"In the silence of the shining sky there exists your home.
Across the darkness where the moon sets, you’ll return to your origin 'on a narrow path."

- Song: Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni Wa

Kleinn Bravier [クライン ブラヴィア (Kurain Buravia)] real name Zack Clay Grit [ クレイ フェルミン グリッド (Kurei Farumin Gurito)] is a half-Cyborg character that made his debut in Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders. His Guardian Bakugan is called Lantis [ ロンテス(Rontesu)] and his attribute specialty is undetermined, thus he specialize in the Clear attribute.

Clear Brawler

DD Kleinn Bravier

Kleinn Bravier
クライン ブラヴィア
Kurain Buravia
Cyborg (of unknown other racial distinction)
Independent Brawler
Guardian Bakugan

Background StoryEdit

An accident in the past claimed the lives of Kleinn's parents as well as both of his arms. He was rescued by research personell from a top-secret science facility which gave him metal prosthetics as a replacement for the arms that he lost.

Kleinn soon discovers that his renewed hope holds a secret that may change his destiny forever.

Mizuhiro and Volt of the Order of Grammaton later found out that Kleinn turned out to be the missing son of Ace and Mira Grit after Kleinn's DNA perfectly matched with that of the two couple. Now the two men are working revert Zack to his true age and to remove all cybernetic elements from his body.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Kleinn Bravier is a Brawler whose actual role is yet to be decided but apparently; the Father of the Grammaton, Lync Volan, knows about him and is trailing after him.

Kleinn Bravier has a unique Brawling method and attribute. He is the master of Clear Attribute Bakugan. His Guardian Bakugan, Lantis, can either take the opponent's attribute or their opposite attribute and send a barrage of deadly anti-element attacks against the target.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kleinn has a ghostly white skin and blood-red eyes. For some reason, he bears a passing resemblance to Captain Ace Grit of the Vestal Darkon Knights.

His personality could be described as someone who is confused with real emotions. He is unable to distinguish between Good and Evil as well as Love and Hatred. To Kleinn, the only good people are those who helped him and everyone else is evil.

Also, Kleinn had often times said that he despises Vestals like Lync whom he described as the embodiment of his Hatred for reasons unknown. As a response, Lync would always poke fun at how Kleinn fails to convey feelings and responses other than prejudice.

He appears as if he is the same age as Lync although Kleinn's intelligence, other than with brawling, is that of a preschooler.


- Kleinn was supposedly the Aquos Brawler for the Bad guys side in Dimensional Trouble but when a new fanfic collaboration was planned, Kleinn's appearance for DT was scrapped and would instead be relegated in DD.

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