Here Is A List Of Chapters From My FanFic Bakugan Spirit Of Brawling

Book One: Spirit Of BrawlingEdit

Chapter 1: A New Threat

Plot: Dan Battles Shun And Wins, He Then Has A Strange Dream And Meets A Guardian Named Blaze, He Talks About A Person Named Zaros Who Gathers A Brawlers Sync To Create A "Zero Brawler" Dan Then Agrees He Should Stop Them.

Chapter 2. The "Other" Side

Plot: Dan Has Another Dream And Meets A Person Whos Name Is Unknown, But He Tells About How Zaros Wants The Light Orb And Dark Orb To Control The Legendary Dragons Named Holyrus And Shaderus, Then Dan Battles Runo And Wins. The ??? Guy Then Is About To Reveal Who He Is.

Chapter 3: Tag Team Terror

Plot: Dan Finds Out The Unknown Persons Name Is "Warrior X" He Then Says He Is A Warrior Who Protects The Light Orb X. And He Also Tells Dan There Is A Tag Tournament In Bakugan Interspace And Two Zero Brawlers Have Entered Dan Says Ok. The Next Day Warrior X Was Right There Is A Tournament So Dan And Shun Get Into A Team And Runo And Julie Do As Well. And A Few Other People As Well. The Next Day The Tournament Begins.

Chapter 4: Round One Begin! Plot: The Tournament Begins When Dan And Shun Vs Quincy And Alex So They Throw their bakugan and shun starts with a whirlwind wing edge and its wings attack the opponents ventus ziperator but quincy uses the ability airsight which blocks skyress from using its moves on it but only if its a ventus bakugan. Dan uses the ability Dragon Flare and ziperator dodges the attack but gets hurt a little. Alex uses haos blinder and a powerful light makes drago miss its attack. dan and shun come up with a plan and skyress uses sky clear and ziperators ability is washed and drago uses dragon flare boost! and alexs haos scaboid goes into ball form and shun uses a double ability airlock and destruction sky storm. ziperator also goes into its ball form. Dan And Shun Win and the zero brawlers and runo&julie do too. meanwhile zaros says his first strike is ready.

Chapter 5: The Quarterfinals Plot: Dan And Shun Face Issac And Ly and ly starts off with nasty spray and it weakens drago and skyress issac uses the ability fire burst and dan activates the ability dragon scorch and its even so shun uses whirlwind twister blow and issac loses. ly activates a fusion ability and drago and skyress get really hurt but drago uses the ability dragon tornado and ly loses. in the end shun and dan the zero brawlers and runo and julie move on to the semifinals as well as another group of kids.

Chapter 6: One Step To Win Summary: Runo and julie face the 2 zero brawlers and dan and shun face 2 kids. so the zero brawlers send a darkus and pyrus Clawnoid and start of with a slash ability and gorem deflects it, jon the darkus zero brawler uses a night slash storm and tigrerra gets very hurt. the zero brawlers unleash a bakunano delta called Niteslay and the bakugan use a powerful sword and destroy the opponent and tigrerra loses gorem uses a hyper impact but don the pyrus brawler opens the changling force card and gorem starts hitting himself soon he loses. julie and runo lose and dan and shun won their batte and they will be facing the zero brawlers in the finals.

Chapter 7: Zero Finals Summary: The final battle commences.

Chapter 8: Another One Bites The Dust

Summary: The Battle Rages on as dan and shun vs the zero brawlers but they reveal something called bakunano delta!

Chapter 9: Desert Duel


Chapter 10: Marucho Vs Evil Summary:

Chapter 11: Blast From The Past


Chapter 12: Starting Line


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