Gemini Hybridwing
Hybridwing Colony
Creator and several sisters and brothers
Chirokugan (Bakugan/Human Hybrid)
Known For
Gemini is the main character in the Bakugan: The Rise of the Hybrids.


Gemini is a Chirokugan. She is a member of the Hybridwing Colony, a group made up of hybrid who were created by the Master of DNA. She uses her colony name as a last name. She has wings on her arms allowing her to fly. Gemini has a main around her neck that is the same color as her hair, purple. She has yellow eyes and long ears that curl back. They look like another pair of wings on her head. Gemini has claws for hands and feet which allows her to crawl on walls. She also has a tail that looks a bit like a Borzoi's tail. Unmentioned in the story, Gemini has bateria inside her that maked hydrogen which makes her lighter then she would be without it. This allows her to fly. She also has hollow bones like birds. Gemini can use echolocation and make sound bombs. Gemini is one of many Hybrids her Creator made.

The Rise of the HydridsEdit


Gemini is in s science lab glass tank. She breaks free and eascaped into the outside world. Before she does so, she attacks the humans in the lab who had captured her.


Gemini meets a new friend and starts her search for her colony.


Bakugan: The Rise of the Hybrids

Bakugan: The Rise of the Hybrids Characters

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