Ectorius is the Gaurdian Bakugan of Banshee. What kind of Attribute he poseses is unknown as of currently.


Ectorius has two massive wings, a long snake like tail and four crimson red eyes. Ectorius's hind legs also act as a second smaller pair of wings. He has two large ears and fangs. He is lined with ruby red gems down his body, that almost appeare as more eyes.

Tin Warriors IntroEdit

Ectorius makes his first appearance in the battle against Brook and Banshee. Tin Warriors was never written after farther by the Author so Ectorius was moved to another story.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Ectorius appears in Dimensional Defenders along with his partner Banshee.

Kingdom of EchoesEdit

Ectorius appears with Banshee in Kingdom of Echoes.


Nightwing: Adds 1000 Gs to Ectorius while taking away 500 HP from opponent

Midnight Seige: Subtracts 500 HP from all opponents on the field adds them to Ectorius

Dusk Sylph: Subtracts 1000 Gs and adds it to Ectorius or a comrade.

Death Scythe: Cuts opponent's HP in half and give it to Ectorius, or if a comrade is on the field, add to comrade, or half of the HP goes to both Bakugan.

Crimson Fang: Subtracts 500 HP and adds it to Ectorius.

Blackstar: Causes a hailstorm of black stars, Subtracts 500 HP and Gs from opponent

Darkstripe: Subtracts 1000 Gs as well as 500 from Ectorius

Echo Projection: Subtracts 500 HP from opponent. Causes Ectorius to briefly turn invisible.

Valley Of The Damned: Nullifies the opponent's ability, adds 900 Gs to Ectorius and renders the opponent's HP-affecting abilities useless for three turns


  • Ectorius is a bat like Bakugan. However, Ectorius was named after a meerkat who was the former dominant male of the Phantom Mob and later the Elveera Mob. (Both are his creator's favorite animals)
  • Ectorius' design is a little based off of the demon bat god Cama Zotz from Aztecs/Mayan lore.
  • Ectorius's abilities are mostly named after various things his creator likes, Midnight Seige is a tencho song, Dusky and Sylph are twin character from the Book Darkwing, Crimsonfang is the Warrior name of Aniju's pet Vampire. Blackstar is the name of the current leader of ShadowClan, Warriors. Darkstripe is another Warrior character who betrays his Clan, hint why the ability also effects Ectorius.



Banshee Phantom

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