Kingdom of Echoes is written by Aniju Aura.

Pray I don't lose interest in this and never actaully write it.

I still have to work out the kinks.


List of characters featured in Kingdom of Echos.

Ivory TeamEdit

Name: Aniju

Attribute: Avatar

Guardian Bakugan: Demon

Goal: Secret

Name: Dante

Attribute: Varies

Guardian Bakugan: Popkat

Goal: Supporting Aniju's goals

Name: Cooper

Attribute: Pryus

Guardian Bakugan: Gizmo

Goal: Getting something so he can help his Bakugan

Name: Gemini

Attribute: N/A

Guardian Bakugan: N/A

Goal: Her own reasons

Name: Frida

Attribute: N/A

Guardian Bakugan: N/A

Goals: Looking out for Jasper

Name: Davey

Attribute: Pyrus and Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Bubble and Squeak

Goals: Free Aniju

Name: Genesis Wright

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Moonlit Monarus

Goals: What the Hell is going on?

Name: Slasho

Attribute: Voltas (Lighten)

Guardian Bakugan: Toblerone

Goals: Aid Dante


A list of judges, one for each attribute.

Also know as "White Coats" they are a group of scienist who run the city. Monkulus isn't a White Coat but is working with them.

Name: Kine

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Grus

Goal: Capture the Sun Angel and Moon Devil

Name: Dylan Silverweed

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Taphin

Goal: Seeking power of the Star Ords

Name: George

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Pyro

Goal: Find a better power source

Name: Young Speedwell

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: HP

Goal: Optpain power source

Name: Lisa Lopez

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Windgat

Goal: Optain power source

Name: Monkulus

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Romulus and Remus

Goal: Who knows?


A list of characters who are taking part in the tournament.

Name: Jasper JaXX

[ ジャスパー ジャXX ]

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Mungallchops

Goal: Helping to free his master

Name: Dallas

[ ダレス ]

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Crusader Abel

Goal: Protect everyone

Name: Brook Lazuli

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Kakoo

Goal: Seeking her sister

Name: J. Alfred Prufrock

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Shaka Zulu

Goal: Help Brook find her sister

Name: Lisani De LaRay

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Airwolf

Goal: Improve her confidence and brawling skills

Name: Vince Sequoia

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Baldersnatch

Goal: Just wanted to enter

Name: Veda

Attribute: Pryus

Guardian Bakugan: Dangermouse

Goal: Defeat other brawlers for fun

Name: Mia Moya

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Labiathon

Goal: Here because team-mates are here

Name: Gijima

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Sundance

Goal: Jasper made him come, wants to be free

Name: Black Jack

Attribute: Prydus

Guardian Bakugan: Jabberwocky

Goal: The Hell of it

Name: Cody

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Panama

Goal: Also working on that

Name: Finn MacCool

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Paymister

Goal: Advance his knowledge

Name: Diana

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Mansoon Moon

Goal: Help her friends

Name: Bramley

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Spiderpig

Goal: Advance his skills

Name: Kangela

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Sokubwe

Goal: Like to know what's this grand prize

Name: Sid Vicious

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Calypso

Goal: Unknown

Name: DIO

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Judgment Dragonoid

Goal: Get the Power of Echoes

Name: Banshee

Attribute: Daruks

Guardian Bakugan: Ectorius

Goal: Seeking something

Name: Bree

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Balrog

Goal: Freedom

Name: Cassidy

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Heidi

Goal: Wnats to win

Name: Butch

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Ndebele

Goal: Wants to win

Name: Izzy

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Khoi Khoi

Goal: Helping Butch and Cassidy win

Name: Pat

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Shakti

Goal: Helping her sister

Name: Mary

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Venda

Goal: Wants to be strong/brave

Name: Rose Lanski

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Pegacorn

Goals: Win this thing! See see I can take care of myself!

Name: Maria

Attribute: Plasma

Guardian Bakugan: Chimeriad

Goals: Increase low self-esteem

Shotgun RoundEdit

The Stotgun rounds allows other people to enter in the tornament, in case of an uneven turn out before the final round. Shotgun round characters don't get audition because this round takes place after the Tournament was started. They are just drug into this things, even against will, and the only way out is to compete and/or win.

Name: Moritz McGirky

Attribute: Hummm not sure yet. :P

Guardian Bakugan: Probably a Commando or Moomin meerkat

Goal: Just for fun and check out the girls :P

The TournamantEdit

A tournament is being held in a city called Xurtron, a very technological advance city with skyscrapers so tall that the ground can’t be seen. Also known as the City of Neon, and metallic people. The inhabitance of this city are cyborgs, androids and robots. Xurtron is powered by an unknown power source that is renewable and environmentally friendly that glows many fluorescent neon colors, hint the City of Neon. The people of this city are not unaware of the existence of Bakugan, in fact they have their own known as Star Orbs, because they glow different colors making them look like stars, however their Bakugan usually stay in ball form avoiding confrontation as much as possible. Known as friendly little creatures who sometimes cause mischievous beings, they also are a source of power if anyone can convince the little sprites to offer up their powers.However they hide from view and are rather shy. Anyone who can master one and become a partner will gain ultimate power as well as a life ling friend with a bond so strong that not even death can break. Star Orbs like the vibes from techno music as well as electronica. Every few years there is a decline of Star Orbs which also correspond with the Tournament. The Tournament was devises to help restore order and bring back the Star Orbs, because the city needs their existence to maintain inhabitance’s life style. Another thing to note is the power of song and color in this city.

The Tournament requires the best of the best brawlers and their Bakugan to compete or the Star Orbs will not return. There are no teams, but alliances do form between a few brawlers however their can only be one winner so this alliance will have to be severed for the competition to be over. All Attributes are welcomed and there is no filed advantage. There also is no age limit and no discrimination between genders. All brawlers must have one Bakugan partner and there is no Mechanical Bakugan allowed. All races are welcomed.

The Shotgun round was created by Dante in a last ditch effort to free Aniju. He for seen some unfair play taking place during the tournament, mainly because of DIO's power, and wanted to try and take him out. Fearing if DIO won, Dante's secret enemy would become too powerful killing DIO in the process. The Shotgun round is also to even out the playing field in case there was an uneven number fo finalist.

The winner will get a secret Grand Prize and the ultimate Power of Echoes. The winner is also promised to receive whatever their heart so desires and it can be anything; power, money, bring back a lost loved one anything. Last one standing is the winner.


Short story about how each character got into this Tournament.

Banshee and Bree's Audition

“Can you feel me coming? Open the door it’s only me. I have that desperate feeling trouble is where I’m going to be. I know you heard me knocking so open the door and set me free.”

Covering her ears with her sleeves, Bree tried her best to block out the voice.

“Show me your infinite wisdom. Show me how this life should be. All your love and glory, doesn’t mean that much to me.”

Cold claws slowly wrapped their way around the side of her head. Tapping at her skull and embraced her hands at her ears, pulling them aside.

“If there is a kingdom beyond it all? Is there a god who loves us all? Do we believe in love at all? I’m still pretending I am not at fault.”

The voice whispering at her ear, in her head, she could not block it out. Quivering malformed words of nothings for the voice to stop, she just wanted it to stop. Oh why won’t it stop? No matter how much she begged, no matter how much she wished, it would never stop, it would never go away. Bree open her mouth but no words where formed only muffled sounds and whimpers. The cold claws pulled her hands away down to her side. The grinning figure leaned against her body and whispered in her ear. Bree eyes grew wide then lessened. All she could do was nod and do what Banshee wanted.

“Arh! What’s this?!” Banshee snarled as she reached up to her head. “Who dares stabs me in the head with a… paper airplane? What?”

Bree turned slightly to peer at what Banshee had in her hand. It was a blue piece of paper folded in the shape of an airplane. Noticing words along the side Bree reach up and took the paper airplane from Banshee. The phantom gave a hiss but Bree ignored her as she unfolded the piece of paper. Scanning it over, she showed it to Banshee.

“What are you doing? Giving it back to me.”

“It is a note for us,” Bree pointed out.

Banshee’s yellow eyes shifted from Bree to the piece of paper. It was a note addressed to Banshee and Bree Lazuli. It was an invitation for a tournament.

“Ah I see now eh?” grinned Banshee. “They want us to fight. Mkay then, come Bree.”

“What?” Bree hesitated for a moment.

Banshee stood up and looked down at her grinning her grin. She was up to something, something bad, Bree knew it.

“Okay.” Bree whisper softly. “I’ll come.”

“Good,” Banshee smile and reach her hand out toward Bree.

Bree slowly took it and stood up. Banshee turned leading the way as usual and Bree follower her into the dark.

Brook and J. Alfred's Audition

The strings vibrated back and forth rapidly causing a sorrowful screech. Highs and lows up and downs, music flowing through the air like a currant of water. Sharp notes low notes blissfully swimming through the ear. Fast faster note gaining height gaining speed, slow slower declining, softening, sweet.J. Alfred Prufrock was playing his violin again.

“Oh that is nice Alf,” murmured Brook quietly.

“Huh? Oh Brook you through me off,” J. Alfred smiled, lowering his violin. “I have to concentrate. I got a big recital coming up you know.”

“I know but you had left me a message saying you had something for me,” Brook went on. “This was the only time I could come over.”

