The Newest Book Series about Bakugan


Game Of Terror Series:

1.Game Of Terror

2.The Attribute Energies

3.The Final Strike!

The War of The Worlds!Series:

4.The War of the Worlds!


6.The War Continues

7.The Nethian Rising

8.The End of Gundalia!

The Evil King Series:

9.The Omenoc

10.666,The Number of The Beast.

11.The Evil King Rises

12.The Abomanation!

13.Old School!

14.The Highway to Hell

15.Back in Black

16.Back to Nethia!

17.The Omenoc Vs Omega Dragonoid!

Release Dates:

Game Of Terror:March 12th,2011

The Attribute Energies:May 1st,2011

The Final Strike!:July 15th,2011

The War of the Worlds:October 30th,2011

Mt.Destruction:December 21st,2011

The War Continues:Febuary 8th,2012

The Neathian Rising:April 12th,2012

The End of Gundalia:June 2nd,2012

The Omenoc:August 1st,2012

666,The Number of The Beast:October 9th,2012

The Evil King Rises:December 31st,2012

The Abomanation:January 14,2013

Old School:March 12th,2013

Back In Black:May 3rd,2013

Back To Neathia:July 5th,2013

The Omenoc Vs Omega Dragonoid:September 9th,2013

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