Bakugan DestroaEdit

Genesis ch.1: Fractured MirrorEdit

It all started in the Doom Dimension Aquos region. Marucho Marukura frantically ran across some lily pads to catch up to the illusion of himself. "Hey, wait!" he shouted as he finally caught up, sweat dripping down his face. "What?" said the illusion, in disgust. Has he come to tell me he hates me again? he thought. "I'm sorry for the way I behaved, old me, but thanks to Preyas, I think I understand things now. I know now that this test was to get me to be happy with the person I used to be." Marucho reached out his hand."...and I hope we can be friends if there are no hard feelings..." "Hmph. Fine," the illusion muttered as he shook Marucho's hand. But then, out of nowhere came a voice. "Well, ain't that cute! BUT IT"S WRONG!!!!!!" Both Maruchos looked down. And, surprise, surprise, there was a Bakugan(in ball form) sitting there. However, it was different from anything the two had ever seen. It was light blue with a silver-ish trim. the face resembled a polar bear wearing some kind of helmet. " I mean, seriously! You two become friends, the dupe dissolves into thin air, the real deal leaves happy. Worst ending ever!" the Bakugan said, in disgust."OK, how about this: Dupe, what if I said I could urn you into an actual human being?" A wave of shock and happiness came over the illusion." You really can turn me into a human being?" he asked, tears of joy welling up in his eyes. "Dude, seriously? I'm a Sub Zero Polaruss! I can do anything!" the Bakugan said. "But, unforunately, I need to sacrifice a Bakugan for this to work." "I volunteer Frosch!" said Preyas a nanosecond after Polaruss finished his scentence.

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