“Oh yes well you are here, I may as well give this to you.” Alfred placed his violin down and went over to his desk. “I have been practicing all day, I can take a break.”

J. Alfred handed Brook a paper. It had scripted on it but it was clear it has been written by Alfred. It was a contest of some kind.

“You think Bree will be there?” she asked.

“Yup, you know how Banshee loves contest,” he replied putting away his violin. “This guy challenged me to a brawl so I brawled him. When I won, he gave me this, it’s an invite and I wrote down the details.”

“Hmm, I brawled a guy the other day, I wonder if he was the same person?”

“Probably… Anyways, after I brawled the guy and the next day this letter was here,” J. Alfred explained. “I don’t know how it got here but it was. My parents probably brought it into my room. Anyways, I bet your invitation will come today.”

“Wait you have to be invited?”

“Umm that is what it would seem yes. It is a dressed to me but I am sure yours will come too. The guy was pretty strong so if you won, they probably sent you one too. It seems a little unfair to have a test like that. Normally contests are open to everyone.”

“That sounds creepy Alf,” responded Brook. “Humph, I hope so, I bet Bree is in this already. This must be a high end contest. They only want the best of the best. This seems suspicious. Do you think we should enter?”

“Yup, Bree will be there for sure,” J. Alfred ensured.

“And so will Banshee…” Brook added.

“Yeah but we can deal with her when the time comes. Now I have too... huh?” J. Alfred cut off.

Brook followed his eyes and turned around. A cluster of moths flew into the window and hovered about the two brawlers in front of them. J. Alfred looked at Brook who looked just as bewildered back. The black and white moths slowly fanned out revealing a letter. They carried it down to Brook and floated in front of her. Without saying a word, Brook slowly reached up and took it. The moths then scattered and flew around the room. Brook opened the letter. It was her invite to the Tournament that was going to be held in the City of Xurtron.

“Okay then…I guess I’ll go,” she said slowly.

“Good I’ll go with you,” responded J. Alfred. “Now how do we get these guys out of my room.”

Suddenly the moths regrouped and flew out the window.

“Oh, that was easy.”

“That was strange but I have come to expect things like that now. Alf, I know Bree will be there. I’ll will go and break her home this time.”

Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever that you've been gone, Please come back home...

Jasper’s Audition

Black leafless trees silhouetted against the blue-grey clouds hung over head, it looked like rain. Jasper was sitting down under a large tree slumped over his head lowered and his arms lung before him. His eyes stared down at a plushie that strongly resembled Dallas.

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away,” Jasper sang. “Now it looks as though they're here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday.”

A rain drop fell against Jasper’s face but received no reaction. A bright orange and yellow flower sat in front of him in a pot.

“Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be. There's a shadow hanging over me. Oh, I yesterday came suddenly.”

Several drops of rain dripped from the skies above destine for earth kissed Jasper. He lean slightly to the left and tilted his head.

“Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.”

Over the hill came a ray of light in the form of a yellow haired mage, prince of the sun. He carried a staff bedazzled with the smiling Sun, silver Moon and guiding Stars. The Prince walked over behind Jasper.

“Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday.”

The Prince sat down next to the gloomy Jasper and rested the Sun Staff against his shoulder. He sat quietly for a few moments looking up at the sky. Then he turned to Jasper.

“Nice day eh Jasp Jasp?” He said in a happy pitch voice. “Lookie Davey gots something for Jasper.”

The Prince handed Jasper a letter. It was sealed with a moth.

“It’s an invite for the Tournament of Echoes. We need to get Aniju back. Davey would like Jasper to help him. Will Jasper help Davey?”

Jasper nodded.

“Goodie! Davey is so HAPPY!!!” Davey leaned over and hugged Jasper; a smile briefly was seen but then vanished. “Jasper will get to see Dallas again.”

Jasper grunted but he was happy. He leaned back into the warm hug. It was strange because the day was so cold but Davey was so warm, like the sun’s morning rays of light. Davey then got up and frolicked off humming with joy.

“Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.”

Jasper slowly slid his fingers along the envelope’s seal separating the paper. He removed the letter and read it. He then smiled and this time it was a real smile.

"Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday. Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm.”

Jasper fell backwards on the wet grass. Her rested his arm over his closed eye so the rain wouldn’t bother them. He tilted his head and slowly opened his and glance at the potted flower and his heart longed for that girl but that was a long time ago. He was done with being depress for the day. He clutched the Dallas plushie tight to his stomach. His mind turned to dirty thoughts that involved….

Dallas’ AuditionEdit

Dallas shivered a cold felling shot down his spine to his feet and shot back up to his limbs. Goose bumps dominated his body. Abel noticed his partner’s quiver.

“What was that all about?” he asked.

"I don’t know, I just suddenly felt cold,” replied Dallas. “I’m okay.”

“Well anyways it is getting late and Professor Kunagiri would want you to go to bed.”

"Oh fine then,” Dallas complained.

He stopped what he was doing and headed towards his bed. Dallas let gravity take ahold of him and fell onto the bed with a thump. Abel grunted. Dallas rolled over till he was completely on his sleeping place. The darkness took hold of him and he fell asleep.

“All these dark dreams gotta mean something.” Dallas heard a voice, unknowingly it was Dante.

Dallas found himself in darkness. He could only see clearly a few feet around him. Dante stood a little farther ahead of him, he kind of glowed a little making it easier for Dallas to see him. While a punker gothic looking guy named Sid Vicious came up from behind him.

“All alone late at night, when the nightmares come alive,” song a Sid Vicious. “I start to lose all control, Tearing at the sheets to save my soul.”

“I'm falling down to the ground,” sang Dante. “Don't understand what is around. I'm losing my firetrucking mind? Insecurities are eating me alive.”

Dallas fell like he was falling but Sid Vicious caught him He swung the poor boy around as if they were dancing before letting go all the while singing.

“Dark dreams all night,” Sid Vicious moved away from Dallas. “Dancing moonlight, Beauty star bright, Save me tonight.”

A bright white light caught Dallas’s attention. He turned to see a white figure. It was Aniju.

“Wake up, wake me up!” the voice of Aniju, shine down from above. “Wake up, wake me up!”

Dallas saw something moving in the dark. They were tentacles like wirers moving serpentine towards him. Dallas back away. A city rose from the blackness surrounded Dallas.

“All these dark dreams gotta mean something,” Dante moved swiftly pasted Dallas and disappeared into the darkness. “All these dark dreams gotta mean something.”

Sid Vicious reappeared near Dallas.

“All alone I dream again,” Sid Vicious wrapped his arms around Dallas. “Can't escape the monsters in my head.” These strange looking people appeared. “They are always right behind me, Chasing me down a dead-end street.”

Dallas wanted to run but he couldn’t because Sid Vicious held him in place. Dante came downing down from the darkness.

“Let's sail away, far away.” Dante took Dallas’ hand and gently pulled him away from Sid’s grip. “To the skies, stars, and beyond. Now lay me down to sleep, to the Sun and infinity.”

Sid came up on the other side and took Dallas’ other hand. He couldn’t be more confused. This ways helping him understand at all. These two guys were just tormenting him.

“All of these dark dreams,” Dante and Sid twirled around Dallas spinning him. “They keep haunting me. I don't know what to do, facing impending doom.”

Dallas felt the wires grabbed ahold of him. He was confused and frighten. The light appeared again and he sat the wired were also surrounding Aniju.

“Wake up, wake me up!” Aniju sang. “Wake up, wake me up!”

“All these dark dreams gotta mean something.” Dante kept repeating slowly twisting around Dallas. “All these dark dreams gotta mean something. All these dark dreams gotta mean something. I don't really know, maybe it's nothing.” Dallas notice Dante and Sid were lifting him up into the air. “All these dark dreams gotta mean something. I don't really know, maybe it's nothing.”

Dante and Sid suddenly let go of Dallas but continued to spin around him. Dallas didn’t fall but he was freaked out. He could control anything. He could fly. He glanced down and saw many people in white staring up at him with growing eyes. He felt like he did when Vito had wanted him. Dallas looked up at Dante and Sid Vicious. He saw many Bakugan like creatures flying around, attacking each other. One by one they fell and disappeared into the blackness below the city. What was this supposed to mean?

“All of these dark dreams they keep haunting me.” Dante had shrouded a pair of wings; he glided around Dallas like a shark. “I don't know what to do, facing impending doom.”

The wires had attached themselves to Aniju and were binding her. Dallas felt her pain because the wires had ahold of him too. What he feeling what she was? Somehow he just knew.

“Wake up!” Aniju cried.

“From my nightmare…” bother Dante and Sid sang.

“Wake me up!” Dallas this time forced himself to move forward.

“From my nightmare…” Dante and Sid spun around him pushing back the wires.

“Wake up!” Dallas pulled his arms and legs free.

“From my nightmare,” Dante and Sid moved below Dallas.

“Wake me up!” Dallas began to run somehow in the air.

“From my nightmare…” Dante and Sid fell up forcing Dallas jumped.

Dallas fell into the light chasing right into Aniju. He held tight being he suddenly felt the effects of gravity. He knew if he let go this time he would fell to the clutches of those people below.

