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Full name: Ellianna Rebecca Davis

Nickname: ellie, ninja girl.

Gender: female

appearance: dark Brown hair, blue eyes, below average hight by a couple inches, white skin,

Clothes: she wears her mom's black northface and a pair of black yoga pants that have red lacing along the side. with a pink shirt under her northface. she also NEVER can be seen without her locket with the picture of her mom in it becuase she doesn't take it off.

Personality: unlike her mom and older sister she is rather mature as she has 2 little sister and 3 little brothers to look after. though she does have a bad temper for people that make fun of little kids or people with mental disabiltes.

stratagy: she often refers to her stratagy as darkus strategc meaning she relies on diferent stratagies depending on the personality o her oppenent. one of which is to appear weak at first and then towards the middle of the brawl she'll say "you think your good" then changes her personality completely to a dark and ominous personality while ratiating death. another statagy she often uses is to start dark and ominoius is she knows her oppenent is already afraid of her and scare her them until A. they wet their pants B. they lose or C. they pass out. if those stratages dont work she will normally resort to her multiple ability which can have anywhere from 5-25 abilities. if that doesn't then she screwed.

age: 11

birthday: october 2nd

motto: nothing satafies like the taste of a human heart.

likes: brawling, small children,

dislikes: people who make fun of little kids or people with mental disabiltes

attribute: darkus

gardian: buniod.


name: buniod

nickname: bunbun

gender: female


pyrus swap: changes to pyrus +200

darkus swap: chnages to darkus +100

aquas swap: chnages to aquos -200 to openent

subterra swap: changes to subterra -100 to oponent

ventus swap: changes to ventus -300 to oponent

haos swap: changes to haos +200

bunny hop: +500 g's

bunny bounce: +400 g's

bunny jump: +1000 g's

mirror jump: mirrors the oponents moves

negative bunny: -500 to oppenent.

transfer bunny: transfers 500

gatecard nullify: nulfies gate card

support off: takes away support peices for both

nulify bunny: nulfies any ability or gate card

swapper: swaps power levels

gate swapper: swaps gate card

Fairness: only the abilities from bakugan of the same attribute will effect.

triple bunny: triples power levl is 1000 or less

atribute swap: can swap to any atribute known or unknown

ultimate negative bunny: -1000

dark theif: steals one of the oponents abilities for the rest of the brawl

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