Joe Brown
First Appearance
Bakugan: Planet Takedown! Chapter 3
Main Attribute
Guardian Bakugan
Brachium (Given by Dan in chapter 6)
Joe is a Haos Brawler who rarely uses Haos bakugan because he usually brawls with Wavern who has the Perfect Core.Which makes her the perfect Bakugan. Without it she is one of the two white ones.


In Chapter 3 the brawlers find Joe tied up in the Anti-Brawlers base. With Good news he finds Wavern alive. Then he and Marucho brawl against Lync and Chellsea. In the end the lose the Brawl but Joe is given a Haos Gauntlet by Mira and then he joins the resistance.

In chapter 9 he and Wavern brawl against Chellsea and Bumtran. They Lose and Wavern goes to power the bomb with Hydranoid and Skyress.

In chapter 13 he goes into the hotel with the rest of the resistance.


Wavern (Guardian)

Perfect Wavern (Guardian Obsorbed the Perfect Core)

Haos Brachium (Trap)

Haos Ravenoid


Person Outcome
Lync & Chellsea Lose
Chellsea Lose

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