"Ware wa Jin."

- Aquos Jin

Jin is the Vita Cleric of the Aquos Attribute and Jules Liger's substitute Bakugan.

Aquos Vita Cleric

Aquos Jin

Aquos Jin
アクワ ジン=キサラギ
Akuwa Jin Kisaragi
Base Power
1500 Gs
Known Evolutions
Brawling Partners
Jules Liger

Mission GrammatonEdit

Vita Clerics are the guardians of the Vita Chamber that are tasked to protect the Brawlers' Vita Records. These Clerics are formed within the Vita Chamber from the memories of Pop Culture Enthusiasts. Thus, they resemble anime, manga or game characters.

Jin is a psychotic and obsessive Vita Cleric who escaped the Vita Chamber after hearing about his Brother's wereabouts. He partnered himself with Jules Liger, the latter desiring to get his revenge on Spectra for what happened to Protheus. Jin and Jules eventually confronted the other renegade Vita Cleric and Ace Grit. However, the former lost due to running out of abilities.


- Ice Car

- Arctic Dagger

- Rengoku Hyouya (BakuSynchro)


- Despite being an Aquos Bakugan, Jin's abilities are moreover Ice than Water.

- Jin the Vita Cleric does not need to make use of his namesake's weapon because his icy powers and psychosis are his own.

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