Keith Clay


Member of The Vexos (formerly)

Member of The Resistance (formerly)

Member of The Battle Brawlers (currently)
Spectra Phantom , Keith Fermen
Main Atributte
Pyrus (formerly) Darkus (currently)
Professor Clay(father;deceeased) and Mira Clay (sister)
Guardian Bakugan
Bakugan Trap
Pyrus Metalfencer (fomrmerly) Darkus Infinity Metalfencer (currently)
Bakugan Battle Gear

Keith Clay is the son of Professor Clay and is the older brother of Mira Clay. He likes science like his father and knows how to make Mechanical Bakugan and other machines. At some point he became Spectra Phantom before the show started. He joined the Vexos as the Pyrus brawler and became the leader of the group. He really doesn't like Dan at first and wants his Bakugan Helios to be the strongest. He also knows about evolution and helps his Bakugan evolve many times. For most of the show he is Spectra but Mira suspects Spectra is her brother. He often helped Professor Clay, his father, with making new toys for Helios. It is unknown if he told or if Professor Clay knew that Spectra was his son. At some point he got kicked out of the Vexos and left to live on his fly ship. Gus and Lync went with him. He remained on his own and went to Earth to find the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He kidnapped Runo to make Dan fight him. He often only finds against Dan. Gus and Lync disappeared to have their own battles. After which he left back to his ship but left Lync behind. He later battle Dan and showed him to where the Vexos were at. After Gus disappeared, he went to see his his father would joined him. By now word of who he was got out and his father finally knew Spectra was Keith. Professor Clay stayed behind with the Vexos. Spectra then helped his sister and the other Resistance members transport the Bakugan off of New Vestroia to Earth with his ship. Soon after this he joined the Resistance when Helios admitted defeat to Drago. He removed his mask and outer coat and he reverted to his real name, Keith Clay.

Stories Featured InEdit

He is often referred to as Spectra

Bakugan: Insos Invation He is seen as a Major Hero in this story. He appearance to be on the good guys side.

Bakugan: Earth Attackers He is seen as a good guy

Bakugan: Fight for All Secondary character

Bakugan: True Evil




Professor Clay

Mira Clay

Spectra Vexos

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