“Sail away, yes far away!” Aniju sang as she spun Dallas around, finally free. “To the Sun, yes here we come. Now I lay me down to sleep,” Aniju let herself drop taking Dallas with her. “To the stars and infinity…”

Dallas could hear his alarm as everything faded away.

“Dallas it’s time to wake up,” said Abel.

Dallas’ eye flung open and for a while he didn’t know where he was. Dallas sat him alarmed but Dante, Sid, Aniju and Frida were gone. Abel asked if he was okay and Dallas just nodded. He turned to Abel looking tired. A moth flew passed his face and he jerked back in surprise. He notice a letter on his desk. Dallas leaned over to reach it.

“What is this?” asked Abel.

“That was a weird dream,” mumbled Dallas. “A city, people in in white, like my adopted father, scientist maybe?”

Dallas read the letter and he knew what he must do.

DIO’s AuditionEdit

A signal piece of paper shaped like an airplane swished to one side to the other in a Z formation in a descending fashion. The air was crisp after the lasts rain fall, the full moon shined bright like a beaker. As the paper descended, a hand reached up and grabbed it. DIO opened the paper airplane and read what was hidden on the insides.

“Where is deliverance?” sang Dante.

DIO was taken by surprise; he turned to see who had snuck up on him. A tall man with a yellow streak in his hair stood behind DIO. He was wearing a red jacket with a fluffy white mane. On the side of his jacket the letters A, F, I were sowed on to the side of his hip.

“Will you walk with, walk with me?” the Dante reached a hand out to DIO. “Where is forgiveness? The lash is tired and it seems to see. Give me deliverance, from your history topped with lies.”

The Dante moved in front of DIO and placed his hands on his cheeks. He started him straight into the eyes.

“Where is your witness? There is none.” He pointed at the sky. “Hide your wings and we’ll take the sky”

DIO wanted to free himself but for some reason he was unable too. Dante had some sort of power over him that DIO couldn’t resist.

“You will never feel so alive! As you will the day that you see!” Dante walked back wards leading DIO. “The sacred ways that are playing to bring a new faith."

Dante started walking and DIO had no choice but to go with him. Dante reach around his head and brought his figured up to the tips of DIO’s mouth, forcing him to smile.

“Smile tonight,” Dante turned around. “In the sacred light and you will look like a new god. Smile tonight for you have arrived. Arrived to bring the heavens down!”

“Who is the savior?” Dante sang holding his hand up. “You can walk this, Golden Sea.” Dante held his hand out and moved his figures as if they were walking. “For just this moment, close your eyes and die with me. Who needs forgiveness? When we all speak fluent lies?” Dante tugged at the paper airplane. “Here is deliverance. You’re in it. Lose yourself and we’ll take the sky!”

Dante walked in front of DIO and pointed up at the sky.

“You will never feel so alive as you will the day that you see the sacred ways that are playing to bring a new faith.”

Dante walked out in front of DIO and places his hands on his mane.

“Smile tonight in the sacred light and you will look like a new god! Smile tonight For you have arrived! Arrived to bring the heavens down!”

Dante disappeared behind DIO into the darkness. DIO opened the paper airplane.

“I wanna hear you say, this is your final confession. I’ve never felt like this before.” Dante ran his figure down DIO’s face. “I must admit, must say, I hold your final submission. You never looked so good before.” Dante came up from behind DIO singing softly. “You never looked so good before.”

DIO glanced at Dante without turning his head. Dante walked around him and become him to follow.

“Oh Smile tonight in the sacred light and you will look like a new god!” Dante gestured to DIO. “Smile tonight for you have arrived! Have arrived yeah!”

Dante led DIO into the light of another room, a portal in the fabric of space.

“Smile tonight in the sacred light! And you will look like a new god!” Dante turned around but kept leading DIO. “Smile tonight for you have arrived! Arrived to bring the heavens!”

DIO stopped at the edge as Dante went into the portal.

“Arrived to bring the heavens!” Dante reach out and pulled DIO into the light. “Down!”

Riff Raff Team’s AuditionEdit

Finn MacCool was sitting reading over his notes when Bramley came into the room. He was followed by Diana. They had brought Finn MacCool something he may find interesting. The Gundalian greeted his two friends then when back to his research.

“Lookie Finnie!” exclaimed Bramley. “I got an invitation to a Tournament thing.”

Bramley held up a paper air plane Finn MacCool glanced at it. It was nice, Bramley always showed him simple get interesting things. However Finn MacCool didn’t understand how this had to do with a Tournament.

“That’s nice Bramley,” responded Finn MacCool.

“Yes, Dante gave it to me,” Bramley continued. “And look on the inside is the info about the Tournament.”

“Oh you got one too?” asked Kangela coming into the room with Diana in toe. “We both got paper airplanes from that mysterious man Dante.”

“He-he, Dante is an odd one,” Bramley said as they came in. “He liked weird and simple things.”

Finn MacCool just granted. He wasn’t one for contest and he also wasn’t much of a brawler, he was good but he just wasn’t that all into it. Brawling bore the death out of him. Bramley however loved it even if he wasn’t that food yet. He was still learning and improving; Finn MacCool taught him a few tricks.

"He, I got out of this," smiled the Gundalian.

“Oh come on MacCool,” added Dante.

Dante stood in the window, sitting somewhat on the window ceil. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a paper airplane. He threw it at Finn MacCool. The Gundalian didn’t try caught it, he just sat there. The paper flew into his hair and got caught in his horns.

“Oh it touched you!” Dante jumped down. “Now you have to go!”

“Well Finnie?” asked Bramley excitedly.

“Oh so we all can go then!” yelled Kangela.

“Yeah,” exclaimed Diana rather quietly.

“It would seem,” Finn MacCool said turning back to his work.

Finn MacCool was a none-violent Gundalian and to him, it seemed he was the only one. After the events that took places during the Gundalian/Neathian War, he hated brawling even more.

“It’s for a good cause,” he continued. “Become my champion and defeat my enemy. Save my friend and I’ll grant you a wish that is within my power.”

“I don’t want anything special,” as soon as he said that, Finn MacCool thought of something he wanted. “Hmmm….”

“Then wish for something that is not for you, for someone else maybe?”

“Why are you here Dante?” asked Bramley. “What’s up with this contest?”

“I am here to take you there, to Xurtron,” Dante told him. “I am afraid I cannot tell you much about this tournament, according to the agreement we have made. I can tell you there is someone who I need to save from herself."

“There is a reason why I left my home planet and the war.” Finn MacCool hated getting drug into other people’s problems their own “personal wars.”

“I give it all, now this is the reason why I sing,” Dante went over to Finn MacCool.“So give it all, and it's these reasons that belong to me!”

Dante leaned on the Gundalian.

“Rock bottoms where we live, and still we dig these trenches! To bury ourselves in them, backs breaking under tension! For far too long these voices, muffled by distances. It’s time to come to our senses, up from the dirt!”

Finn MacCool gritted his teeth together.

“Breathe,” sang Dante.

“Breathe!” yelled Bramley.

“The air we give.” Dante moved away from Finn MacCool.

“Give!” Kangela joined in the song.

“The life we live,” Dante put his arms around Kangela and Bramley.

“Live!” Diana joined.

“Our pulses racing distances!”

“Breathe!” The three yelled.

“So wet my tongue!”

“Give!” Finn MacCool's friends yelled.

“Break into song!”

“Live!” Bramley, Kangela and Diana yelled.

“Through seas of competition!”

Dante slowly came back over to Finn MacCool with his arms wide open. His voice changed to an almost sorrowful tone.

“So please believe your eyes. A sacrifice, is not what we had in our minds. I'm coming home tonight, home tonight.”

Dante lowed his head on to Finn MacCool’s should as if he was apologizing.

“Fine then,” grunted the Gundalian.

“We give it all, now this is the reason why I sing! So give it all, and it’s these reasons that belong to me!”

Dante sprang to his feet. He opened a portal to take the group to Xurtron.

“Today I offer all myself to this! I’m living for my dying wish! I give it all! Now there’s a reason!” Dante disappeared into the portal followed by the Riff Raff Team. “There’s a reason, to give it all!”

X-iles Team's AuditionEdit

Cassidy and his twin brother Butch were returning from a successful brawl. The two brothers were excited because their friend Izzy, a Vestal girl, had some news for them they may be interested in.

“That was some brawl eh, Cass?” said Butch.

“Yeah, I bet soon enough we’ll be number one!”

“There can only be one number one, boys,” said a voice that sounded slightly robotic.

Cassidy and Butch turned around to see to their amazement a metal creature. He wasn’t man or beast, he was something different in-between. He was very thin in spaces while very large in others. His skin was a metallic orange; his joints were made of some kind of red rubber while his midsection, claws and feet were yellow. He sported a long very slender black tail tip with what appeared to be a silver blade. His hands were more like claws rather than figure, large yellow knives. Strangely he had long white hair.

“Who are you,” demanded Butch with a quiver in his voice.

“Oh don’t fear me boys,” reassured the robot. “I am Cooper, you can call me Coop or what Aniju likes to say Coop Coop.”

“He’s a robot!” that was all Cassidy could say.

“Yes thank you Captain Obvious.”

Cassidy said nothing still awestricken by the fact a real life robot was talking to him and his brother. Cooper stood up off of all four to two legs know. The twins were surprised at how tall he really was. He was incredibly thin.

