Heres A Chapter List. This Season May Have 20 Chapters. So Enjoy! *Created By Skawo1*

Book One: Essexian RulersEdit

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Plot: Introduction to series

Main: None

Chapter 2: A New Battle

Plot: Elias And Lucas Battle

Main Pts: Tie Due To Both Bakugan Losing At Once

Chapter 3: Zero

Plot: As Gina Continues to train she fights a zero brawler.

Main Pts: Gina Wins Her First Battle,Rhyroks First Appearence

Chapter 4: Seeing Things

Plot: elias sees a mysterious bakugan. but what? and meanwhile Tino Faces A Zero Brawler

Main Pts: Elias Sees "The Original Dragonoid",Tino wins the battle

Chapter 5: Here We GO!

Plot: The Brawlers Head Into the portal to Mestria

Main Pts: First Appearence Of A Mestrian

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