J. Alfred Prufrock

J. Alfred Prufrock

J. Alfred Prufrock is a Hoas Bralwer and his Bakugan is Shaka Zulu.


J. Alfred Prufrock also know as J. Alfred is a tall slender person. He is an albino with white hair and pale light blue eyes almost white. He usually dressed nice in a semi formal outfit. His likes blue and silver mostly. He keeps things in his hat. He is a Vestal.


J. Alfred Prufrock lived with his perants and two siblings, he is the middle child, in Ireland then his father moved to Vestal, his home planet. J. Alfred discovered Bakugan at the age of 12 and he started playing it with his friends. He became good friends with Brook and Bree and was the one who tought them how to play, but then Bree had to leave because she was sick. He went to live with his father at Vestal to help with his research. J. Alfred loves animals and wanted to be an animal researcher of some kind, if he can choose which animal to study that is. His Bakugan became Shaka Zulu who he met at New Vestroia and would teach the children on Vestal about Bakugan. He how to play the game without hurting the Bakugan. J. Alfred also can play the violin and piano. He invited Brook to come stay at his house for the summer.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

J. Alfred Prufock appears in Dimensional Defenders along with his good friend Brook looking for her sister Bree. The two quicky team up with Maria and later Olaf, during their fight against Banshee. J. Alfred become interested in her Bakugan Ectorius whom has a large amount of power. Eventually the group re-encounters Banshee again and she promises to give back Bree which she does. J. Alfred comments that he knew both Dante and the albino lady Aniju. The group form Umbra Team after Bree joins. Later, J. Alfred sent Brook and Olaf off to find Bree when she disappeared, seeing that Olaf has a crush on Brook. He and Maria encounter Banshee which leads to a chase where Banshee tried to eat Maria. In the end Banshee failed to devore Maria and climbed on top of J. Alfred because she was too weak to walk. Umbra Team ran into Aniju and J. Alfred asked if she has been praticing brawling. The group then assit Hans and his Bakugan after their battle.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: J. Alfred Prufock (No one knows his first name)

Nickname: Alf or Alfy (By Brook)

Age: 17 (Born February 24)

Gender: Male

Appearance: tall 6’’2’’, white hair, pale blue eyes, and very pale skin. He is an albino.

Clothes: Navy blue shirt with a blue vest, top hat, because, a red tie partly undone, blue pants and a pink piece of cloth tied on to his belt.

Personality: easy going, friendly, loyal, polite

Motto: currently none

Likes: friends, the violin and piano, his Bakugan, fancy cloths

Dislikes: rude people, bad music,

Fears: Loosing his hat

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Shaka Zulu


Gaurdian: Shaka Zulu

StarStorm: Subtracts 500 Gs from opponent, adds 250 Gs to Shaka Zulu

Solar Wind: Subtract 500 HP from opponent(s)

Light’s Aura: Subtracts 5000PH from opponent

Melodic Solace: Subtracts 1000Gs from opponent and Adds 1000Gs to Shaka Zulu and his team-mates

Solara: Adds 1000HP to Shaka Zulu or a team-mate

Midnight Sun: Prevents opponents from attacking for three turns


  • J. Alfred was supposed to be in Tin Warriors but that story was dropped by the author so he was moved over to Dimensional Defenders.
  • J. Alfred is an albino so surpisenly he is a Haos brawler.
  • J. Alfred Prufrock is named after a meerkat, who apperently was named after a person. He was born in the Lazuli Mob, later taking dominance in that mob in early 2008. In mid 2008, he left the mob to rove with four other males, (Shaka Zulu, Bernard, Bosh and Bash) and joined five wild females to form the Hoppla Mob. J. Aflred Prufrock took up dominance in the Hoppla Mob, Shaka Zulu, the next older meerkat left and disappeared, he would later be seen in the Zulus mob in April of 2010. Sadly J. Afreld Prufrock died in mid 2009 from disease and the Hoppla was lost. And that is why J. Alfred's Bakugan is Shaka Zulu.
  • His current Interspace ranking is 105th. (VLM105)


Pictured of J. Alfred Prufrock.


Kingdom of Echoes

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

Shaka Zulu

Banshee Phantom

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