Gaia Agito
Kana ???
Romaji ???
Gender Female
Race Neathian
Role Protagonist
Attribute Subterra Subterra
Guardian Bakugan Gran Panzer
First Appearance ???
Last Appearance ???
Japanese Voice Actor ???
English Voice Actor ???

Gaia Agito makes her debut appearance in Bakugan: Battle Dimensions and is the Battle Brawlers' new Subterra Brawler in the series's second arc. She is partnered with Subterra Gran Panzer. While she initially has no memories of her past, she is truly a time-traveler and the last surviving Neathian in a future world that is on the brink of doom.


Bakugan: Battle DimensionsEdit



At first glance, Gaia appears to be timid and fragile. However, she is truly friendly, outgoing, and much stronger than she looks.


  • Gran Panzer






  • "Gaia" is the name of the goddess of Earth in Greek mythology. "Agito" is Latin for "to put into action." As such, Gaia's full name can literally be translated as "putting the earth into action."
  • "Agito," when pronounced correctly, uses a soft "g" rather than the hard "g" used in Bakugan: Battle Dimensions. It is confirmed the hard "g" was used instead of the soft "g" due to better sound appeal.

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