“What do you want?” asked Butch still with a shake to his voice.

“I am here you make you an offer,” said the robot. “I am looking for the strongest brawlers around. And I think you two are some of the strongest. You beat that guy back there.”

“Well yes me and my brother are some of the best!” boasted Butch. “When we work as a team, no one can beat us. You should see us with the rest of our team-mates!”

“Yes well like I say There Can Only Be One.”

"What do you mean?” asked Cassidy.

“I mean I am here to invite you to a little tournament a friend of mine his holding.” Cooper presented two paper airplanes to the boys. “He insists I give them to you this way. Now there are no teams, but you can bend the rules a little and work together. However if the two of you become the finalist, you two boys much brawl each other. There can only be one winner.”

“Oh, you would want us to brawl each other?” Cassidy said a little comfortable.

“Don’t worry bro, if we both make it to the end, then we both win.” Butch said to Cassidy. “That way one of us will be the winner and we can split the prize later.”

Cooper just laughed.

“But I don’t want to fight you, bro.”

“Two skies watching it all fading! Two skies living it all fading!” Cooper sang throwing his arms out. “Two skies watching it all fading! Two skies fading ones abating!”

Mary, Izzy and Pat came by looking for the two remainders of their team. They too carried paper airplanes.

“Two suns living it all dying! Two suns fighting ones abiding!”

“Oh he got to you too?” asked Mary not surprised.

“He’s a robot!” Cassidy pointed.

“I know!” exclaimed Pat.

Cooper jumped over in-between the two brothers ad wrapped his claws around them.

“Two suns watching them both fighting! Two suns seeing them both dying! Two suns watching them both fighting! Two suns fighting ones abiding! Two skies seeing them both dying! Two skies fading ones abiding!”

“I guess we have no choice bro,” mumbled Cassidy.

“Yes let do this and whatever happens, happens.”

“That’s the spirit! Don't hold back. Just let your desires drive you forward!”

Cooper opened the portal and disappeared with the two brothers inside. Izzy, Mary and Pat hesitated but soon they too followed their team-mates into the portal to the world beyond.

Genesis’ AuditionEdit

Genesis’s eyes flung open at first he didn’t know where he was. He woke in total darkness with an empty cold envelope around him. He tried to lift up himself but ever moment brought pain. Genesis collapse and just laid there for a while heaving up dust into his mouth and nose. He coughed and coked, wheezing, he tried to remember what happen. How did he get here? His visor was cracked and covered with silt. He didn’t know if it was true black out there or not. He reached his arm up this face but let it drop. The effort exhausted him greatly. Sluggishly he tried again to move but this time he attempted to get to his feet or at less his knees. The pain shot throughout his body, hammering at his joints. He staggered and felt his legs give way. He rolled onto his side, at least his face was free from the dust and silt, and he could breathe again.

He coughed a few times to clear his air way. Resting his head, waiting for the pain to eddy away waiting for his strength to return, he tried to remember how he got in a predicament like this. He thought, he could remember his name or at least his first name. What was his last name, something right? Who was he? Someone important, at some time he mattered to someone but whom? What did he do? Why couldn’t he remember?

It took him a lot longer to recover then he thought. He laid there in the cold but couldn’t get warm. He wasn’t shivering, isn’t that something the body was supposed to do when it was cold? He didn’t feel right. He didn’t seem to be recovering completely. Something was wrong. He just felt cold and weak. He didn’t like feeling weak. He was helpless and he hated being helpless. That was something he could remember about himself.

Letting gravity take him, he rolled over on to his back. That felt weird for some reason and he didn’t know why. This was not normal. Everything was wrong. Forcing his arms to obey his will, he pulled his visor off. His eye stung instantly when he opened them for just a moment. All Hell blasted into his eyes. He cried out in pain and rolled over on to his stomach. Enraged by all this wrong doing that was happening to him, he heaved himself up. Gripping anything in front of him, he drug himself forward, dragging his legs because they wouldn’t work. Forcing nerves to make connections, he kicked his legs hitting the floor below him till they obeyed him. His eyes bleeding tears, he slowly and painfully opened them again. The world was brought to him in a blurry haze. He blinked and blinked again till his vision focused enough that he saw his visor below him. He greedily grabbed him and held it close in one hand. This was mine! He didn’t want to lose his only possession. He felt attached to it for some reason and all he knew was it was his and no one else’s.His signal arm supporting himself wavered and his quickly wiped his visor off and put it back on so he could relinquish his another arm to supporting himself. He tugged at the ground till he moved an inch or so forward. His vision was blurred under his dusty visor but the pain had eddied away. He lumbered about dragging his shattered body along even though he did not know where he was going. He just wanted to go somewhere away from all this agony and misery. His arms wiggled, his legs wobbled, his whole dam body was crumbling before him. What the Hell was wrong with him? What this normal? No! Hell no it wasn’t and he was getting irritated that he wasn’t right. He struggled to force himself to go on. His whole body left like lead. He knew he had no strength but he had no desire to stay here. He couldn’t see or felt anything till then he crashed into a hard surface and killed over.

Lungs heaving, demanding air, it felt as if he couldn’t get enough. He chokes and spit up the dust that was making its way into his airway. He just laid there defeated by the wall. After several long minutes that seemed to take forever, he finally regained his breathe and was silent. He just lied there in the cold dark silence. Then he became aware that was something was really wrong with him that was not normal. Being weak and tired, he has been there before but this was something new. He cocked his head and listened and felt. Something was seriously wrong on the inside. Soon he became aware that his heart wasn’t beating!

In desperation, he squirmed about, felting with his figured to see what was wrong. He felt something on his chest but that was always there or at least he thought it was. Not that wasn’t the cause for his hearts sudden dormancy. He wiggled to see if he could activate it again. What could he do? He had no idea. He was going to die without it! How did this happen? Did crashing into the wall kill him? What this dying? He thrashed about but nothing he did not effort not action seemed to restart his heart again. The pain is what made him stop. He lied still again helpless to help himself.

“All around me are familiar faces… Worn out places… Worn out faces,” echoes a voice in the distance, Genesis lifted his head. “Bright and early for the daily races… Going nowhere… Going nowhere.”

Genesis shifted to his side and curled in on himself till he reached the wall. He listened again.

“And their tears are filling up their glasses… No expression… No expression.”

The voiced was coming from above him. He starched at the hard surface, felting it out. His vision was till messed up due to his cracked and smudged visor and there was no thanks to his tears.

“In my head I want to drown my sorrow… No tomorrow…. No tomorrow.”

Genesis forced himself to move till his legs were under him. He was still sitting but he was in an upright position.

“And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I'm dying, Are the best I've ever had. I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take.When people run in circles; It's a very, very... mad world… mad world…”

Genesis clung to the wall, pulling his legs up using all his strength. He managed to stand up but his legs would not hold for long. He clawed at the wall but couldn’t find the top. It seemed to have no end to it.

“Children waiting for the day they feel good. Happy birthday… Happy birthday…. Made to feel the way that every child should… Sit and listen… Sit and listen. Went to school and I was very nervous. No one knew me… No one knew me…”

There was a low crack about his head and the light trickled in. Genesis glanced up, seeing well enough with his poor vision and was hit in the head by some rubble. The light and warmth shot in almost like a laser beam.

“Hello teacher, tell me what's my lesson?”

Genesis shook and dusted off his head but he was alright.

“Look right through me… Look right through me…”

The voice was louder. The light was blinding but he was determined to get out. Genesis clawed at the wall again and lifted his feet off the group. His legs raged with pain. He jumped again a little higher but he missed. He came crashing down and fell to the floor. He quickly got back up before his body could protest. He tore at the wall and pulled himself up. His stomach arch and he felt sicker than ever. In a frantic he drove his feet into the wall till they found support. His figured felt like they wouldn’t longer work, he gripped to the edge.

“And I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had. I find it hard to tell you. I find it hard to take. When people run in circles it's a very, very... Mad world... Mad world…”

A hand grabbed his arm and he was yanked out of the blackness, his prison and brought into the light.

“Mad World… Mad World…”

Genesis could no longer see or felt the pain that was enflaming his body. All he felt was the warmth hitting him like a break wall against his cold body. He collapsed on the surface outside. He choked again and could taste blood. The light would make his eyes bleed. He shivered in its gaze, realizing how stupid this was because it was his Attribute. His body felt so heavy for some reason and this was not how it used to be before. He closed his eyes but could not escape the light. The warmth felt good but was overwhelming! He felt someone beside him and the light was blocked. He opened his eyes slowly and saw red. Oh God my eyes are bleeding! A rust of panic surged through his body and into is stomach. Then he felt a hand on his head.

“Oh been through a lot not little dude,” said the voice.

Genesis’ voice wouldn’t work, what lets was new, so he looked up. It was Dante. He smiled down at the broken man. It made Genesis angry but in some way he was happy to see someone else. Maybe this person knew what was happening to him? Genesis didn’t want to seek help from someone but right now he really needed it. He knew he needed it and his pride wasn’t strong enough to waver the needs of his body. Genesis suddenly felt really depressed because this was against his nature but he had too. He lifted his head since his body had been used up.

“Help me..."

“Alright little dude, I’ll help ya.”

And he smiled.

Rose's AuditionEdit

"I can do it" Rose sang "just let me do it."

