Finn MacCool is a Gundalian Scienist and a former soldier of the Gundalina Army.

Finn MacCool

Finn MacCool

Kingdom of Echos
Riffraff Team


Finn MacCool was the son of a scientist and a guard Gundalia, though Finn MacCool turned out to favor exploring and learning about “the worlds beyond the wall.” Finn MacCool still learned how to brawl and ow the Gundalian army worked since one of his parents was a guard. When Finn MacCool grew older he decided he would rather be come a scienist and loved to figure out how things worked. After exploring Gundalia, he found it boring and looked to the stars. He then decided, “I am gotta go there” and he did. He built himseft a ship that could teleport to other planets, much like Spectra's ship, with intellagen life. Things went well the first few years he travels around but sadly he found himself on Earth. There he ran into the worse kind of humans an outsider from another planet should never come across. Finn MacCool was taken to Area 5.1. There he was tormented for two years by the ignorant and cruelty of man before he was finally able to escape. He fed the planet of man, but lost his way and was unable to relocate Gundalia. Instead he went to Neathia but he found no warm hospitality there. By then the war between Gundalia and Neathia had already begun and a Gundalia was the last thing the Neathians wanted to see. So he was forced to fight for his life and flee Neathia. In a dazed sick weaken state anywhere away from Humans and Neathians would do. He over shot Gundalia while he was unconscious and landed on another planet. He remained past out for two days before he regain consciousness. When he woke, he discovered he was on Vestal, and by this time, the former ruler had already fled the planet and Vestal was peaceful. Finn MacCool had been sighted wondering around in a delirious state by a few Vestals in the wilderness. Thanks to his strange foreign appearance, the Vestals were frighten of him and some even attacked and drove him off. Finn MacCool was too weak to travel far let alone leave the planet. His wounds were becoming infected and he was emaciated and starving. He lived about a week like this before he was discovered by a young Vestal girl named Diana.

Unlike most of the other Vestals, Diana brought him back to her home where she bandaged him up. Finn MacCool lived with Diana on Vestal for some time and the two became friends. Diana didn’t seem to care much about what Finn MacCool looked like; she didn’t care much about what anything looked like but the world of sight was not for her. She found him comforting to be with since she lived alone but every now and then her brother or friend would come by to check on her. Finn MacCool always remained hidden from them in fear they would reject him as well, though it seemed they knew he was there but did nothing about it. When he has fully recovered, Finn MacCool went back to his favorite past time, exploring but this time he found Vestal interesting. He studied the local flora and fauna. One thing that also interested him was Vestal’s major problem with over population. He had seen the same problem on Earth but here on Vestal it was not so bad. Before he was captured by the humans, he had studied their planet a bit and learned a little knowledge about their technology. He soon came up with self-abstaining ways of life the Vestals could use without destroying their planet like the Humans had to Earth. Diana’s brother was by now the top scientist of Vestal, Diana gave him Finn MacCool’s findings and reports. This was then used to better the lives of the Vestals and the planet as a whole. A little after this, Finn MacCool finally was confronted by Diana’s brother Jethro. At first he was a bit freaked out by the sight of the Gundalian, but Diana had out in a good word and so far Finn MacCool had never harmed Diana. With his new confidence Finn MacCool decided it was time to meet Diana’s best friend Jane. Diana had told her about her new friend but left out the fact he was not from the planet. However she was not so accepting as Jethro had been and panic. Fearing for her friend’s life, Jane rallied up the nearby Vestals and they drove Finn MacCool off of Vestal. He attempted to return but discovered the Vestals had planned ahead and relocated Diana. Finn MacCool was attacked again but he escaped thanks to the aid of Jethro. Finn MacCool had nowhere left to go but back to his home world.

Now that he had recovered, he was able to find his home world. When Finn MacCool got back to Gundalia he discovered the old emperor had died and his successor had taken power. He learned Gundalia was in a war with Neathia and had been so for some time. He joined the armed forces and started battling with his Bakugan named Paymister. Finn MacCool didn’t like the way the army did things, they had no respect for nature and destroyed everything in their path just to get to the Neathians. Finn MacCool was so disgusted by the events that had taken place after a short period of time he left the army. He saw the Gundalians were no better than the Humans had been. He didn’t leave Gundalia but simply moved out of the kingdom. He lived in a cave system but because he deserted the army, the Gundalians guard went after him. He eluted them for a while but soon grow bore with the game, he was unable to do his study of nature. He viciously attacked the guards and left Gundalia again. This time he when to Interpaces, however he found this boring because nothing was real. There he met a human named Bramley and his Bakugan named Spiderpig. Finn MacCool’s Bakugan Paymister had stayed with him this whole entire time, whom former owner was Finn MacCool’s father. At first the Gundalian disliked the human brawler but Bramley found Finn MacCool fun. Bramley followed Finn MacCool around and soon the Gundalian became habituated to Bramley’s presents. Unlike the other humans he had encountered, Bramley kept his mouth shut about the alien creature’s existence. A little later after growing bored with the fake world he lived in and that fact his only source of food was coming from Bramley. This changed when Finn MacCool met a Neathian named Kangela and her Bakugan Sokubwe. She was an odd Neathian who didn’t think Gundalians were bad and seemed to dislike the war. Not long after this Finn MacCool received a surprise. Jethro had located the Gundalian’s location and send his sister Diana to Interspace. Now living with a motley group, Finn MacCool took his new companions to New Vestroia. The four species set up and establishment on the Bakugan planet.

After sometime, Bramley and Kangela convince Diana to travel to Interspace. The three treval back and forth to their own planets, Interspace and to where Finn MacCool were located. After seeing how much his three friends enjoyed Interspace, Finn MacCool decided to give it another chance and went with them. He staretd accompaning them on their adventures to Interspace. Finn MacCool hardly brawled and just mostly watched his friends brawl. Soon they decided to join a contest and conivinced him to join their team and brawl with them. Unable to say no to his only friends Finn MacCool agreed.

Kingdom of EchoesEdit

In Kingdom of Echoes, Finn MacCool relucantly joins his friends, Diana, Bramley and Kangela, in the Tournnament.

Riff Raff TeamEdit

The Riff Raff Team so far only contains 4 members, there is not leader but since Finn MacCool is the oldest and the reason why everyone met, he was conisdered somewhat the leader.

Name: Finn MacCool

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Paymister

Position: Subterra Brawler/ Unofficially the Leader

Name: Diana

Attribute: Aquos

Gaudrian Bakuagan: Monsoon Moon

Position: Aquos Brawler

Name: Bramley Aura

Attribute: Ventus

Gaurdian Bakuagan: Spiderpig

Position: Ventus Brawler

Name: Kangele

Attribute: Haos

Gaurdian Bakuagan: Sokubwe

Position: Haos Brawler


Paymister: Guardian Bakugan (Given to him by his father)


Kingdom of Echoes

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