Jasper JaXX shall be Aniju Aura's character in Dimentional Trouble and Dimensional Defenders. He is also a contestant in Kingdom of Echoes.

"I'm so siq, I'll make you vomit. Go ahead and leave your comments. Honestly appreciated, Your opinion overrated."

Siq with a Q by Blood on the Dance Floor.

Jasper JaXX


Guardian Bakugan


Jasper can be a little hard to understand when first encounterd. Jasper is known to be a bit cruel and mean to others, often picking on people driving them to a breaking point. He is very perverted in his own way. Jasper tends to talk to people in a mocking way, and he likes to pick on people for the fun of it. Jasper tends to quote or sing varies songs he likes particularly perverted ones. Despite being a bit hostile to new people, Jasper  is surpisenly very loyal to his small group of friends. He is rather care-free and doesn't care about what others think of him, because of his weird and perverted actions. When angred Jasper will resort to violence (brawling or actually violence) and may do serious damaged to those around him or the local area.


Jasper is very tall, 6'2, and slender with jet black hair, with red fringes on the front and sides. He wears a whitr shirt, that sometimes cuts at his stomach. He also wears a black jacket laced with black feathers around the collar. He also wears his Bakugan Mungallchops around his neck on a black choker. His eye color varies but are mostly blue or red.

Dimensional Trouble

Jasper got caught up with the other brawlers and was transported to New Vestroia in Bakugan: dimentional trouble, much to his dislike. However he didn't let it get him down and took advantage of this to amuse himself. Jasper walked up to three people in the crowd randomly and started sining to them. One was Wolfgirl who had been talking to Skawo. Jasper pulled another brawler named Dallas into the mix and met his Bakugan Crusader Abel. Jasper took an interest in Abel because he looked fimiliar to him. Upon arriving at New Vistoia, Jasper drew on everyone else's face while they were knocked out and declared to the other three that they had arrived in Candyland instead. Despite being punched by Wolfgirl, Jasper was unaffected and pulled Skawo into the firing line. Jasper only observed the battles between the other brawlers. Finally by himself he brawled Vince for fun while singing a song with him but their battle was interuped by Vito. After Blade joined their group ad became injured, Jasper healed him. Sometime later Jasper ran into Vince again while he was by himself. Vince told him that Danielle had a crush on him and he found this amusing.

When Drake and Danielle came to get Leonidas back, Jasper took Leonidas with him and slipped away unnotice. He placed a spell on Leonidas so he would be unable to emerge from ball form. Later Jasper swollowed Leonidas for safe keeping so Danielle would work for him. He gave her a card that would weaken Vito. Suddenly Jasper likes lillies. When Vito confronted the group, Jasper noticed that Vito was like himseft and told him to move on. Vito snapped and teleported the group to his univeres where he attacked and brawled Jasper and Dallas. Jasper actived the card that he gave to Danielle that she gave to Vito. Thanks to the card Vito couldn't handle the brawl and past out. Jasper then took him hostage. The group found themselves in another dimension made of darkness and were seperated. Jasper relocated his team-mates Dallas, Silver and Blade as well as Vince, Drake and Vito. A mutant Bakugan/Human hybrid summoned a group of Bakugan surrounding the group. Jasper summoned Mungallchops to the battle field as well did the others with their Bakugan. A hole opened up in the floor and a claw reached out taking Danielle down. Jasper spit Leonidas at the creatures eye to free Danielle but himself was the targeted by the claw. Vince and his Bakugan Baldersnatch managed to follow Jasper who summoned Mungallchops. A white light caught Jasper's eye and he saw someone he once knew. Jasper and Vince were able to free themselves and managed to make it to the Tree along with the rest of the group. Back on Earth Jasper answered Wolfgirl's phone who was her brother and gave it to Dallas claiming it was for him. He then asked Dallas what was going to do.

Dallas said that they should return to New Vestroia, so Jasper took Wolfgirl's phone again. He texted to someone and a portal open for him. He lead everyone into the portal, dragging Dallas along with him. It took the to New Vestroia where three Ziperaptors attcked the group. Jasper used Mungallchops to take out one while the other were taken out by Vince, Lisani and Dallas's Bakugan. Jasper deicded to name the two teams, teh good gusy were then called the Sharks and the former bad guys were called the Jets. Vito know DIO appeared and Dallas left to have a conversation with him. DIO summon clones of the Jasper and Mungallchops destroyed the dark Mungallchops clone togather. This was the first time Jasper used his weapon.