A tall man with very long hair on one side of his head approached Rose. Hearing how badely she wanted to porve herself he gave her a change to brawl him.

“You!” yelled the man pointing at Rose. “Brawl me! Let’s see how strong you are!”

“Sure" Rose said quickly checking that no one was watching.

"I'll fight you but to me your just spit" Rose sang lowly so that the dude she was brawling wouldn't think she was nuts.

"I'm in the clear" rose thinks "Finally I can brawl".

Insert epic long awesome brawl here. :D

“Ha that was great!” said the man who during the brawl had revealed his name to be Sid Vicious.

“Yes you are quite the opponent,” replied Rose. “I only wish my cousin would have seen me. Then he would know that I can take care of myself.”

“Oh you got an over protective cousins eh?”

From the shadows appeared Rose’s cousin Shun. Seeing his beloved cousins with a stranger made him panic.

“Rose get over here!”

“Huh? Oh darn,” Rose turned around.

“You were supposed to be home an hour ago!”

“We have been brawling that long? Man, I lost track of time.”

“What were you two doing? Brawling? What did I say about that? You whoever you are get out of here! Now!”

“Gosh, I am assuming this is your cousin?” said Sid Vicious. “Dude I am older then you, treat me with respect. Your cousin here is quite the fine brawler…"

“I said get!”

Sid Vicious just looked at Shun and he smiled at Rose. He turned and walked away. Shun turned to Rose with an angry look on his face.

"Now what did I tell you about brawling" Shun asked Rose.

"I can do it" Rose sings under her breath "Just let me do it."

"That I shouldn't brawl because I could get hurt." Rose answered her cousin.

"Exactly" Shun responed and started to leave "Now come on.”

"Catch up with you later.”

Rose turned away.

"Just let me try it out on my own" Rose sings out loud once her cousin is out of earshot. "Now that I’m fully grown."

“Well you are pretty grown up to me…”

Rose quickly turned around, taken by surprise. How could someone seek up on her like that? She was a freaking ninja.Behind her a slender tall male with one long streak of yellow and a red jacket stood behind her. He looked a lot like Sid Vicious but he was different.

“You were able to beat my friend there,” he was referring to Sid Vicious. “Not that many people have been about to defeat him.”

“Um who are you?” asked Rose.

“Oh where are my manners? I am Dante.”

“Rose what do you want?”

“I have come to invite you to a little competition I am holding,” Dante said as he walked around Rose. “Vicious there is a recruiter. He tests the strongest brawls to see who are the best. Only the most strongest most skilled brawlers are allow into his Tournament. How be brawls so many people in one day who knows.”

“A tournament you say?”

Dante pulled out a paper airplane. Rose went to take it but he pulled his hand back.

“But first you must know this tournament is no ordinary competition,” Dante went on. “People can get hurt in this and there is a lot at stake. I don’t care if you want to seek your own personal goals as long as I get what I want. There will be other powerful brawlers there and you and your Bakugan must have a close bond in other to compete. Some of those brawlers may seek the end of you. If you choose to except my offer you must be prepared for anything.”

“Powerful brawler you say,” Rose thought. “This could be my chance to prove myself. That I can take care of myself on my own.”

“You will be on your own, no teams.”

“I am strong, I defeat Sid back there. I can do this! I will take you up on your offer there Dante.”

“Good” Dante smiled.

Dante handed Rose the Paper Airplane. Inside were all the info on the Tournament she would need. Dante signaled for her to follow him as he opened a portal. Rose was a little surprised but she had come to expect surprises.

“Time to pull the disappearing act.”

Rose followed Dante into the portal to Xurtron.

Maria's Audition

Was that a bird?

Was that a plane?

Was that the sign of an impending Zombie Apocalypse?

No, it was nothing of the kind. The lone figure trudging through the snow-swept night streets was but a very exhausted young girl, known to us by the name of Maria Kakuzawa.

Her body felt numb and her vision was hazy. She felt like she was on the brink of collapsing. Being an avid reader, Maria knew many stories of weary travelers who had fallen asleep in the middle of a raging snowstorm, never to wake up again, and right now she was sure that the same fate would certainly befall her.

"I shouldn't have missed that stupid bus!" Maria thought bitterly, her teeth chattering from the cold. She was certain that she was going to meet her maker, and dying just because of missing a bus seemed ridiculous to her.

... Maria expected school to be difficult. After all, she was aiming to be an Honors student, and that meant doing extra assignments and studying very hard. And she was all but ready to endure that trial.

However, she didn't expect it to be THAT hard. And now she had nothing left in her. Her brain had been squeezed dry, and only a withered husk remained.

"I. Freaking. Hate. School!" She groaned out as another gust of freezing wind pelted her with painfully cold snow flakes.

"I hate Math! I hate History! And the Gym Teacher can just go die!" She muttered under her breath, feeling colder with each passing second. She had reached the more populated part of the city, and people were all around her. A group of elderly ladies gave the fatigued teen a sympathetic look, while some others grumbled something about underage alcoholics. Maria ignored them and kept on moving. She was still quite far away from home, and her death clock seemed to be ticking.

She crossed the street, and then...The weird stuff started...

Suddenly Maria was blinded by gleaming neon lights. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust, and then...She froze. Not from the cold, but from the utter shock at what she saw.

She was surrounded by a bunch of very odd-looking individuals. Most of them looked positively inhuman, while others behaved like they belonged in a mental institution.

Maria felt someone's hand grab her shoulder. With a yelp of surprise she turned around.

"Mah Gurl! This peace is what all true warriors strive for!" Said a middle-aged fat man dressed in what appeared to be a royal robe. He then took a big gulp out of the goblet he was holding.


Maria somehow willed her numb and exhausted body to break into a run, wanting to get away from the weird drunk "King" and other wackos as soon as possible. However, mere moments later she was forced to skid to a halt as she almost stepped into the gaping maw of something that looked like it belonged in a surrealist painting.

She gazed in sheer horror at a giant bodiless, floating face which consisted of two cross-eyed eyeballs and a huge mouth with grotesquely fat red lips and gleaming white rows of teeth. The creature's breath smelled of decay and arcane ancient evil, and it almost made Maria puke her guts. She was just about to faint and suffer the fate of those unfortunate book characters, when...

"IMMA FIRING MAH LAZOR!!!" The floating face bellowed, its mouth expanding even further, an orb of blue energy quickly forming between its jaws.

Thankfully that snapped Maria out of her stupor and she dropped to the ground just as an energy beam shot out of the THING's mouth, charring some of the odd critters that were stupid enough to remain standing upright.

"Woooooaaaah!!! This thing is soooo f%#$ing COOL!" Said an oh so familiar voice.

Maria raised her head, only to find out that her schoolbag had opened, scattering textbooks and sheets of paper everywhere. Which could only mean that...

"Chimeriad! Get in the bag! You're gonna get stomped on!" Maria shouted, desperately trying to gather her belongings.


Sigh. How typical.


"I KNOW! AND IT'S AWESOME!!!" The Plasma Bakugan literally had stars in his eyes.


"Crap!" Maria swore, quickly grabbing Chimeriad and stuffing him into her bag.



Maria didn't bother picking up the rest of her stuff. Screw school, she was about to get killed by a rampaging FACE. Sure, that was better than freezing to death, but it's not like she had a deathwish.


Maria ran. She ran like she'd never run before. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and her lungs were burning, but she kept going, her will to live spurring her on. She wasn't going to die. Not now. Not in the next 60+ years. She was going to become an honors student, get into the Top 10 of Bakugan Interspace, overcome her needle phobia, get married, become a science fiction writer and live happily ever after! And a laser-spitting freak of nature wasn't going to spoil that!

"Maria! You're running so fast it's making me uh...How to put it...BAG SICK! Please slow down a bit!" Chimeriad's voice came from the bag.

Before she knew it, she was already a few blocks away from the accursed Freak Street. Panting harshly, she all but collapsed to the ground. Thanks to her little workout, she was no longer freezing, but her fatigue had returned tenfold.

Curling up in the snow, hugging her knees, the tired and confused girl gazed into the pitch-black, starless skies. Unbeknownst to her, a mysterious person was watching her.

"Monster. How should I feel? Creatures lie here, looking through the windows..." She sang to herself quietly, hoping that singing would calm her down, if only a little bit. She wanted to get as far away from this mad, mad world as she could, but she just didn't have the strength to keep on running.

"I will. Hear their voices." For a brief moment she thought she'd heard the ear wrenching voices of the freaks again.

"I'm a glass child. I am Hannah's regrets." She felt so weak, so helpless. Her adrenaline-induced confidence was fading away, leaving behind a scared and confused child.

"Monster. How should I feel? Turn the sheets down. Murder ears with pillow lace." She just wanted to fall asleep, to forget about everything...

"Hello there Maria! I gotta say, you're pretty good at singing!" A voice sounded. Maria yelped in surprise as a stranger approached her. He was tall and lanky, with a thin red jacket on even though it was winter. His hair had a yellow streak in it, and his eyes had some sort of animalistic glint in them.

"You...ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?" Maria screamed, backing away. She was on the verge of panicking now.

"There, there! It looks like someone scared you half to death! But don't worry. I'm not here to do you any harm. I'm here to give you this." With that, he took out a paper airplane and got ready to hand it over to the trembling girl.

