Homage to 300

Gerald Battler [ ジェラルド・バトラー (Jierarudo Batora)] is the nameless protagonist of the First Bakugan Battle Brawlers video game and the once rival, now brother-in-arms, of Marduk.

Gerald is also a Deuterotagonist in the Caged Bird Arc and the third man in the Ran Brigade.

Nameless Protagonist


Gerald Battler
Jierarudo Batora
13 (Battle Brawlers),

20 (Mission Grammaton Season 1),

21 (Mission Grammaton Season 2)
Freelance Brawling Tutor, Member of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers (former)
Guardian Bakugan
Omega Leonidas, Crusader Abel (temporary)

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

In the Bakugan Battle Brawlers video game, players can customize his look, attrbute specialty and name them with whatever they please. However, for the purpose of Mission Grammaton; he was given a definite after story and looks that are symmetrical with Marduk.

Gerald is given a black hair with blue streaks to compliment Marduk's silver hair and red streaks. Gerald is also made a Haos Brawler.

Slumbook EntryEdit

Full name: Gerald Battler

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthdate: November 13

Birthplace: Wardington, Earth

Hobbies: Watching Action Films

Likes: Furry animals, History books

Dislikes: Mathematics

Favorite Food: Onigiri

Favorite Flower: Whatever grows in Lysie's garden

Favorite Music Instrument: Bagpipes

Background StoryEdit

Gerald is the nameless brawler that brought an end to the malicious ambitions of Marduk and Vladitor. For seven years; Gerald vanished from Dan Kuso's limelight and was contented in making a living as a Freelance Brawling Tutor with his neighbor, Lysie Krelle.

Gerald has the traits of a typical protagonist. He is chivalrous and is full of zeal although he is not the despicable goody-two-shoes type. Gerald also has a good sense of humor and gentlemanly attitude towards women.

Mission GrammatonEdit

Gerald made his debut in the seventh Chapter when Marduk came to visit him in his home in Wardington. The two were unable to see each other for seven years and were overjoyed with their reunion. Gerald won seven times against Marduk, the latter unable to brawl properly because of the loss of Vladitor. Gerald was disappointed as it was not the kind of brawling that Marduk promised him seven years ago.

Marduk later phones Gerald about an evidence that the former found to a murder case. This, in turn, would cause Marduk to be nearly-slain by an unknown assailant. Gerald, along with Rengoku Houran and Masquerade later found out that the assailant turned out to be Grammaton's second-in-command Genesis Wright.

Gerald reappears again during the confrontation against Genesis Wright in Leo Street of Wardington. Genesis discarded Crusader Abel and fought with Monarus. Gerald was surprised that Genesis was able to even overpower both Omega Leonidas and his discarded Bakugan. Genesis injures Gerald with a gunshot, threatening to kill him if he speaks about what he knew regarding Marduk's near-demise. After Genesis was defeated by Ran; Gerald joins the Ran Brigade to help find a cure for Marduk as well as to help Ran clear his name within the Grammaton.

Along with Marduk and the now Lync Volan; Gerald travelled to planet Vestal where they once again encountered Genesis Wright. In the ensuing battle, a mortally-wounded Gerald kills Genesis by invoking the most powerful meme known to mankind.


- He is named after Gerard Butler, the actor who played King Leonidas in Frank Miller's 300. Although their names are different in spelling in English; they are spelled the same in Japanese katakana.

- He is not related to Ushiromiya Battler.

- In the game, he sounds a lot like Vaan from Final Fantasy XII although he was voiced by Lyon Smith.

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