"A man willing to set aside his own past, future and present for the sake of his friends."
- Character Tagline

Fifth Hokage Shun Kazami [ 五代目火影 風見 駿 Godaime Hokage Kazami Shun ] or more known through his pseudonym as Professor Kunagiri ex Machina [ クナギリ・エクス・マキナ 教授 kunagiri ekkusu makina kyouju (Professor Kunagiri ex Machina) ] is a character that made his debut in Bakugan: Dimensional Trouble. He will be having a bigger role in Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders.

The Fifth Hokage

DDFinal Kunagiri

Shun Kazami (Kunagiri ex Machina)
風見 駿 (クナギリ・エクス・マキナ)
Kazami Shun (Kunagiri ex Machina)
27 (Fall from Grace, Tech Defenders), 28 (Dimensional Defenders, Dimensional Trouble)
Freelance Scientist and Inventor
All Attributes
Guardian Bakugan
Shouri ex Machina (nominal wife)

Dallas (adopted son)

Unnamed Father (unknown fate)

Shiori Kazami (mother, deceased)

Kotaro Kazami (grandfather)

Background StoryEdit

Professor Kunagiri's had once mentioned to Dallas that he belongs to an old-fashioned and dysfunctional family. He summarized his life as a living Purgatory in which he never got along with his grandfather whose also their patriarch. As a result, he was almost deemed a black sheep. Kunagiri originally wanted to be a Bakugan Scientist but he was forced by the old man to continue their family's legacy. He obliged until the old man's death.

Kunagiri and DIO are also childhood friends. However, when DIO became evil, Kunagiri became depressed to the point of wishing not to exist anymore. He was encouraged by his former guardian to travel back to time to set things right and defeat DIO.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Kunagiri is a tall man with a long red-streaked jet black hair tied to a ponytail. His most notable feature is his strange stick-up hair (ahoge) that seems to be able to move on it's own. His Guardian Bakugan, Spinzaku, enjoys dangling on to the ahoge much to Kunagiri's displeasure (this being a running gag between the two).

He wears an uncommon outfit for a scientist, that which is predominantly red to denote his attribute specialty of Pyrus.

In his red-eyed mugshot in Dimensional Trouble, he used to wear eyeglasses and less-bizarre clothing. He also edited out his ahoge hair because informal looks will not be accepted by the Bakugan Scientists Guild. He soon became the Vice President of the said organization.

He met Dallas a year prior to Dimensional Trouble and had since treated the boy as his own son. The reason why Kunagiri is overprotective of Dallas like a true father is because he himself never get to know his true father's identity and his mother took the secret to her grave.

Although a strict father type of character, he has his goofy and oddball side which borders on a mad scientist type of guy though he is never evil. Like DIO, he also lost his mind but instead of going evil, he decided to invent various things which he expect to benefit the Universe. Some of the things which he invents could either help with Dallas' brawling skills or keeps him within the walls of their mansion.

Other than being a brilliant scientist, Kunagiri possess superhuman reflexes and cool fighting style. He is also very powerful as he can single-handedly defeat some Bakugan.

At times, he embodies the tropes of Handsome Lech, Chivalrous Pervert, Pervy Sage and the like. He even has eyesight similar to the infamous Valkyrie Profile item called "Truthade" in which he can calculate a girl's Vital Statistics by simply looking at them. He admitted to Shouri that he had been a pervert since he was an adolescent but he hides it by being cool, quiet and a bit of an emo. He is often kissed or embraced by the ladies that he encountered because of his good looks, thereby giving him the chance to touch or feel their bodies. Shouri dismissed this confession by beating him up to sleep.

Slumbook EntryEdit

Full name: Kazami Shun [風見 駿]

Gender: Male

Professor Kunagiri's Mug Shot

Race: Human

Birthdate: He hates getting old

Birthplace: Oushuu, Japan; Earth

Hobbies: Cooking (when not building a contraption)

Likes: His family, Birds

Dislikes: A certain old man

Favorite Food: Eels

Favorite Flower: He thinks flowers are girly (but has soft spot for Cherry Blossoms)

Favorite Music Instrument: There's no instrument he's bad at

Status: Married (to Shouri ex Machina)


"I am a Genius!!" [Ware wa Shun!!]


"Mizuho [Kazami] is not the only person who has the right to enjoy a stick of Pocky in a suggestive manner."

"Face it, Dan. You'll never have this sex appeal that I was born with! Hahahaha!!!"

Battle Brawlers, New Vestroia, Gundalian Invaders and Mechtanium SurgeEdit

Professor Kunagiri was born in the year 18 BMS (Before Mechtanium Surge) at Oushuu, Northern Japan to a traditional family that practices ninjutsu. Although not too well-known, the Kazami Clan had been a force to be reckoned with in the modern times and had also survived over the course of history. He was given the name Shun which means "All-Seeing."

