Eternal DragonoidEdit

Eternal Dragonoid is the guardian Bakugan of Dan Kuso in Bakugan Superior Masters. His Ultimate Battle System is Blaze Buster. His power level is 1500 gs

Description Edit

Eternal Dragonoid evolved from Fusion Dragonoid. His body is as hard as steel and has great power, only a few bakugan can match up to Eternal Dragonoid's strength if they dare.


Bakugan Superior MastersEdit

Abillity CardsEdit

  • Eternal Dragonoid: + 1000 gs
  • Eternal Superior: + 1200 gs
  • Dragon Ultima: Transfers 900 gs from the opponent to Eternal Dragonoid
  • Eternal Torrent: + 900

Fusion Abilities:

  • Eternal Beam: + 900
  • Eternal Infinity + 900


  • Most of Eternal Dragonoid's abilities have Eternal in them.

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