Ken Isshu Is A Subterra Brawler Featured in Bakugan: Gate Protectors He is part of indigos team. and also is a medipan

First Appearence: Gate Protectors: New Members


Ken is a medipan, he is very brave and does whatever it takes to win, He Left His Other Bakugan At His Home.


Subterra Quartzar: Quartzar is like a metal warrior made out of quartz it doesnt really have much attacks but it seems to fuse moves alot.

Tech Gear: Copper SpikeBall

BakuAerial: Earthvance

Bakugan's AbilitysEdit

  • Magma Punch
  • Lava Evade
  • Twister
  • Double Boost
  • Flare Burn
  • Canyon Smasher
  • Stealth Swing


Ken Isshu Is A Medipan Rank A, He Is One Of the top medipan warriors.

Storys Featured InEdit

  • In Gate Protectors: He Is in Indigos Team to fight of evil.
  • In The Medipan Tribe he is a battle brawler (Dans Team) and fights off the Zukians.

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