"This Action Heats Me Up!" (Indigo - Gate Protectors Episode 5)

"Indigo" Is A Character In Bakugan: Gate Protectors. He Is The Protagonist. He's Also In Bakugan: Sky Warriors, And Bakugan: Chaotic Prime

First Appearence: The Spirit Attributes Part 1


Indigo was a regular human. intill he made friends with alteon. they had a major link. and he was chosen to defeat the dark god "Zaros" He currently Has a team with his new friends Yin and Yao.


Alteon: Alteon was a bakugan from new vestroia, he was really rare because he can use 6 attributes each. for any attack. He is a pyrus bakugan but can change into any attribute. (First Appearence: Spirit Attributes Part 1)

Altron: Altron evolved in the final part of the spirit attributes. after defeating zaros the dark god, altron could transform into many forms he still can change attributes too. (First Appeared In The Spirit Attributes Part 4) Pyrus Altroid: After Destroying Zaros 2.0 Altron evolved, And Gained More Power. Burst Volcanok: It Is A Bakutech bakugan from neathia, indigo borrowed it to fight of the Axel Rangers.

  • Pyrus Altregon: after the intense battle with dread, altroid gained a dragon humanoid form.


  • Has A Blue Shirt And Indigo Like Jacket.
  • Has Black Pants And Shoes
  • Has Black Hair


It Was A Legend That he was chosen to defeat zaros and it was correct.

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