"Geminon" is a alien character featured in "Bakugan Gundalian X" And "Bakugan Galactic Superiors"

He is a smart skillful gentlemen trained by his teacher "Gerok" He Plans on Taking down *Zon and Zaros "Bakugan Gundalian X"*

Bakugan: Geminoid

info: geminoid is a liquid gem like speedy bakugan, he partners up with Geminon and is very kind bakugan.

Bakugem: GemArrow

Info: Gemarrow is a bakugem that is a powerful crossbow that shoots out arrowpointed electric gem tips at a opponent to paralize or attack them.

Age: 16

Friends: Aeon,Photon,Neon,Zenon

Homeland: Galacteria

LifeForce *Planet*: Galaxy X

Occupation: Student *Of Gerok*

Enemy: Superiors

Enemys Homeplanet: Space X

Partners with: Battle Brawlers,Tino Sen

Family: ???

Hobbys: Samurai Training,Sports,Etc

Connections: He Has A Connection With Shun, because he is a samurai and he is very smart and skillful. kind of like him but shun is a ninja.

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