Dimensional Defenders

In Dimensional Defenders, Jasper appears on the Villians side at first because he had gone mental. Jasper made his first appearence in Chapter 2, when DIO sent the shadow clonse off. Jasper when to Team Wolf to test their power. He was joined by Zierant and later Danielle, whom he asked to join up with him. Jasper had a tantrum attack after confrnting Dani, he tried to slay her but was bind by the belts round his body. Zierant and Danielle were forced to take him back to the base where he calmed down. Not before he cut Dani's card in half believing it to be unfair. Jasper had to go to bed right after to rest.

The following day, Jasper joined in on the devouring of the tacos that Dante had brought back. DIO sent everyone out on missions. Jasper took Dante to try and eliminate Lysie along with Yayoi of Team Lilium. Dante was reluctant to brawl and Danielle had shown up. Jasper convinced Lysie to brawl him under the assumption that they were teaching Dante how to brawl. Lysie called in Gerald to help mentor Dante and so the teams would be more fair, three against tree, Jasper, Dante and Gerald against Lysie, Yayio and Danielle. Jasper defended Dante's Bakugan Popkat with Mungallchops. In the end it was Popkat who defeated everyone. Dante convinced Jasper to give up his cause for the moment since Gerald was there. Jasper lied to Lysie, saying that Popkat was the reason why they had to leave, but really it was that Jasper couldn't stand her anymore. Jasper teleported his group away. Jasper went berserk after seeing Dallas and Lysie together, killing a brawler. He was confronted by both Lync and Mizuhiro. After Jasper went berserk, nearly killing off the members of Team Lilium, Dante took him to visit Yuri. A little later Jasper was seen againt with Dante being chased by Mizuhiro. Jasper transformed in to his beast form while Dante became Demonclaw, attacking Lync again. Banshee joined in the frey in her beast form. However Jasper was distracted and disappeared.

Kingdom of Echoes

Jasper becomes a contestant in Kingdom of Echoes.

Basic Info

Name: Jasper JaXX

Nickname: Jasp Jasp

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male? (Not totally sure)

Appearance: very tall 6’’2’’, black hair with red streaks on the front right side of his head, usually blue eyes, sometimes turns red

Clothes: Black, like his soul, feathers around the collar and sleeves, a pale grey shirt and navy blue pants, wears a choker with his Bakugan attracted around his neck.

Personality: psychotic, hyper, easily distracted (but does not have ADD), perverted, sly, clingy, devoted, loyal and caring

Motto: “I’m so siq I’ll make you vomit.”

Likes: tormenting people, destruction, drawing on people, causing trouble, pestering Dallas

Dislikes: being alone, being hated by his friends, rude or mean people

Fears: Being sealed again and being alone

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Mungallchops

Team Monkeywrench

A list of Jasper's team-mate in Interspace, Kingdom of Echoes. Jasper is their leader.

Jasper: Darkus Brawler

  • Guardian Bakugan: Mungallchops

Gijima: Haos Brawler

  • Guardian Bakugan: Sundance

Vince: Subterra Brawler

  • Guardian Bakugan: Baldersnatch

Lisani: Ventus Brawler

  • Guardian Bakugan: Airwolf

Mia Moya: Aquos Brawler

  • Guardian Bakugan: Labiathon

Veda: Pyrus Brawler

  • Guardian Bakugan: Dangermouse


  • Jasper spells his last name with two capable Xs.
  • Jasper often sings or quotes songs he likes especially dirty songs.
  • In Kingdom of Echoes, Jasper really isn't evil but he causes a lot of trouble.
  • For the sake of Dimentional Trouble, Jasper joined the team only for his own amusment, and to get revenge at whoever got him wrapped up in this.
  • Jasper has a lot of surprises kept in his pockets.
  • Jasper gave nicknames to the other brawlers in Dimentional Trouble because he never learned Dallas' name.
    • Dallas is Mr. Human, because his Bakugan looks like a Neathian. Later renamed him Dal Dal.
    • Wolfgirl is Ms. Wolfie, simply because her name is Wolfgirl. Later Wolfie Girly.
    • Skawo is Blues because he is the the Aquos brawler and wears a lot of blue. Later Skawster.
    • Silver is Silv Silv.
    • Wolf is Woof Woof.
    • Blade is That One Guy though now that he knows his name it may change.
    • Vince is Vinc Vinc.
    • Drake is the only one with his actually name.
    • Danielle, Princess of Gundalia.
    • Lisani is Lis.
  • Jasper, so far is the oldest character in Dimentional Trouble.
  • Jasper likes lillies, reminds him of something from his past.
  • Jasper and Dallas may have met before, but neither seem to remember.
  • Jasper was named after this meerkat and this mob.


Picture of Jasper.

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Bakugan: dimentional trouble

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