...

disapeared chapter1: "Chapter 2"

Intermisson 1: Cyberspace

Intermisson 2: "Disapeared Chapter2"

Book 2: The Conquest *Released On June 10th 2011Edit

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