Battle Gear:

Ironclaw is a Werewolf-like Bakugan and is Xander's Guardian Bakugan in Bakugan: Tin Warriors.


He looks like a black werewolf with giant and sharp gray claws, he has purple stripes around his torso and a big purple scarf, he has an eye covered by a metal square (like a pirate patch) with a purple skull with crossed swords. His temperament is calm but he gets wild when he fights against an enemy bakugan.

Ability cardsEdit

This is a list of Ironclaw's ability cards.

  • Moonspell: transfers 300 G's from the enemy to Ironclaw.
  • Howling Wolf: substracts 300 G's from the enemy and adds 200 G's to Ironclaw.
  • Howl of Pain: deactivates the enemy's abilities in this turn and substracts 200 G's from Ironclaw.
  • Howl of Power: transfers 500 G's from the enemy to Ironclaw.
  • Healing Howl: the G-power of every bakugan in the field return to their base level.

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