This had to be some kind of sick joke. Maria was certain that it was.

"W-who are you? And h-how d-do you k-know my n-name?" She stuttered.

"Oh, don't you remember me? I'm Dante. Remember the time you and your friends were looking for Banshee?"

A tremendous sense of relief washed over Maria. Sure, Dante's behavior was a bit weird sometimes, but he definitely wasn't one of those rampaging freaks, neither was he a bad guy.

"W-what's the plane for?" She blurted out

"It's an invitation."

"For what?"

"Well, do you remember that guy named Sid Vicious?"

"Sid? Wait...He was that guy I brawled yesterday."

"And you won, didn't you?"

"Uh...How do you know?"

"Well, Sid is a recruiter for the tournament I'm holding. You defeated him so you get to participate.If you want to, of course!"

"You're holding a tournament?"

"Yes. And you've got a chance to participate, BUT...The stakes are very high, and there can only be one winner. There'll be a lot of brawlers, and there's a high chance that some of them will be evil. Each and every one of them is pursuing a certain goal, and they'll do anything to reach it. Which is why I'm not so hasty to give you the airplane. You have a choice."

"Yay! We're alive and well! Oh, and...Did someone say "tournament"? HELL YEAH!" Chimeriad flew out of Maria's schoolbag.

"Chimeriad, it's up to your Brawler to decide!" Dante said.

"But...But...SH**!!!" Chimeriad swore in frustration.

"Please say yes, Maria!" He tried to make puppydog eyes, but failed epically.

"This tournament is serious business." Dante warned, "You won't be considered a coward if you refuse, Maria."

Maria was deep in thought. After the events that took place mere minutes ago she was still pretty much freaked out, but for some odd reason she found herself wanting to go there. No, she wasn't an adrenaline junkie. In fact, she was anything but. But...But...She just wanted to prove something to herself. Though she didn't know what exactly.

And then it hit her...

Usually her self-esteem was pretty low. She would always write tests at school and come back the next day thinking that she had failed them all, even though she would get good grades in the end. She would never consider herself a stronger-than-average brawler, even though her brawling record was improving at a rapid pace. She would often become overcome with self-doubt when she made any kind of mistakes.

And that was...Her greatest weakness.

However, when she was running away from those rampaging abominations...This was the first time that she had been absolutely confident. She was 100% certain that she would definitely survive and achieve her goals.

So maybe...If she were to end up in dangerous situations where she can only rely on herself...That would shape her into a more confident person...

She just...Wanted to overcome her weaknesses so badly...

There was no turning back. Maria reached out and snatched the airplane out of Dante's hands. His eyes widened slightly in surprise.

"I'm going to join." She said, her eyebrows furrowed in determination. "I'm definitely going to join!"

"As you wish!" Dante's bewildered expression changed to a slight smirk.

"F*** YEAH!!!" The Plasma Bakugan jumped out of Maria's bag and onto her shoulder, "IT'S TIME TO KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS!"

Dante sweatdropped and covered Popkat's ears.

"Don't use these words, ever!" he whispered to his Bakugan, "That's a no-no! A big no-no!"

Meanwhile Maria opened the airplane and read the instructions for the tournament. She was now ready to go. Sure, she had school tomorrow, but she thought that when someone's trying to overcome their greatest weakness, they'll inevitably have to skip classes.

"Oh and by the way...You look tired." Dante handed Maria a can, " Drink this. It'll restore your physical and spiritual energy. After all, the contestants need to fight on even terms."

Maria smiled a bit and took the can. Dante then opened a portal and gestured for Maria to follow him. She nodded and jumped into the portal, her hyperactive Guardian Bakugan perched on her shoulder.

She was ready to face her greatest weakness for the sake of a bright future.

Black Jack and Cody’s Audition

“So if I join this I can win that awesome power of yours?”

“Not all of my power no. I will give you this”

Dante glowed red; the energy could be seen swirling around his entire body. As the energy grew in speed, the brighter he glowed the stronger he became. Black Jack just sat there please in what he saw. Dante’s power reach a high point and his feet lifted from the ground. The red glow vibrated over its self across his body and he stabilized. Dante hovered in front of Black Jack smiling as if he was saying see isn’t this cool?

“Oh I would like that,” Black Jack smiled.

“Yes, but you need Aniju’s power too to complete the package.”

Dante came down from the sky. The red energy lessened, dropping in speed and brightness. His feet touch the ground again. The energy evaporated from his body and he was normal again.

“Oh does it not last long?” asked Black Jack a little disappointed.

“No, I just turned it off.” Dante explained. “I don’t need it anymore. I showed you my power.”

“How long does it last?”

“Depending on how powerful you are. You have to learn how to regulate it first so you don’t burn through your energy too fast.”

Just then Black Jack’s friend Cody came onto the scene. He didn’t seem surprised that Black Jack was with someone even though he had never met Dante before. Somehow he knew the two would be friends. Black Jack and Dante looked like they would be.

“Hello there sir,” Cody introduced himself. “My name is Cody. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh why so formal?” asked Dante.

“That’s just the way he is,” Black Jack told him.

“Why hello there, my name is Dante!”

Dante stepped back, reaching into his jacket and pulled out two new airplanes. He threw them at Black Jack and Cody’s heads. Cody caught his with a swift of his hand but Black Jack just opened his mouth. He lean forward and grabbed it in-between his teeth with a yamp!

“Those are for you!”

“Sweet!” Black Jack spit the plane out of his mouth into his hands.

“What’s this?” asked Cody. “A tournament?”

“Huh I thought those things were banded?”

“Only on Interspace but this is held outside of that rule stricken place.”

“What is this mysterious place called Xurtron?”

“Wait no teams?” interrupted Cody.

Dante explained that there was no teams because there can only be one winner. However Black Jack and Cody were free to help each other out, partner up but if they both survived till the end, they would have to fight each other.

“Oh come one now Cody,” Black Jack said as he came into the room. “Let’s kick some…”

“Oh my, is there going to be a lot of people in this?” Cody interrupted again.

“Not too many. We already pick threw the best of the best. You two have proven to be just right for this Tournament. No normies allowed. You guys are special.”

“Oh Dante show Cody you power!”

Cody looked from Black Jack then to Dante, bewildered. Dante just smiled.

Cause day n nite,” Dante sang as he lifted from the ground. “The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at nit. He’s all alone through the day n nite. The lonely loner seems to free his mind at nite, ah ah at nite.Day n nite.”

Dante engulf himself in energy waves once more. Cody took a step back amazed and yet a little intimidated.

The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at nite. He’s all alone, some things will never change. The lonely loner seems to free his mind at nite. Ah ah at nite.

Dante’s feet touch solid ground as the energy waves evaporated away. Black Jack laughed as Cody just stood there smiling.

“Well, that’s interesting,” commented Cody.

“Yes it is,” responded Dante. “Now will you come with me?”

Cody and Black Jack nodded. Dante smiled and opened the portal.

Sweet Team’s AuditionEdit

Jasper had returned to his sweet little Gijima and his Vince and Lisani. They were accompanied by Veda and Mia Moya, two new additions to their team. Jasper nuzzled Gijima.

“What’s that?” asked Mia Moya indicating at the paper airplane.

“Huh oh, this thing?” Jasper replied looking at the paper airplane. “It’s an invitation to a tournament.”

“A tournament eh? What this all about?” said Veda.

“Oh it’s to get Aniju back,” Jasper explained. “She went away to magnify her powers. She won’t come back for some reason so we have to go get her. Dante gave this to me.”

“Are you going to help him?” asked Vince.

“Of course, she’s my master you know.”

“Do you want us to help?” Lisani asked with a quaver in her voice.

“Hum? Yeah that would be a good. No teams though but the goal is to save Aniju.”

As soon as Jasper finished talking, Dante leaped in from the window.

“Why can you just use the door?” muttered Vince with his arms crossed.

“Can’t enter a house without being invited,” replied Dante with a goofy smile.

“That’s only vampires and this isn’t a house.”

“No wonder why I don’t sparkle,” said Dante as he looked at himself. “Goodie!”

“ You are a strange one Dante,” Mia Moya commented.

“Oh I have something for all of you,” Dante reached into his jacket and flung his arms back out. Five paper airplanes darted through the room. Vince reach up and grabbed one.

“You always have to do everything the fun way.” Vince said again.

“I like his shenanigans.” Mia Moya grabbed an airplane. “Aniju’s a lucky one.”

“Yup, now help me free her from the scientists grasp?”

“If it means we get to finally battle then yes,” that was Veda.

“Good,” said Dante as he turned to open to portal to Xurtron. “Jump inside and we’ll finally get this thing started.”

“This sounds all very scary. Are a lot of strong brawlers going to be there?” asked a nervous Lisani.

“Yes but till won’t be all that bad. It’s like a big party.”

“Oh a party? I love parties!” explained Mia Moya.

I'm the center of attention,” sang Jasper. “And I'm tiltin 'em back. Ive got all my favorite boys; Jose, Johnny, and Jack.”

We eat nails for breakfast and whiskey for lunch,” Vince joined in. “But it's not my kind of party till there’s a spike in the punch! Take a hit, take a sip. Lose your head, Let it drip. Dubstep, Move your hips. Lose your grip. Move your feet. Leave this track on repeat. take the Party, To the streets. Another boy another drink. Who cares, What people think?”

