Izzy in an Aquos brawler and her Guardian Bakugan is Khoi Khoi.


Izzy is calm, smart and doesn't lilke to argue much with her team-mates. She is confident in her abilities but does not boast about it. She also doesn't like the put down other brawlers.

Appearance Edit

Izzy had brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears a blue sweat over a whites shirt. She wears a darker navy blue skirt.


Riverclaw: Subracts 200 HP from opponent

Water Heart: Subtracts 250 Gs from opponent and adds them to Khoi Khoi.

Typhoon: Subracts 250 HP from Opponent.

Tsunami Wave: Subtracts 250 HP from opponent and adds it to Khoi Khoi.

Hurrican: Subtracts 300 HP from opponent

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