Helix Dragonoid is very good.

Helix Dragonoid
Attribute: Pyrus
Partner: Denord
Battle Gear: Pyrus Destructer
G-Power: 800


Fire Energy: If Helix oponent is pyrus it takes 600 g's away and adds 300 g's to Helix.

Double Attack: When this abilitie is used it cuts Dragonoid's oponents power g in half and doubles Dragonoid's power g.

Quick Up: The higher Drago goes the higher his power g goes.

Blaze Bird: Drago becomes on fire and tackles his oponent (add 100 power gs to dragonoid and takes 100 power gs from the oponent).

Sky Blitz: This abilitie only works on ventus bakugan the air becomes smoke (takes 400 power gs if the bakugan is Ventus and adds 600 more to Dragonoid, if not only adds 600 Drago).

Battle Gear AbilitiesEdit

Focus Down: If the oponents power gs higher than Dragonoid 600 gs gets taken away from the oponent.

Lava Slide: A Volcano errupts takes 300 power gs away 400 gs gets added.

Gate CardsEdit

Dragon Claw: Drago's skills become sharper.

Air Rage: If Drago's oponent's a ventus he wins the round.

Scary Attack: Drago become's your oponents nightmare.

Fire Wave: It becomes hot for every attack it takes away 500 more power gs.

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