Drake is the Pyrus brawler for the Villian's team, Jets, in Bakugan: dimentional trouble and his Guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Cyclone Percival.
Jasper and Drake

Personal Space Violations


Drake seems to think highly of himself and always wants to brawl. He is fond of annoying Danielle as much as possoble. Drake is a big show off although he loses most of his battles. Drake craves attention.


Light brown hair, hazel green eyes, wears a white shirt under a red short sleeve jacket. Assuming blue plants and probably black shoes.

Dimentional TroubleEdit

Drake first appeares in Triple Battle and was eager for battle. He brawled against Wolf, Skawo and Silver along side Danielle. Drake loses to Skawo and sets out to find Danielle again. Drake doesn't complain when Vito joins the group, even though he was the original Pyrus brawler. After Blade leaves, Drake appeared again and found Vince with Jasper. Drake wanted to brawl but Danielle got in his way but Vince told him to let her have this one since she wanted to get Leonidas back. Drake followed Vince after the villain's team, named the Jets by Jasper, splits up. He is seen later brawling along side the food guys, named the Sharks by Jasper, when fighting gainst the Bakugan Vito has summoned. Drake and Vince seemed to have stayed friends afterwards.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Drake rejoins Vito, now called DIO in Dimensional Defenders, along with Vince, Lisani and Jasper. Drake is on Dante's team and is now a subordinte to Jasper. Drake is mostly seen with Vince.


Bakugan: dimentional trouble

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

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