The Gods Bakugan were the first Bakugan to master the different attributes and bring order to Vestroia. Each ruled over their own element, however they were lost in the tides of history and forgotten.

Gods BakuganEdit

A list of the God Bakugan.

Claudandus: God of Haos, The White Lion of Light (Partnered with Olly)

Phoenix: God of Pyrus, The Fire Bird of the Sun (Partnered with UV)

Behemoth: God of Subterra, The Golden Beast of the Earth (Partnered with Ewok)

Leviathan: God of Aquos, The Monster Fish of the Sea (Partnered with Treva)

Ectorius: God of Darkus, The Demonic Bat of the Night (Partnered with Banshee)

Zephyr: God of Ventus, The Dragon Fly of the Winds (Partnered with Rith)

Each God will be revealed over time, what is known for sure is that none of the Gods are on New Vestroia.

The LegendEdit

Long before Vestroia was stable, there were many Bakugan each possess powers that were rare and uncontrollable. There was no order and no one knew friend from foe. Chaos rules the land, there were much violence and death. The Bakugan manipulated the Earth, the sky, the water, the fire and light and dark without the worry of the consequence. The Planet’s natural order was disrupted by the misuse of the powers the Bakugan controlled. Eventually alliances were made among the Bakugan with the same abilities and kingdom were made. The strongest commanded the others and many Bakugan were overthrown or killed for this position. Finally the strongest rose to power and taught the others how to use their attributes. Finally a great war broke out among the various Bakugan for ownership of the planet.

The Subterra Bakugan said they controlled the very earth that the Bakugan lived on so they should be in charge. The Ventus Bakugan declared they should rule the planet because they control the fearsome element of air, while the Aquos Bakugan claimed they should rule because the water the commanded battled the earth and destroyed the fire. The Pyrus Bakugan raged that the fire melted the earth and remained it anew so they should rule because their element was the strongest. The Haos Bakugan disappeared and said nothing could live without light so they should rule. The Darkus Bakugan argued that the night was far stronger then all and the planet was engulfed in a sea of darkness.

The war went on for many years and many lives were lost. Many leaders were killed by other or their own elements. Finally several Bakugan gathered together and disagreed with the war over who should control the planet. They declared that violent was not the way and the war and misuse of their gifts were destroying the planet. Soon there would be no planet to live on or ever own. These Bakugan took the time to master their abilities together and live in harmony. They showed the others that all the attributes could live together in peace however this was not taken right away. However many Bakugan slowly joined them seeing that they had to cherish their planet and use their abilities for the good of all. Finally the war came to an end when the last of the still warring Bakugan died and the remainders were left wounded. They were too weak and injured to leave the battle field. The Peace keepers came and healed the wounded and showed them all that they learned together through their union of peace and harmony. The Kingdoms lived together peacefully after that and an age of great learning and discovers began. The first Bakugan to master their attributes too charge of the planet and represented each attribute equally.

There was peace for many years and the first master became known as Gods. However this did not last forever and one by one the Gods began to disappear and the remaining Bakugan were left to fend for themselves. Vestroia splinter into six Attribute planets without the Gods to keep order.


The myth of how these gods disappeared has been lost however reports of sightings and encounters have been around for ages.

The God of Darkus was said to have been seen but no one knows if this is true. Later it was confirmed that the God of Darkus has returned after a large battle between the ex-Mad Geese team was seen.

The God of Haos was encountered on Dimentional Trouble.

The God of Aquos was seen recently in Interspace at the same time the Darkus Bakugan has returned.

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