The group started to follow Dante into the portal one by one. Lisani followed as well.

There’s a Party that’s going on.” The group sang. "We’ll stay up till' the break of dawn... Neon lights, Bacardi’s in my sight! I'm feelin’ good till the drinks are all gone...Live it up! Party On! Drink it down! Till' the sun comes out!”

Round One:Edit

Through the portal the group was led to a large room. Massive windows towered at least twenty feet high, over looked a city filled to the brim with skyscrapers. It was night outside or at least it looked like night. However the city was light up with lights of neon and color darting, flashing, flickering and shining. Everything was more metal and wire. Connecting the buildings was a network of wires linked together like a circulatory system. Several people stood in the room staring at their new interested surroundings. This city was technology advance far more than even Vestal. Robotic creatures and ships soared through the skies, flickering as if dressed in Christmas lights, giving an almost underwater feel.

“Welcome to Xurtron,” said Dante.

“Interesting,” said Vince.

“Are these our opponents?” asked Veda.

“Yes, all these people in this room will be your enemy for the duration of this Tournament,” explained Dante. “It’s a wondrous place eh? However there is a lot of corruption here.”

“Finally are we ready?” said a voice from above.

“Hmm?” Dante looked up.

On top of a balcony stood a shadowy figure, her black hair and dress waving even though there was no wind. Her eyes were a piecing yellow like two moons. She grin a rather familiar grin.

“Yes, I gathered all the contestants now,” Dante said holding his arms up. “Do you approve?”

“Hmm… They will do… I hope they are strong…”

“Yes they are very strong. They managed to defeat one of the best there is… He who has no rank at all..” Dante resourced her.

She smiled, “Good… Shall we Kine?”

Another person appeared, this time a very skinning tall man with raven hair fluffy into a mad mess. He wore glasses and a white lab coat. In his hands, he held a book. He scanned the contestants, then opened his book scribbled something inside and then closed it.

“Welcome one an all to Xurtron,” he said loudly. “I am Kine, the Head Scientist here. I welcome you to our lovely little city of lights. As all of you may know, this is a Tournament a Competition that there can only be one winner… Our City is your battlefield and there are many places you can explore. However I advise you to stay within the upper limits.”

The group of people murmured among themselves. The contestants seemed excited yet nervous. This was a strange place indeed.

“Now I bet you are wondering what this Tournament is for? Well we have a bit of an energy problem. As you can see, our city is highly advance with machines, androids and lights. Our we discovered that Bakugan battles give off energy that we can harness; other wises it drifts off into space and dissolves. A simple Tournament such as this will give us the power we need while we work on developing new power solutions. Sounds reasonable eh? You help us by enjoying a simple Tournament and we get to keep our City up and running.”

“BakuEngery eh?” muttered DIO to himself thinking.

“Better than freezing to death,” said Maria. “It a lot warmer here.”

“When do we get to brawl?” asked Veda. “Can wait to get this thing started.”

“Oh maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to this,” said Lisani. “All these other guys look so much stronger compared to me.”

“Don’t worry Lisani,” replied Vince. “You are a very strong person and so is Airwolf. You will be alright.”

“Alright, the rules are simple. Last one standing wins.” Kine continued. “And the prize is a very special one. It a waits in that Tower over there.”

Kine pointed to the tallest tower. The top was made of glass and a purple glow shined though.

“I will ask that you please stay away from that tower and do not damage it. That is our headquarters and our Science Center is located there. Our current power source still up and running is there and we need that to collect the new energy we will be receiving from your little fun. Now are we ready to start?”

Everyone was defiantly ready.

“Our Judges will be watching your progress. There are many buildings in our city and I am sure we have everything you will need during your stay here.”

“That’s enough now Kine. Don’t want to bore our gest.”

“Fine Monkulus, let’s Begin.”

There was a flash of light and a whirlwind that pulled everyone away. Bright flashes of light fired out of the top of the roof, each and every contestant was shot randomly throughout Xurtron. It was stomach turning but all landed safely. The tower that they had come front contained a massive billboard long its side, all their names and faces shined in order that Dante had collected them. That tower was the second tallest within the city and all could see the billboard clearly.

“Haha and so we have begun our quest for a new power source!” yelled Kine excitedly.

“Now what’s wrong with your old one?” asked Monkulus.

“Oh nothing, she could go on for years however, as of lately… She’s has grown restless. I fear we may not be able to contain the power she gives off for now.”

Dante snarled angrily. He turned to Sid Vicious.

“I want you to keep an eye on things.” Dante told him. “Make sure there is no foul play okay.”

“Understood, I will alert the others that this tournament has begun.”

Sid Vicious headed off to seek out the others and to enter the Tournament. Dante looked up to where Kine and Monkulus had been. They already left to observe the competition.

“Steel unload final blow! We the animals take control! Hear us now! Clear and true! Wretches and kings we come for you!” Dante yelled as if he was talking to someone. “Steel unload fire blow! Filthy animals beat them low! Skin and bone black and blue! No more this sun shall beat onto you!”

Her eyes open with a brilliant blaze of color. Tubes and wires hooked her to their machinery. A see through glowing keyboard lay before her figures. Flash of light and waves or sound trickled through the air like a rave. She smiled.

Let this nightmare begin.

Brook Vs. MaryEdit

Brook landed on top of a smaller building in-between two larger ones. The light had swept her away so fast that she couldn’t see where she had ended up or where J. Alfred, Maria or Bree had gone. Brook lay there is a daze. The sky was spinning and she felt a little sick. She just needed to rest. She wasn’t one for rollercoasters. After several minutes she finally sat up. What had happen? Wait something wasn’t right? Did she always have talons for feet?

“What’s going on?” she exclaimed.

“Is that you Brook?” asked a faith voice in her head.

“Kakoo? Where are you?”

“I think… where am I? Wait what? What’s going on?”

Brook could hear her Bakugan…in her head… she has feathers on her arms and in her hair. Her feet had talon like a raptor. And she had one some kind of bird mask over her head.

“Kakoo… I think,” she hesitated before going on. “I think we are one…”

“What? Oh that would explain things. We are fused together.”

“What kind of a tournament is this?” she asked no one in particular but got an answer.

“This is a weird one,” a voice from behind replied.

Brook turned around alarmed. Behind her soon Slasho, with her fanged teeth and purple hair. Brook however wasn’t’ sure if she was a contestant or if she lived her or if she was a judge. She figured everyone would look different now, if they were like her fused with their Bakugan.

“Yeah this place is an odd one,” Slasho continued. “I am Slasho by the way. What’s his face? Kain? Krim? Kin? Said Bakugan, normal ones have a harder time in his world, because the buildings are too close or something stupid like that. For their power thingumabob, Bakugan and Brawler have to be in sync for maximum power or what not.”

Brook didn’t understand much on what she had just heard. This wasn’t good. How was she and Kakoo supposed to brawl now when they are fused together?

“Hey what’s wrong with you?” asked Slasho.

“What am I supposed to do now?”

“Fight! This is a competition right?”

“How? I can’t brawl like this?”

“Sure you can,” Slasho smiled. “Use the abilities you always have used. And don’t worry Siddie Viciousie will make sure no one dies. Use your claws and wings to fight. Have you ever wondered what it was like to fly?”

Brook froze. Fly? She couldn’t fly. Well now she probably could but did she want too. She always thought about what it be like to possess the ability of flight but now that she may have had it, she wasn’t so sure she wanted it. She had road on the back of Kakoo but she had her Bakugan to rely on. She could hold on to Kakoo’s feathers and let her do all the work.

“Your Bakugan knows how to fly right?” asked the saber tooth. “Just let her teach you how. Let your Bakugan show you how. Think yourself lucky. The other people with Bakugan who can’t fly have to jump to building to building to get around everywhere. Just rely on you primeval animal instincts to survive this game.”

“I can teach you to fly Brook, but only if you want too.”

“I don’t know…”

“Well doesn’t seem like you will get a choice,” said Slasho. “Here comes your first opponent.”

“What’s going on?!” cried Mary. “Why am I and my Bakugan stuck together? Venda what do we do?”

Mary fell out from a window onto the roof of another building. Slasho jumped over to where Mary lay. Clearly she was also stocked that the Brawlers were now fused with their Bakugan. Brook stood up and took a few award steps on her new bird feet. However she found walking difficult and ended up just standing there.

“In Xurtron, they allow people to be one with their partners,” Slasho explained. “You get to do all the things your Bakugan can do but in a more humanish size.”

“I can’t fight like this?”

“Sure you can. All you have to do is sync up with your Bakugan and you can battle anyone. Come this one here shall be your opponent.”

“I am not ready to fight. I don’t know how to. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t want to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t hurt me.” Brook reassured her. “I know how you feel. This is all pretty shocking.”

“Fight already so we can get this started!” declared an impatient Slasho.

And with that Slasho declared the duel to begin. Brook wasn’t used to this new body of her as well but this was whole the fight would be and there was nothing she could do about it. Mary and her Bakugan Venda synced up and made the first move. This battle would be very different yam what they were used to. In a strange way, like in a dream, somehow they knew what to do.

