"The Future may never forgive the Past...

but may the past and the present learn to forgive the future."

- Drago

Judgment Dragonoid [ メフィストフェレス ドラゴノイド (Mephistopheles Dragonoid)] is a Pyrus and Darkus hybrid Dragonoid. He is notably the Guardian Bakugan DIO, the Father of the Mephisto Brotherhood and primary antagonist of Mission Grammaton

Angeli et Diaboli Prohibeo

Judgment dragonoid

Judgment Dragonoid
メフィストフェレス ドラゴノイド
Mefisutoperesu Doragonoido
Pyrus / Darkus
Base Power
2500 Gs
Brawling Partners
Known Evolutions
Zeus Dragonoid (previous)

Background StoryEdit

DIO, who had just lost his beloved wife to a tragic accident, had lost his mind and all reason. Seeing how horribly depressed his master and long-time brawling partner had become; Drago pitied him and gave him a chance to set things right by travelling back into the past.

However, the legendary Dragonoid bargained that after destroying the root of the future tragedy; DIO would give himself to the Perfect Core. After all, they are performing forbidden rites of Time Travel which could have dire consequences and a catalyst is required for the Perfect Core to allow such powerful forbidden rite to be performed. DIO agreed and without further ado, Drago merged himself with DIO. The two became Deus DIO, the malevolent being from the future that travelled back to several decades in the past. Drago also evolved...rather, mutated into Judgment Dragonoid in the process.

The seal of their contract is engraved on DIO's back stating the following words "Angeli et Diaboli Prohibeo" which is Latin for "Angels and Demons Forbid."

Mission GrammatonEdit

DIO eventually founded the Mephisto Brotherhood and destroyed the lives of two families in the process. These two familes are those who DIO believed to house the White and Black Devils that caused his future misery. What Drago himself did not foresee is that DIO's insanity would go deeper and further to the point that the latter would desire immortality and the destruction of the Universe. Thus, Drago attempted to kill DIO in the process. Drago failed in his attempt and it costed him his freedom as the latter had amassed enough power to enslave even the legendary Dragonoid.

Since then, Judgment Dragonoid had no choice but to bend to the will of DIO as he is imprisoned. Drago could only hope that DIO's present self, who is still deemed as a hero of the universe, would be the one to destroy the monsters that they had become.

Bakugan: Dimensional TroubleEdit

Judgment Dragonoid is the Guardian Bakugan of DIO who introduces himself as Vito Faust. In order to bend the now demonic dragonoid to his will, DIO needs to supply the former with Haos or Aquos Bakugan as food. Judgment Dragonoid is the reason why the Aquos Wontu and Haos Verias became extinct in New Vestroia as well as why there is a continued dwindling of the population of Haos and Aquos-attribute Bakugan.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Note: Only one of the Abilities 1 to 4 may be used per turn.

1. Larghetto Affettuoso [ あくまのトリル だいいっそう (Akuma no Toriru Daissou, lit. Devil's Trill Phase One) ] - Reverses all benevolent effects of opponent's ability cards and gate cards that were activated in the current turn.

2. Allegro moderato [ あくまのトリル だいいっそう (Akuma no Toriru Dainissou, lit. Devil's Trill Phase Two) ] - Reduces the opponent's Life Force by the number equal to the G Power augmentation

3. Andante [ あくまのトリル だいさんそう (Akuma no Toriru Daisansou, lit. Devil's Trill Phase Three) ] - Opponent loses next turn

4. Allegro assai [ あくまのトリル だいよんそう (Akuma no Toriru Daiyonsou, lit. Devil's Trill Phase Four) ] - Halves the opponent's current G Power.

5. Scherzo di Notte (Joke of Night) [ どうけものや (Doukemonoya, lit. Jester Night)] - +1000 G Power to Judgment Dragonoid, -500 G Power to opponent

6. Mezzanotte carnevale (Midnight Carnival) [ ミッドナイト カーニバル (Midonaito Ka-nibaru)] - +500 G Power to Judgment Dragonoid

7. Ombra Festa (Shadow Festival) [ かげまつり (Kagematsuri)] - -500 G Power to opponent

8. Condanna (Condemnation) [ぎゃくてん (Gyakuten, lit. Reversal)] - Reverses the effect of the ability that the opponent used.

9. Nera Sigil (Dark Sigil) [ しんのやみ (Shinnoyami lit. Dark Pitch) ] - +500 G Power to Judgment Dragonoid every time the opponent activates an ability that raises their G Power to over 500 points.

10. Materia Nera (Black Matter) [ あんこくぶっしつ (Ankokubusshitsu) ] - Absorb Life Force damage as additional G Power.

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

1. Devil's Trill [ あくまのトリル かくてい (Akuma no Toriru Kakutei, lit. Devil's Trill Last Judgment) ] - (At least one each of Abilities 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be in the used pile to activate this Fusion ability.) Reverses all benevolent effects of opponent's ability cards and gate cards that were all activated during the current round.

BakuNano AbilitiesEdit

Goethe (Platinum-attribute)
1. Il Luce Ammazare (Light Slayer) [ あかるい はかいしゃ (Akarui Hakkaisha, lit. Light Destroyer) ]- Halves Haos Bakugan's G Power.
2. Il Acqua Nero (Black Water) [めいきょう しすい (Meikyo Shisui) ] Halves Aquos Bakugan's G Power.
3. Sprezzante (Devil-may-care) [まかぜ (Makaze, lit. Devil Wind)] - Automatic +1000 G Power every time the opponent summons a Haos or Aquos Bakugan.


- Judgment Dragonoid's Japanese name is taken from the devil Mephistopheles.

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