"Under the impossible smile hides a growing shadow."

- Song: Uso (SID)

{C}Kamui [神威] is a mysterious character that appeared to Lysie on her dream.



16 (vessel)
Male (female vessel)
Doom Being
Lysie's Male Alter Ego
Guardian Bakugan
Advent Mercurius

Background StoryEdit

Kamui is created from the furthest reach of the dimension where the feelings of mortals take a tangible form. On a daily basis, Lysie had to endure the leers and glares of perverted men or those who do not take her style liberally. It came to her thought one time that if she was male, she would not suffer the society's hypocritical views on her style.

When Lysie and Protheus met again after a long time, she was dumped even if she won fair and square. This caused Lysie to commit suicide in the Bayview River. However, as her consciousness was drifting, Kamui reached out to her and told her about what is wrong with Protheus.

Kamui is fully aware about Protheus' subconscious mind since the former exists in the subconscious of Lysie. He asks Lysie to use him in order to exact vengeance on the man that sexually offended Protheus. Desperate to help Protheus resolve his problem, she agrees on letting Kamui take over her.

Mission GrammatonEdit

{C}Kamui takes over Lysie's post in the Reformed Resistance as their Subterra Brawler. He brawls with Advent Mercurius which seems to be the mutated form of the late Nox Mercurius. On the other hand, Lysie's Fleur D'Eris was left with Gerald Battler in Wardington.

{C}Ace, curious about Kamui's appearance which followed after Lysie's disappearance, confronted their new member. Kamui revealed the truth to Ace Grit with the latter agreeing to keep the former's secret. Ace was surprised about why Lysie would take such identity but was nonetheless pleased as she's finally obeying the dress code thus leaving Shun "fon Fabre" as the only violator.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kamui is a young man with a short pink hair, blue eyes covered by an orange visor and constantly wears a menacing smile to complete his sinister look.

He is not necessarily evil though he derives great pleasure from causing pain to other Brawlers such as Spectra Phantom whom he is aiming to humiliate in order to avenge Protheus.

Also, he is in every way opposite to Lysie. Lysie is kind and compassionate to everyone (except to perverts and dictators) while Kamui doesn't give a damn to anyone except with Lysie and anyone that she cherishes or had helped her. He is also a young man who wears very decent and stylish clothing compared to his female counterpart.

Kamui is also somewhat narcissistic and perverted. He enjoys staring at himself in the mirror which does not cast his own reflection. Instead, it casts a naked Lysie which is asleep in Kamui's subconscious mind.


- Lysie is the English Al Bhed transliteration for Camui (as in Camui Gackt).Hence, the origin of Kamui's name also.

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