I wanted to help you escape from the day,” Slasho stared singing quietly.“I couldn't speak to you. It might hurt my racer’s heart. I couldn't speak to you, for what could I say? These words seem obscene now, in the light to the racer’s heart.”

Mary summoned a ball of fire in her hand or claw like her Bakugan had done before. Brook braced herself for an attack. Mary threw the ball of fire like a baseball. Instinct took over, Brook moved out of the way with a flap of her wing like arms. It didn’t accord to her now but this was actually very dangerous.

Well the words aren't coming, no the words aren't coming. By day they are far too stark. Well the words mean nothing 'till they're turned to fire, by who we become after dark.”

Now that they were fighting Mary seemed like a totally different person. Brook felt weird too. The desire to fight and survive was over whelming. Somehow Brook knew how to attack with wind, knocking Mary back. She flipped back up right and summoned a storm of fire. The heat and pressure started to draw Brook in closer. She flapped her feathers to keep back. With her wings, she flapped a gust of wind that slammed into the tornado of fire. The blast crashed into the fire messing its course up throwing Brook back.

You know we have nothing by silence of day. I couldn't speak to you. I have nothing to say to you!”

Her wings smoldering with ashes, Brook stood back up. Mary was also thrown back but like a wild animal she was back on her paws as well. This fight wasn’t about the Tournament anymore but just for survival. Brook and Mary circled each other, eyeing up the odds. Only one of them could come out on top in this match.

Well the words aren't coming, no the words aren't coming. By day they are far too stark… Well the words mean nothing 'till they're turned to fire, by who we become after dark.”

Brook this time made the first move with a flap of the wing that made a snap sound, she hit Mary with a wave of wind. Mary staggered throwing fire off to the side. She lashed out at the bird girl in a ball of flame covering her entire body. Brook leaped into the air flapping her arms with her talons out. Firing a whirlwind blow at Mary dousing the flame, Brook began to claw Mary with her talons.

Well the words aren't coming, no the words aren't coming. By day they are far too stark…Well the words mean nothing, but there's no questioning... just who we become after dark.”

Mary’s steaming fur scorched the bottom of Brook’s feet however for the moment she didn’t feel it. Mary retaliated with a swipe of her claw, Brook jerked back for a brief moment but just long enough for Mary to flip over on to her feet. The “Fire Cat” confronted her attacker roaring with embers swirling around her body. Brook flapped back considering her options. Frontal attacks would no longer work with Mary’s pelt aflame.

You know, you know we’ve got no reason to speak,” Slasho sang in a lower voice. “Come the sun, when it’s done. We’ve no reason to speak.”

Brook changed her tactics this time flying higher in a circle. She summoned a gust of wind, Mary shielded her eyes. This moment Brook took advantage of, flying around behind Mary. When she could see again, Brook had left Mary’s line of sight. Her ears perked up to the sounds of flapping behind her but it was too late to react.

Well the words aren't coming, no the words aren't coming. By day they are far too stark… Well the words mean nothing 'till they're turned to fire, by who we become after dark.”

Brook mustered as much strength as she could to finish this fight. Mary hissed with another swipe of her claw through a fire ball at Brook; however the flames just got captured in the whirlwind Brook was creating. With all her might she forced the tornado of fire towards her opponent. A sharp pain shot up Brook’s arms but she ignored it. The torrent of swirling flames blasted out heading for Mary’s position and she was engulfed by flames.

Well the words aren't coming, no the words aren't coming. By day they are far too stark…Well the words mean nothing, but there's no questioning... just who we become after dark.”

Brook was forced to land, her arms felt like lead and there was a sharp stinking for burns and cuts delivered by Mary’s claws. She kneeled down with her arms hanging at her sides. Was this how Kakoo always felt during brawls?

“Brook are you alright,” came a voice deep within her head.

“Yeah,” Brook gasped. “Kakoo is this what Bakugan Brawls are like?”

“Kind of but this felt different somehow.”

Slasho jumped down from her high advantage. Where Mary had been standing were skid marks burned into the roof over the edge. Slasho looked over the edge of the roofs and looked down. Brook’s head perked up.

“Well I think we know who’s our winner,” Slasho said with a smile.

“Wait where’s Mary?”

“Down there. You knocked her off the edge.”

“Oh no! Is she alright?!” Brook tried to get up but her body refused. “I didn’t mean it!”

“It’s alright she’ll be fine. Gemini will look after her now. You have won your first row and now you need to recover fast before someone else comes along to fight you.”

Slasho looked up at the Giant Scoreboard, Brook’s eyes followed. The image of Mary and her name end dull while Brook’s remained. She assumed that meant she had won and Mary was now out of the game. Brook couldn’t help but to feel bad. She would have to do this again if she wanted to win but right now she didn’t want to win anymore. Not like this.

“1 gone, 24 remaining…”

“What was that,” asked George, one of the scientists of Xurtron’s Science Center.

“Hmm, did you say something,” response Lisa.

“I thought I heard her say something.” George indicated with his eyes to the glass window before them.

Inside all mess of tubes, wires, monitors and flashing lights sat a giant keyboard made of light as was practically transparent. Several wires, blinking with lights were attached to the keyboard and to the walls around it. Sitting above the keyboard with long nails and unproportionly long arms sat a creature. Her muzzle was long and tapered in a triangle shape, she sported two large ears, her hair was a mess and she was incredibly skinny. Her tail reached out behind her, and whenever she thumped it on the ground behind her, a flash of light and the sound of a drum could be heard. On her back jaded out four metallic propellers cut in halves with some kind of wing like structure extruding out. Wires and tubes were attached to her body and she wore a breathing mask.

“I didn’t hear anything…” Lisa replied. “You probably just mistook one of her songs maybe? Anyways, things are looking good here.”

“Do you think this completion will affect her in anyway?”

“Well she can see out.”

In front of the creature with the keyboard was a giant glass window, actually a half dome shape of glass allowing her to peer outside. She had her head down focusing on the keyboard in front of her to notice the events going on beyond her little world.

“I won’t worry about it too much George,” said a new voice.

“Professor Young? Oh I am not. Just I don’t see why we need a new power source so soon.”

“Aniju is too unpredictable. We need someone we can control. The stronger they are the harder than are to control Kine always says.” Young continued. “Besides we have to have this completion to generate new power or Dante will come in here and destroy out city.”

“I know just seems like this completion will cause some destruction to our city.”

“Nothing we can’t fix,” Young told him. “Now we have some vitamins for her so I need too…”

There was a voice over the loud speaker calling for Young to help assist Professor Dylan. Young excused herself and headed out the door to see what Dylan need her for. Lisa and George went back to monitoring their power source. Aniju lifted her head slightly with a grin on her face with her eyes wide open.

"The Fire Cat still lives..."

The wind howled as Mary clung to the side of the building. She was bleeding from Brook’s talons and her strength was almost totally gone. Her arms were losing grip. At any moment she could fall into the endless blackness below. Mary had skid all the way down to where she stopped. She looked up, the ledge from where she fell was too far for her to reach back up to.

“Venda what do we do now?”

“Hold on. We can make it to another ledge or inside one of the windows.”

Mary heard the sounds of flapping wings. Was her opponent coming back to finish her off? If couldn’t fight in this position. Mary scratched at a glass window but something was blocking it from the other side.

“Well look at the predicament you have found yourself in.” said a voice from behind.

Mary turned around to see a humanoid like creature with bat-like wings and pink fur. This was Gemini one of the hybrids Aniju had created for fun. Gemini landed on the building above Mary and Venda.

“Well I am guessing you lost you match?” Gemini grinned.

“I lost? Oh thank the gods. I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“Oh now don’t you? Well it was a good thing I found you before anyone else did or before you fell. You don’t want to go down there or you risk becoming a part of the power grid.”

“Power grid?”

“Things that fall down there become entangled in the power grid and become power sources for this city’s under works. Small strange creatures live down there. And there’s something big down there as well.”

“You’ve been down there?”

“Yes I fly around. I can see in the dark with sound so I can see all wires. Now come with me. I’ll take you to Cooper and he’ll send you home but first let’s pay a visit to the doctor. Ganna get those wounds look after.”

Songs and MusicEdit

A list of songs and music used by various characters in Kingdom of Echoes.

Listen at our own risk!

Banshe and Bree's Audition

Kingdom~ By Dave Gahan

Brook and J. Alfred's Audition

Where'd You Go ~ By Fort Minor (Contains bad words)

Jasper's Audition

Yesterday ~ by The Beatles

Dallas' Audition

Dark Dreams ~ by Blood on the Dance Floor (Contains one bad word)

DIO'S Audition

The Witness ~ by Blaqk Audio

Riff Raff Team's Audition

Give It All ~ By Rise Against

X-iles Team's Audition

Stealing Society ~ By System of a Down (Contains bad words and talks about drugs)

Genesis' Audition

Mad World ~ By Gary Jules

Maria's Audition

Monster ~ By Meg and Dia

Black Jack and Cody's Audition

Day'N'Nite Remix ~ By Kid Cudi

Sweet Team Audition

Party On ~ by Blood on the Dance Floor (Contains bad words)

Round One


Wretches and Kings ~ by Linkin Park (Contains bad words)

Brook Vs. Mary

Afterdark ~ by Blaqk Audio

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