Larc dragonoid- when dan, now 24, and runo, Go on vacation, they are surprised when suddenly, out of the deep seas, comes out a aquos megarus. Drago fights it, only to find three subterra aquimos emerge from the ground. after drago defeats them, a strange character named Sam appears. he tells the two that bakugan are being driven mad.

that is also the first episode of Bakugan: Mad Drivers. as an extra episode to the end, in which everything ends happily ever after with sam and dan going off on the setting horizon. but then, and this is where this bonus episode ends, Scar appears with a newly evolved bakugan: Doom dragonoid. dan battles Scar. when Scar is defeated, his mask comes off his face and he is revieled to be Raffiel. This is the beggening of Bakugan: Negative world.

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