"A slinky is...a person that you hate the most.

You enjoy very well as you see him tumbling down the surface...breaking his bones one by one.

A slow and incomparable agony, so painful that its a colorful spectacle to behold."

- Genesis

Genesis Wright is the second-in-command of the Order of Grammaton in the first season. In reality, he is an agent working for the Mephisto Brotherhood.

Genesis Wright


Genesis Wright
ジイェニシス ライト
Jiyeneshisu Raito
26 (Mission Grammaton season 1) deceased
Second-in-Command, Order of Grammaton Haos Brawling Operative, Order of Grammaton
Guardian Bakugan
Crusader Abel

Background InformationEdit

Genesis Wright is the primary antagonist of Mission Grammaton's first season. He was presented as a European nobleman that descended from an infamous Conqueror. Outside of Brawls, he is a skilled fencer and marksman that never misses a target.

The history of their family had always mystified this man. Like the whirlwind of sorrow that constantly blows lovers away in the Carnal, Genesis never runs out of questions in his head. Using his affiliation in the Grammaton and "Father's" lack of direct goals; Genesis declares a war against the Universe. At the behest of "Father," he recruited the four Brawling Operatives to help him take over each of the five known planets in the Universe. Little by little, he tries to usurp the position of the Grammaton's "Father."

Genesis bears great resemblance to "Father," causing easy confusion to those who had encountered both of them in a Brawl. Although "Father" is a Darkus Brawler, Genesis switches Crusader Abel to Darkus when Brawling in order to cause confusion about his' and "Father's" identity.

Mission GrammatonEdit

During the Caged Bird Arc; Genesis followed the Ran Brigade to their trip to Planet Vestal. Ultimately, he was killed by Gerald Battler during their battle in the Lambda Village.

Genesis Deathscene

Genesis' Demise

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Although Genesis is like a doppelganger of "Father," he is also more particularly a dark side. Genesis represents what "Father" is not and cannot be. A dark side which is a man consumed with lust for power and dominion over all things in existence.

He wears predominantly white which tends to be stained by blood during long Brawls, thereby becoming crimson red.

Noticeable is his metal visor that he wears to cover his eyes due to his overconfidence with his Brawling Abilities. Underneath the visor are silvery blue eyes.

Slumbook EntryEdit

Full name: Genesis Wright

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthdate: March 5

Birthplace: Puy-de-Dome, France

Hobbies: Fencing, Playing poker

Likes: Power, Lightbulbs

Dislikes: Weakness, Reluctance to power

Favorite Food: Lemons

Favorite Flower: Dahlias

Favorite Music Instrument: Electric Guitar


- Genesis means "The Beginning," a chapter which falls under the gray area of neither good or evil. Genesis, at the beginning was able to hide his intentions from the other brawlers of the Grammaton effectively. - His family name is attributed to the inventors of the airplane and a popular lawyer in pop culture. This highlights his high-flying ego and constant objection on "Father's" lack of practically everything that a "Big Boss" possesses.

- Although Genesis mentioned the identity of the Grammaton's leader to his would-be killer; he died keeping the sacred oath of the Mephisto Brotherhood to keep the identity of their leader as a secret.

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