Ethereal Dragonoid
Omega Drago
Attribute {{
  1. arraymap:Pyrus|,|~


Power 1,000 G
First appearance Bakugan Battle Dimensions Episode 1

Ethereal Dragonoid is an all-mighty, dragon-like Bakugan debuting in Bakugan Battle Dimensions. Dan Kuso's Guardian Bakugan Drago having evolved into one, they have been released in all six attributes in the Bakugan game.

In the AnimeEdit

Bakugan Battle DimensionsEdit



Real ModeEdit

Sphere ModeEdit

In the GameEdit

While the only Ethereal Dragonoid appearing in the Anime is of the Pyrus Attribute, Drago, Ethereal Dragonoids were released in all six attributes in the game version of Bakugan.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Phoenix Fire - Drago can be put in play a second time after its first defeat.
  • Dragonic Clash - Adds 1000 Gs to Drago.



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