Hawktor"s body has invert colors of Ingram's body. His wings are green compared to Ingram's. His talons are light brown.He has a strap on over his torso with a golden talon in the middle for a mark similar to Master Ingram's belt. He also has a golden black/gold mask over his face. He does not have a mouth though. His main battle gear is Swayther which changes his organic wings into mechanical ones with twin cannons which show to be very powerful. He shows some similarites between Falconeer & Ravenoid.He is Shun's bakugan in bakugan gundalian invaders.

G power-900



  • Tornado Strike- Transfers 300 Gs fom opponent to Hawktor
  • Lightning Claw- Nulifies opponent's ability
  • Feather Blazer- Adds 400 Gs
  • Aero Maiden- Subtracts 400 Gs from opponent
  • Blow Back-Nulifies Gatecard
  • Wind Power,Hurricane Blast-Transfers 300 Gs from all opponent to Hawktor
  • Slip Stream- Ability card G boost given to Hawktor instead
  • Thunder Cyclone- Gives Hawktor 600 Gs



800px-Gi shun hawktor 1024x768 2

Please add some photos guys

Attack special of Hawktor by Bakugan love

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