At around the age of eight; Shun met Dan, the only son of Mr. Shinjiro Kuso whose a co-worker of his mother. Shun's mother, Shiori, sadly passed away when Shun was only thirteen. This left an impact on his life as the reason for his distant personality. Nonetheless, he always keep his sense of honor intact and values his friends as his true family.

Shun and Dan had fostered a friendship which lasted for the next twenty years or so. The two boys invented the rules for Bakugan during their adolescence and had saved the universe as their teenage memories. They were both known as the Bakugan Battle Brawlers with Dan specializing in Pyrus and Shun with Ventus. Although the tides of fate are opposing Shun to become Brawler; he managed to serve both masters well with him becoming a powerful ninja warrior and a well-known Brawler.

Fall from GraceEdit

After his days of heroism, Shun was forced to continue his family's legacy of becoming a ninja. He soon earned the mark of the Hokage and earned the title "Godaime Hokage." This nonetheless pleased his Grandfather who passed away shortly after. Alone in life and finally savoring the freedom of choice that he had long yearned for, Shun went to study Science and Technology. He was the Best Man in his bestfriend's long-awaited wedding.

A few years later, a fateful night which can only be called "Walpurgis Nacht" happened. His bestfriend's wife was murdered; causing his bestfriend to lose all his sanity and reason. Wanting to set things right, Shun envisioned a working time machine which no scientist had ever successfully done. He knew that this project would set him back to ridiculous amounts of money and time. The only way he knew to amass such huge amount would be to make use of his abilities.
Thus, he worked as a ninja assassin for top executives and businessmen where he earned Millions of Yen. It was all well for him as he had no problem eliminating a random rich guy for another rich guy but there was this one assignment that set him back and made him rethink his actions.

A Japanese politician ordered the assassination of the Marukura family because they are a threat to his position in the government. Seeing that its his "brother's" family that will be his target; he escaped his assignment and burned all the money he earned from assassinating people.

Eventually, the CEO of the Marukura Zaibatsu named Choji discovered that it was Shun who attempted to take their life. Choji had Shun arrested and interrogated. Shun revealed that he could not do it to his last remaining brother and he would rather take his own life. However, concerns about Dan's well-being is more important than restoring honor through suicide. Choji then agreed to finance Shun's massive time travelling project on the condition that he will no longer return to the future once he travelled to the past. Shun agreed as this would not only allow him to save Dan from the darkside but also will render him innocent of the crimes he committed during his time as a ninja assassin.

Bakugan: Dimensional TroubleEdit

He is Dallas adoptive father (or moreover an older brother or uncle due to his young age). He is an eccentric scientist that loves to invent things. Although a bit strange at times, he is an overprotective man. Due to his fears of Dallas getting in danger, he did not allowed the boy to come to the convention but the latter was able to escape his clutches. Kunagiri appears in the Hidden Chapter called "Adventus" where he met Dan Kuso and Fusion Dragonoid. He sends Spinzaku to find Dallas while Dan and Drago followed the phoenix from behind.

Kunagiri later reappears in the final chapter where he told Dallas that he had foreseen everything and that he simply wanted to save Dallas from his predicament. Dallas later discovers a time machine in Professor Kunagiri's room which the latter called as an unsuccessful thought experiment.

In actuality, Kunagiri used the time machine, which was funded by the Marukura Zaibatsu, to travel back in time in hopes to put a stop to DIO's plans.

Dimension in-between DimensionsEdit

Following the night of Dallas' return, Kunagiri left Jasper and his adopted son to talk things out amongst themselves. Kunagiri went for Oushuu to the traditional home of the Kazami family.

Shortly after, an encounter between him and the disgruntled Shun Kazami had happened. Unable to convince Shun to believe in time travellers; Kunagiri beats him to a pulp and takes him away to an unknown place.

Bakugan: Dimensional DefendersEdit

Professor Kunagiri is set to appear as the second-in-command of Team Lilium.

Prior to Dimensional Defenders, he abducted the Shun Kazami of the present time and placed him in a state of stasis in an unknown location.

His Guardian Bakugan is a Pyrus Spinzaku [ 大ミームの鳳 スピン雀 daimimu no ootori supinzaku (lit. The Great Memetic Phoenix Spinzaku)] which appears as a spinning fiery Phoenix Bakugan. Additionally, he can call for his Ninja Bird Brigade [マキナ 十勇士 (Makina Juyushi or Machina Ten Braves)]


- His pseudonym was inspired from Machina Kunagiri of Final Fantasy Type-0.

- Kunagiri means "Path of Obligation" while ex Machina means "out of a machine." Kunagiri choose this name because "He always walks in the path of obligation." - His co-workers at the Scientists Guild refer to him as Dr. Eel (Unagi-hakase) because of his strange stick-up hair.

- Unlike DIO whose aging stopped upon travelling back to time, Kunagiri's aging did not stopped. His hair grew longer and his stick up hair became sharper and gained the ability to move on it's own.

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